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  1. @GodKnows Jhomz When I click directly on the NPC without doing the quest, happens this error.
  2. ItemInfo Dúvidas

    Valew AdrianoGC . Pode fechar o Tópico.
  3. Alayne's Scripts Collection

    Report: Func Unknown. Script AstralTemple. rAthena Emulator: Current Version. Maybe this function is missing from the emulator and not in the scripts. Obs: I'm using Google translator.
  4. ItemInfo Dúvidas

    @wlauton acho que n tem jeito, poq quando eu faço isso e fecho o arquivo, ele volta pra configuração que já tava.
  5. ItemInfo Dúvidas

    SIm , porque já criei um iteminfo.lub toda nessa linguagem "»¡°£Æ÷¼Ç", e queria mudar pra Koreano sem perder oque ja fiz, é possivel? @wlauton.
  6. ItemInfo Dúvidas

    Olá galera, como faço pra mudar esse formato. Para esse:
  7. Alayne's Scripts Collection

    Report error: SkyFortress instance.
  8. Alayne's Scripts Collection

    Report Debug : RoomOfConsciousness.
  9. Alayne's Scripts Collection

    Thanks for making the scripts available, if you have problems I report here.
  10. Something is missing in the emulator.
  11. Hey, why does this problem happen?
  12. After the last update of RAthena, it appeared. It helps Me solve.
  13. Instance Devil's Tower

    Why does this mistake happen?