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  1. Hey guys, I'm having the same problem with the new customs of Jro and Kro.
  2. Hi @Mabuhay, When the event ends, the player does not receive the prize.
  3. Hello, @llchrisll I also have this same problem and when we leave the instance, this error happens.
  4. @Naruto zackdreaver/ROenglishRE , hexed 2018-06-20. I'm using this .
  5. Hello community! I see that in the "soul attack" ability has an effect when attacking, it just does not appear on my server. How do I solve this problem?
  6. Hi, After I updated rAthena, this error appears when creating the instance. Farming_Instance.txt
  7. Hi Chris, Every time I change levels, this error happens!
  8. Hi Chris, is this debug common in the Hunting Grounds script or did I install it wrong?
  9. Copy all the contents of the import-tmpl folder that you upgraded to the import folder. It worked for me.
  10. Hi guys. After I updated rAthena to the latest version, this error appeared in the script, can anyone help me? arvore_da_vida.txt
  11. Hi, as soon as you enter the dungeon, this happens. I do not know how to solve this problem.
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