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  1. Copy all the contents of the import-tmpl folder that you upgraded to the import folder. It worked for me.
  2. Hi guys. After I updated rAthena to the latest version, this error appeared in the script, can anyone help me? arvore_da_vida.txt
  3. You're spending Zeny before you even enchant the item. How to fix it?
  4. Hi, as soon as you enter the dungeon, this happens. I do not know how to solve this problem.
  5. Hi, after I updated rAthena, these messages started appearing. Can someone help me? Thx Note: script: iRO Bounty Board
  6. @llchrisllCould you help me how to fix the script? Thx
  7. Report Error: Vahalla Garden Istance.
  8. There's only one more mistake when we kill the Thanatos. ^^
  9. No. ^^ The latest version causes this error.
  10. At this level onwards the error happens every time I kill a boss.
  11. @Alayne When I was doing the instance, this error appeared.