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  1. @Sanasol I tried with the clean fluxcp, just the addon
  2. @Sanasol It is not generating error logs. but just give this message
  3. @Sanasol Could you look at this too please
  4. PHP version 5.6, 7.0 ~ 7.1 error working in 7.3 for me
  5. @Hakahay não gera não... quando vc fez sua GRF e gerou a cps.dll vc salvou a grfkey? Se salvou vc vai usar ela... seguindo os passos que informei... Abra o GRF Editor, Enviei seus arquivos, dai criptografe os arquivos carregando a grfkey feito isso agora é so salvar como GPF e enviar para o thor baixar.
  6. não vai poder usar o gerador .thor com o GRF editor vc vai criar uma GPF coloque seus arquivos lá e encripte com a mesma da sua GRF. depois de salvar; exemplo 2019-05-06_Teste.gpf adicione-o na lista para atualizar
  7. And where do we get these proxy IPs?
  8. Weird. because here I use 2018-09-19aRagexe (not RE) and it is working perfectly on rAthena
  9. Did you change the version to 20180919?
  10. @Cydh There is a bug in the message, after blocking the transactions with NPC, if I try to buy something with npc appears the normal blocking message and also appears "Out of the maximum capacity" (being that I do not have any weight)
  11. you need to apply diff to use npc
  12. Request 2018-09-19aRagexe (Last compatible version with rA)
  13. I think I have not heard of this system yet, what exactly does it do?
  14. I do not even remember what it was, months ago I had seen it, and I'm always going through several servers to see what news each one has. May be RO:Start or Ragnite or Ragna Royal... do not remember