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  1. Request 2018-09-19aRagexe (Last compatible version with rA)
  2. I think I have not heard of this system yet, what exactly does it do?
  3. I do not even remember what it was, months ago I had seen it, and I'm always going through several servers to see what news each one has. May be RO:Start or Ragnite or Ragna Royal... do not remember
  4. I had seen a server months ago that it was possible to test the equipment before buying, by the cash shop ui
  5. Is there any way to test/preview the equipment before buying at the Cash Shop UI?
  6. Fine, but I would not do my style, because the mining system has to have the pick and helmet... it's practically fundamental that.
  7. Warning compiler: \src\map\script.cpp(5630): warning C4800: 'int': forcing value to bool 'true' or 'false' (performance warning) Line warning: md->ud.immune_attack = flag; // rAthena have Its own immunity state [Easycore]
  8. The problem now must be in the lua files, service_usa put on data\luafiles514\lua files service_usa.rar
  9. Look at the git pull of the rA you think.
  11. This is what I intend to do... I tested it here and it is giving this when it clicks on npc. [Error]: buildin_setunitdata: Invalid object! [Debug]: Source (NPC): Test#HPbar at payon (147,229) [Error]: buildin_setunitdata: Invalid object! [Debug]: Source (NPC): Test#HPbar at payon (147,229) [Warning]: buildin_getunitdata: Error in argument! Please give a variable to store values in. [Debug]: Source (NPC): Test#HPbar at payon (147,229) [Warning]: buildin_getunitdata: Error in argument! Please give a variable to store values in. [Debug]: Source (NPC): Test#HPbar at payon (147,229) [Error]: script:op_2num: division by zero detected op=C_DIV i1=0 i2=0 [Debug]: Source (NPC): Test#HPbar at payon (147,229)
  12. I'm trying this script I found in herc, it's an hp system for monster, the script below is a test on a monster Poporing, but my intention is to let only all mvps appear on that bar when they attack them. Screenshots Error script error on npc/custom/hpbar.txt line 9 parse_callfunc: expected ')' to close argument list 4 : { 5 : .HP_Bar = 1; 6 : .mobGID = monster ("payon",148,226,"[T] HP Test",POPORING,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnDie"); 7 : setunitdata .mobGID,UDT_MAXHP,4000; 8 : setunitdata .mobGID,UDT_HP,4000; * 9 : [email protected] = getunits(BL_PC, [email protected]',' false, "payon"); 10 : for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++) 11 : addtimer(0,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnHPBar", [email protected][[email protected]]); 12 : } 13 : end; 14 : Script payon,147,229,4 script Test#HPbar 1_F_MARIA,{ if (.HP_Bar == 0) { .HP_Bar = 1; .mobGID = monster ("payon",148,226,"[T] HP Test",POPORING,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnDie"); setunitdata .mobGID,UDT_MAXHP,4000; setunitdata .mobGID,UDT_HP,4000; [email protected] = getunits(BL_PC, [email protected], false, "payon"); for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++) addtimer(0,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnHPBar", [email protected][[email protected]]); } end; OnDie: .HP_Bar = 0; end; OnHPBar: .U_MAXHP = getunitdata (.mobGID,UDT_MAXHP); while (.HP_Bar != 0) { .U_HP = getunitdata (.mobGID,UDT_HP); .P_HP = (.U_HP*100)/.U_MAXHP; cutin(""+.P_HP+"", 1); sleep2 100; } cutin("0_hpbar", 1); sleep2 5000; //Delay to hide HP Bar cutin("", 255); end; }
  13. Does anyone have this mod? or do you know where I can find it?
  14. I would like to know if anyone has the npc WoE Random Castle? Example: Wednesday and Saturday, 1 WoE Castle 1.0 (randomly) and on Sundays 1 Castle WoE 2.0 (randomly)