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  1. well, tbh i don't know how to check LUA file, i'm using kRO_FullClient_20200409 and 2020-04-01bRagexe
  2. one last question o dear good sir, how to make the new cart working?, i'm clicked the new cart in cart selection, but nothing happens, only the old cart is working but not for the NEW ONE....
  3. After changed the client from 20180530 to 20200401, now it's working ty for all helping replies i've received, this is truly wonderful community
  4. still no luck, it's gives me an little explosion and old mado robot, i'm using old ragexe 20180530, is there any effect with old clients?
  5. like this?,. i'm sorry if this is wrong, i'm newbie and not very bright at script, but i'm willing to learn....
  6. so i've checked script of mine, pic below what i must changed in order to use new madogear suit?
  7. where i can access these script? nevermind already figured it out, and now i'm checked the script
  8. yessir, i'm using latest rathena, not the obsolete one....
  9. still not working sir, the message is "An invalid number was specified" @bodystyle failed @bodystyle 0 = original 3rd job outfit @bodystyle 1 = alternative 3rd job outfit @bodystyle 2 = "An invalid number was specified" @bodystyle failed
  10. still not working, it's just changed from original 3rd outfit into alternative 3rd outfit.., madogear still same
  11. i'm newbie here, is body script or stylist script is custom npc? :))
  12. it's already implemented?, i'm checked my grf and found this in my client (pic below) i'm already use recent emu (3 March 2021), anyone know how to use new mado appearance? i'm sorry if this is wrong place (topics) to ask the question, thanks before :))
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