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  1. Hi, thank you! Well, nothing secret is supposed to be stored in the configuration file so encrypting it isn't needed. Adding encryption wouldn't be too hard but it would merely obfuscate the configuration, and anyone with some technical skills could still recover the decrypted configuration in the end.
  2. Hi, Yes, Windows 7 32-bit is supported.
  3. Hi, thanks! Well it seems something's wrong with what the client receives when downloading patch files. The content of the response is supposedly not as long as expected. Taking a look at your web server's access logs could maybe give a hint on what goes on.
  4. Hi, Oh yeah, getting rid of the UI should not be too hard. Take a look at rpatchur/src/ui.rs and basically ditch all the things related to web-view. You also need to get rid of #![windows_subsystem = "windows"] in rpatchur/src/main.rs to have the console back. Well IIRC I just used Tokei's work on the format, from the source of GRF Editor he released a while ago here: https://herc.ws/board/files/file/138-grf-editor/. I guess the single file mode was mainly used for sending updates for the patcher executable.
  5. No, unfortunately border-less designs are not doable yet. That's something I'd really like to make possible in the future though.
  6. Since we sorted this out via private messages, here's the answer for other people wondering:
  7. Hi, Well you should rather do <a href="https://www.google.com/" target="_blank">Click Me</a> But apart from that, it should work: an internet explorer window should open with a tab displaying https://www.google.com
  8. Thanks for detailed explanations! I'll definitely use this to ease the process when I take the time (I'm pushing several projects at the same time atm so that might be in some time). Yes indeed, the way RSM1 are serialized is not quite natural (in comparison to RSM2): multiple transformations are needed to get them to their "right" position in the 3D world.
  9. Yes you should be able to easily embed videos (from youtube for example), maybe not in all formats though since they have to be supported by IE11. You shouldn't use Adobe Flash (SWFs) in this day and age though as it's a dead technology.
  10. Hi, thank you for the feedback! That's something that should be fairly quick to add if something like @xVaan and @M45T3R suggested (i.e., the ability to apply an arbitrary remote patch) is added as well. I'll create an issue on github.
  11. Well, when converting back to RSM and including that model in an RSW there's a lot of things that can "wrong" when it comes to the exact position of the models' instances. I'd have to investigate to find out what goes wrong exactly. According to what you (@Mina-chan) observed, the flipping could be due to the FBX -> RSM conversion itself.
  12. Oh yeah, currently the progress bar represents the number of files being downloaded, that's why. Thanks for reminding me that though, I wanted to eventually allow the UI to know how many bytes are being downloaded so the progress bar can be truly linear (which is what we expect of a proper progress bar). I'll create an issue on github to remember. Working with processes or native windows requires some work to do that properly in a cross-platform way, so this isn't on my priority list. Yes, it would be great to do so. However, same thing here, checking whether the client runs or not requires some work to do properly in a cross-platform way, plus there are a lot of cases to handle (EXE copies, renaming, etc.). Maybe we could get around that by checking some files' state as well (on GRFs for example). Fortunately though, updating while the client is running should not be as risky (in that there's way fewer opportunities to corrupt anything). Yes, that's something I'm thinking about. Having to re-download everything when cancelling is annoying. Issue #20 on github is related to this and I think I'll work on both features at the same time when I do.
  13. A new version has been released! Here are the download links: https://github.com/L1nkZ/rpatchur/releases/tag/v0.3.0 The example UI and the documentation have been updated. Warning to server administrators This update includes breaking changes: the patcher's configuration file must be updated and the patcher's cache file will be reset. Summary of changes * It's now possible to apply patches manually (through the UI) * Multiple patch servers can now be specified in the configuration (and if one is down, rpatchur will try to use the others) * The cache file (containing the last patch index) is now saved as JSON and can therefore be modified with a text editor (be careful though) * The window title can now be modified through the configuration file * A lock file is now used to ensure that only one rpatchur process can update game files at a time * Configuration errors are now displayed using native message boxes
  14. Ah yeah, this might be a bit misleading ... The idea is that several generated files have fixed names, so if you do multiple conversions in a row, in the same folder, those will be overwritten yes. Generating unique files names (with a prefix) or saving files in a unique folder for each model could fix that problem. If you don't mind duplicating texture data, you can use the "--glb" argument to generate GLB files (these won't have the overwriting problem as they contain everything in a single file: rag2gltf.exe --glb data\model.rsm I created two issues on github to keep track of your suggestions: https://github.com/L1nkZ/rag2gltf/issues
  15. Good catch, there was a slight problem with the parsing of some part of the format. I pushed a fix that solves the issue. Here's the release: https://github.com/L1nkZ/rag2gltf/releases/tag/v0.1.3 Hi, Issues with spaces are common when using command line tools. You should always put quotes around paths that contain spaces, for example: rag2gltf.exe "C:\Path With Spaces\file.rsm2" Yes, a batch conversion feature is doable and would be handy. The batch script you got there does just that, so I guess you're covered in the mean time at least
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