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  1. I usually play the game with multiple clients open. While I can click/unclick sound in each every time I open/close one, that's a not very efficient. Is there a way to tell windows "suppress music from this application when it's running in the background"? Basically, I want the sound music to come from only the one window I'm currently looking at, but if I alt-tab to another window the music should switch to that one too.
  2. This is a valid concern, I noticed ASPD boosting effects do close to nothing early on. I do believe this is official. While the idea of these effects scaling with AGI is good - stacking ASPD bonus effects to get max ASPD without investing much in AGI definitely isn't good for game balance - the implementation could be better. I don't expect Gravity to do anything about it - from what I see they don't care about low level content. This is what I did on my private server : https://github.com/SeravySensei/rathena/commit/c9e3de250489044ec2f862e41f119e8f70f62686#diff-acba7818fb777457f5cbbcea9293f9c4 It basically allows a certain portion of the ASPD bonus to use a more beneficial formula below 100 AGI, without affecting anything above, scaling the effect more in favor of the better formula the lower the AGI is. (but as AGI itself is part of it, you still need at least some of it to receive any bonus, however it is an amount reasonable for the low level character)
  3. As far as I remember they affect your weapon atk only. So if you tested with a 4 slot weapon that has, for example, 40 atk then you got an additional 32 atk out of it which might be hard to even notice. Try with a weapon that has high atk.
  4. I changed a few skills to be buffs instead of debuffs. The new effects work as intended but for some, I have to hold the Shift button to be able to target players as they default to target enemies. I want to change that to default to targeting players or if that's possible, target anything. TargetType : Support is already set in skilldb_yml so I think this might be clientside, but I see no such setting in skillinfolist.lub, where do I find it? ...if all else fails, I can always play this class with /noshift on but would prefer to fix the skills instead.
  5. In skilldb.yml add SplashArea: 1 for the skill.
  6. I added the 3 new skills to my client files after updating to https://github.com/rathena/rathena/commit/931155ee33e54239d3459695a13ea229e3f70242. Added icons, etc, the skill shows up on the skill tree. I can level it up, the skill point is spent (the first time), and the skill does level up on server-side (in the database) but in the client it still appears as if the skill was still unknown after learning it. What am I missing? Is it impossible without a newer client (which rathena doesn't support so that's not an option)? Or is the server not sending the skills to the client for some reason? I'm not sure which side the problem is on.
  7. Pre-re DEF is a percentage reduction. It makes no sense to reduce something by more than 100% so def above 100 would be meaningless even if it worked.
  8. Maybe your GM character has higher VIT stat than your non-GM character. VIT increases healing item effectiveness.
  9. Costumes are supposed to have no bonus. That's the purpose of the feature, to separate equipment with a bonus from equipment that only modifies how your character looks like. I'm sorry but if you want bonuses in the costume slot then this isn't compatible with it.
  10. Could you be a bit more specific? What is the bug? Costumes have no job restrictions or abilities, is that not working as intended?
  11. I suspect this part : if ( getskilllv(.skill$[[email protected] * 3 +1]) ) This should be skipped for "<remove>".
  12. Doing that removes the skill's name from the skilltree and skillbar. I'm not sure I want to do that.
  13. Assuming the monster is level 1 with 0 INT and 0 STR then yes. Otherwise you need lower numbers. You have to look up the formula in the source if you want to know the exact calculation.
  14. Assuming renewal, ATK1 is their ATK, and ATK2 is their MATK. I can't believe they still haven't fixed the documentation in a whole year. INT and STR (and whatever else present in the formulas) affects the appropriate stats, this is the value of additional attack/magic attack on top of what comes from the monster's stats and level. Kinda like equip atk for a player. Min and Max values are also calculated, you can't set them. Stat recalculation (after a script command sets them) was not working correctly, so if you're trying to do that, you'll have to fix the source first. Most importantly, script commands to read and write the stats don't set the numbers you expect them to and/or set something that makes no sense (for example yes, you can set max atk from script but then next time it's calculated the value will be replaced so that's pointless. )
  15. The warnings can be ignored, I'm not going to bother with improving code quality until the thing is completed and works perfectly. They have no effect on compiling. The errors I suspect are caused by your server version and mine being too different. I updated mine to the latest commits roughly half a year ago. So either new changes that break compatibility were added to Rathena meanwhile or yours is older, or maybe you are using Pre-renewal? I'm using Renewal so that might be one reason why status and skill constants and variables are missing for you. However @autopilot does not modify script.cpp where you also have an error so maybe you have other modifications that cause this.
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