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  1. I don't think this used to happen in older versions of the game and while most of it I don't mind there is one thing that is absolutely annoying, when the monsters do this while hiding or cloaking. Is there a way to disable that? I defeats the purpose of the mob hiding if it yells "Hiding!!!!!" while doing it... I don't mind disabling the feature entirely, it's not like I really need the monster to tell me the name of the skill it's using, if disabling it on hiding monsters specifically isn't possible. I found no options for this in the conf and nothing in src either so I assume it's clientside.
  2. Meanwhile added Warlock, Rune Knight and Royal Guard skills. The latter two are still untested.
  3. Yeah I noticed, it broke when I updated my master, meh git makes things hard. You need to apply these two in this order : add .diff or .patch to the end to get the diff or patch.
  4. Question : How do I check for the remaining time of a status effect? if (sd->[SC_LAUDAAGNUS]->timer<=200) doesn't seem to work, timer seems to be a variable that stores a reference to where the actual timer data is stored and i have no idea how to use it. It would be useful if maxhp increasing effects could be recast before they expire.
  5. Because it's extra work that doesn't improve functionality so it's not important. Maybe after everything else is already complete.
  6. Good idea, if no bugs are found in the next few days, I'll do that!
  7. Several such releases exist on the forum but all of them are old and don't work anymore. I updated one of them, this now works on the latest Rathena, apply both in this order : (add .diff or .patch to the url to get those)
  8. Both linked articles say " and any spells that were reflected back to you via Kaite will simply disappear ", but Maya card is not Kaite. In skill.cpp, //Spirit of Wizard blocks Kaite's reflection if( type == 2 && tsc && tsc->data[SC_SPIRIT] && tsc->data[SC_SPIRIT]->val2 == SL_WIZARD ) Remove the part "type==2 &&", that's what says only Kaite is reflected as far as I understand.
  9. It's not random - they'll find and attack the nearest monster, assuming one is within walkpath range and they're in "tanking" mode. Otherwise they'll do nothing. However the leader is supposed to be set to the character you're playing manually. I mean, why would I want to follow an AI player when they can follow me instead?
  10. Get/setunitdata works incorrectly and gets/sets from wrong variables because it doesn't implement renewal changes to stat mechanics properly. This is what I had to do to make it work for the matk stats : I haven't investigated the atk stat yet. However, like matk, the min and max values are calculated. Setting them makes no sense because they are not the base values so they'll be replaced as soon as the unit is recalculated. Monsters only have one base atk value, and it's atk1. atk2 is their base matk stat. It's really disappointing such basic functionality was remaning broken for this long.
  11. I tried with fire arrow, arrow and silver arrow and had no problem with either.
  12. " I am having a problem in arrow change so I changed it to this. " What's the problem? I see no major functional change in your code other than allowing the use of "bad" arrows at lowest priority. (that's a bad idea you don't want to use your fire arrows on an efreet. Even if you have nothing else you still don't want to. It'll heal the boss.) index = pc_search_inventory(sd, arrows); this should be arrows, same there a = arrows;
  13. Thanks, added checking the equip status first.
  14. As far as I remember, in C languages you can't use == for strings because it compares the pointers instead of the contents. You have to use something else, strcmp maybe?
  15. Seravy


    Doesn't work. Adding +X there delays when the first waterball appears by that many miliseconds, it doesn't chance the time interval between the hits.