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  1. please help me to make this item script. Regenerate 5% of MaxHP per seconds. and Absorb 2% HP from physical damage taken.
  2. hi i would like to ask for these sprites. thanks in advance
  3. What you mean you put that? Does the npc load? Check in the NPC that the Header: prontera.gat,164,168,3%TAB%script%TAB%Chat System%TAB%857,{ Replace "%TAB%" by using the tabulator button. If you mean the usage: Whisperbox: NPC:Broadcaster Textbox: For global messages: Global:<Message> For map messages: Map:<Message> Regards, Chris npc work's fine only problem is when i type Global: then the message its allways saying that you did not put a location
  4. i put [WhisperBox] NPC:Broadcaster [TextBox] Global: test! but it allways says i didnt put a location any idea?
  5. Hi guys! can you help me to setup my test server(actually i finish compiling and editing MySql) my problem is on adding custom and i dont know how to diff clients i allways fail. so here's my problem on adding custom item i follow this step http://rathena.org/wiki/Custom_Items and it didnt work item_db2.txt 26000,White_Sakkat_Bamboo,White Sakkat Bamboo,4,0,0,0,,0,,4,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,256,,0,1,2000,{},{},{} idnum2itemdesctable 26000# White_Sakkat_Bamboo # idnum2itemdisplaynametable 26000#White_Sakkat_Bamboo# idnum2itemresnametable 26000#White_Sakkat_Bamboo# accessoryid.lua ACCESSORY_White_Sakkat_Bamboo = 2000 accname.lua [ACCESSORY_IDs.ACCESSORY_White_Sakkat_Bamoo] = "White_Sakkat_Bamboo" and when i try to equip it, it gives me an gravity error. tell me if i have miss something ps: just help me if you are willing to help thanks