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  1. Hello again everyone. I would like to ask if there is a script code for custom bonus status effects like "Hard Defense" Chance to inflict Fixed Damage" "Chance to receive no damage". for example A card that gives user to inflict 10,000 fixed damage to any class. < ---- More on like Chance to Deal Fixed damage on enemies. and a counter card that negates the enemy from the other card. and a second one is the hard defense <---- more on like when the attacker deals 10,000 damage, the user with hard defense card or item will reduce the damage by 2% so it will become 9,800 thankyou, will try to explain more if someone has an interest on helping out.
  2. Hello again is it possible to bypass or ignore skills such as kyrie, pneuma, and other buffs skills. for example “theres is 1% chance to ignore targets pneuma when dealing magical, physical and long range attack”. and also for reflect ”there is 10% chance to ignore opponents reflect when dealing damage”.
  3. can you share? never played NYRO. but if its like this one i want to try it. thanks no errors. Bump bump....
  4. its not changing the max_hp but for example the diff the i send here is players can exceed the number of max_hp if used on item script example // Maximum HPs depending on base level. Default values are: // Lv 99: 330000 // Lv150: 660000 // Lv175: 1100000 max_hp_lv99: 330000 max_hp_lv150: 660000 max_hp: 1100000 // Maximum SP. (Default is 1000000) max_sp: 1000000 then if Script: <" bonus bBreakHPLimit,1 "> players will exceed max_hp.
  5. how to make a gold room with daily limit like Per IP Address can only enter the gold room 3 times a day and if (#FARMER == 1) can enter 5 times a day. can you guys help me thanks.
  6. Help me make this work on the updated trunk thanks. "bonus bBreakHPLimit,1" <--- exceed the max HP of the server i cant make it work because i dont know to change it for 99 and 150 level. thanks ins advance breakhplimit.diff
  7. can you make an option where you can configure the script to choose what slot is only available //--------------------------------------------------------------// //here you can make a specific slot number for each kind //0 = all 4 slot ,1 = last 3 slot ,2 = last 2 slot ,3 = last 1 slot //--------------------------------------------------------------// .slot_count_Weapon = 0; .slot_count_Armor = 2; .slot_count_Shield = 2; .slot_count_Germent = 2; .slot_count_Shose = 2; .slot_count_Accessary = 2; .slot_count_Upper = 2; .slot_count_Middel = 2; .slot_count_Lower = 2;
  8. can i know, how to change directly to the 3nd slot and 4th slot only?
  9. please help me to make this item script. Regenerate 5% of MaxHP per seconds. and Absorb 2% HP from physical damage taken.
  10. hi i would like to ask for these sprites. thanks in advance
  11. What you mean you put that? Does the npc load? Check in the NPC that the Header: prontera.gat,164,168,3%TAB%script%TAB%Chat System%TAB%857,{ Replace "%TAB%" by using the tabulator button. If you mean the usage: Whisperbox: NPC:Broadcaster Textbox: For global messages: Global:<Message> For map messages: Map:<Message> Regards, Chris npc work's fine only problem is when i type Global: then the message its allways saying that you did not put a location
  12. i put [WhisperBox] NPC:Broadcaster [TextBox] Global: test! but it allways says i didnt put a location any idea?
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