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  1. The shadow is a custom one from my grf, and the headgear that i was using is a different one, about the hairstyles... maybe mines are modified to not have issues with palettes. Honestly i don't remember where i got them. I upload it in case you want to check it out. And i opened some issues that i'm having using zextractor, again thanks for your time! 4_³².rar
  2. Hey! Do not worry about windows on docker, this is gonna be used anyways on a host/vps. Now it works perfectly, but there's an issue using some male hairstyles. For the rest seems to work pretty well =D
  3. Thanks for your quick answer, i tried with root without success, but maybe is a windows issue and it works well on my linux VPS, i will see... Otherwise the windows binary doesn't work for me =( ... I'm executing this : .\zrenderer.exe --job=1001 And i'm receiving this : [CRITICAL] LuaResource (datainfo/accessoryid) does not exist. This is how my zrender folder looks : And my zrender.conf : ; Output directory where all rendered sprites will be saved to. ; Default value: output outdir=output ; Path to the resource directory. All resources are tried to be found within ; this directory. ; Default value: resourcepath=resources Inside resources folder : The path to "accessoryid.lub" is "zrenderer\resources\luafiles514\lua files\datainfo\accessoryid.lub". And all the resources were extracted of course by zextractor.exe with the filters provided by the RESOURCES.MD And finnally this is how my accessoryid.lub looks like : ACCESSORY_IDs = { ACCESSORY_Goggle_ = 1, ACCESSORY_Cat_Hairband = 2, ACCESSORY_Glasses_ = 3, ACCESSORY_SPECIAL_0004 = 4, ACCESSORY_Flower_Love_Hat = 5, ACCESSORY_Old_Bandanna = 6, ACCESSORY_Turban_ = 7, ACCESSORY_Flu_Mask_F = 8, ACCESSORY_Hair_Band = 9, ACCESSORY_Diver_s_Goggles = 10, ACCESSORY_Biretta_ = 11, ACCESSORY_Assassin_Mask_ = 12, ACCESSORY_Pirate_Eyepatch = 13, -- and more ... -- I tried to execute powershell as admin and still happens, i have no idea why this is happening since the file is there... Thanks again for your time.
  4. Hi, thanks for sharing your awesome project. For some reason when i use curl i'm receiving the following message: curl: (52) Empty reply from server Docker Logs: [main(----) INF] Listening for requests on http://localhost:11011/ Failed to listen on Docker PS : CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES 27116789bf84 zhade/zrenderer:latest "./zrenderer-server" 40 minutes ago Up 22 minutes>11011/tcp, :::11011->11011/tcp zren And my Docker version is 20.10.7 I'm using docker desktop for windows and WSL2. And i followed all the steps in the guide, except about grf extraction that i extracted the grfs without the tool provided by the guide. Any clue about why this is happening?
  5. @YuuenS ¿Has probado a seleccionar tu grafica en las opciones antes de ejecutar el cliente? También puedes probar a bajarte los últimos drivers de AMD.
  6. Prueba a renombrar el archivo "dbghelp.dll" a "dbghelp_old.dll" en tu carpeta de Ragnarok Online, por lo que he leído parece ser un problema de drivers con AMD. Quizás es tarde, aún así... por si alguien más le pasa, eso suele ser porque no se tiene el paquete Redistributable de Visual C++ para Visual Studio 2012
  7. Hi @Tokei, i was playing with the grf editor cli and i didn't found a way to encrypt a grf via command line, is it possible? Thanks
  8. Really awesome what you got there @L1nkZ One simple question, it supports grf encryption like Thor Patcher?
  9. @Akkarin There's a lot of effort to do if you want to complete all the effects that are missing from robrowser, and you know... make robrowser reach the official behavior in all expects, that's something i would love to see in the future, i respect closed-projects but since robrowser was created to be open-sourced that's not cool at all. @MrUnzOThe Electron implementation is quite simple, at least to have a prototype, the hard part i guess is to make it secure.
  10. Si usas la item_db sql supongo que podrías hacer una consulta en SQL para cambiar todos los slots de los objetos. De hecho aquí tienes una persona que justamente hizo eso:
  11. I tried it with Electron, i guess that xpro client from Vykimo is using it.
  12. @Tokei Hi, i have a suggestion for the GRF editor, could be very helpful mainly for those servers with a lot of updates. Have the possibility to run a python script inside the program with some functions, giving the option to make patches, compress grfs via those functions. Thanks!
  13. Hello, i do not recommend you to use browedit 2.0 if do you want to make a complete map, because brow edit 2.0 don't have all the features that have the old brow edit. (It's a good program, and it's worth to use it for specific tasks) If do you want to use brow edit 2.0 anyways, you will need to install Visual Studio to compile it on windows, and if you are not very familiarized with compilation, i don't recommend you to do it neither. I recommend you to combine these versions of brow (2.0, 620 and 586) : And here the 620 version, you will need to configure it by yourself : http://www.browedit.excalibur-nw.com/release/620/ There is a guy that explains why it's needed to have all of these versions (586 and 620) : http://herc.ws/board/topic/13676-browedit-620-and-586/?do=findComment&comment=78343 The Brow Edit 2.0 topic in rAthena, i guess it's not updated at the last version :
  14. En ese caso, lo único que te queda es modificar el source del emulador para que te permita hacer lo que las últimas versiones de rAthena.
  15. Now that the client is opensource i hope we can go more far than before. New year, new client. Well done @Temtaime, i'll support you in patreon soon. The next month, for sure.
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