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My Paid Service's topic

What I've done?
Can check some here: PServeRO
Maybe you can request some modification that you want, source or maybe just NPC scripts.

Paid Source Modifications requested

  • getitemslots2 based on addslot/removeslot by Opaques's Expansion Pack (requested by Zack-)
  • Forcedrop Item - Drop the certain items when player die, run away, logout, at certain map (requested by Zack-)
  • @showeq - Force player to show equipment tab (requested by OnNPlay)
  • @showeq2 - Only invited player can force to look equipment tab (requested by OnNPlay)
  • Separate Logs - Make separations for MySQL picklog (requested by Zack)
  • Maxcap damage - Give maximum damage for skills (request by requested by vijay30393)
  • Maxcap damage - Give maximum damage for skills (request by requested by GMDrama on eA)
  • Homunculus Ignores Damage - Makes homunculus ignores all incoming damage (requested by Judas)
  • [improved] Homunculus Ignores Damage - Makes homunculus ignores all incoming damage on certain map (requested by CandyCandy)
  • Custom Homunculus mode - Some modification for homunculus system (custom loot condition, feeding success chance, etc) (requested by CandyCandy)
  • [improved] Homunculus mode (requested by CandyCandy)
  • Monsters of The Month - Spawn special monsters with special reward (requested by Rashid Razak)
  • Feature for RazRO - Adjust mob params, exp rates, drop rates, switch PK Mode, etc (requested by Rashid Razak)
  • EXP Share Distance - Doesn't give EXP to party member who is far away from dead mob (requested by gintoki)
  • MVP Rewarp Distance - Rewarp and full heal MVP when walked away from spawn point (requested by gintoki)
  • bonus bSkillEle n,x,y - Makes attack/damage skill has chance get specified elements when used (requested by Vince de Vera (daredevilro on Skype))
  • Weapon Level System - Similir with RO2 Gate of The World weapon system. (requested by Zack)
  • Additional Item Bonus - Every equip has additional script bonuses, can be added and be removed. (requested by )
  • Char ScriptBonus - (Multiple) Bonus for specified char. (requested by )
  • Vending Tax System - More than normal vending tax. You can decide which map and the tax amount and which guild get the tax by vender (requested by )
  • Manacle System - Killed player can be manacled for the jail (requested by )
  • Drop on/off - Enable/disable dropping item from inventory (requested by )
  • Action Security - Enable/Disable compound card, remove option (ALT+Q), and using zeny skill (requested by )
  • @flooritem - Make floor item for certain item amount and can't be cleaned except by @cleanflooritem (requested by )
  • @destroyitem - Deleted all specified items on inventory, storage, or cart for all players. (requested by )
  • @destroysqlitem - Delete all specified items on MySQL database directly
  • @market and @recruit - Market and recruit channel (requested by ) (He doesn't like using current channel system)
  • Another cast calculation - Prerenewal + Renewal calculation? Player may get instant cast also minimum fixed cast (request by )
  • Combine Equip - Combine 2 equip become 1! The primary equip has secondary equip scripts (requested by )
  • Deathmatch PVP - A deathmatch PVP arena, gain the points and become the winner! (requested by )
  • Guardian Bypass trap - Makes guardian cannot be trapped (requested by )
  • Homunculus Immunity - Some immunity types for homunculus (requested by CandyCandy)

There are some people who recently request my service

that I can't recall every request.

PServeRO Contents

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