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  1. if(BaseLevel < [email protected] && JobLevel < [email protected] ) { mes "You don't have the required level yet."; mes "Come back when you reached it - Base Level "[email protected]+" - Job Level "[email protected]+"!"; close; } to if(BaseLevel < [email protected] || JobLevel < [email protected] ) { mes "You don't have the required level yet."; mes "Come back when you reached it - Base Level "[email protected]+" - Job Level "[email protected]+"!"; close; }
  2. What are the files that I can put them in?
  3. How do I add another variable to the guild? And how do I make a script command for it? I Just want to access a guild variable via script command. For instance I wanna check the experience how do I do so?
  4. I need a shop that adds items depending on the player's level. For instance I'm a level 1 Novice, so I can only buy Red potions, when I get to level 5, I can now buy Blue and Orange Potions. Items add into the shop automatically when I have enough levels available. If possible usage of arrays for easier shop manipulation.
  5. 2607,Clip,Clip,4,30000,,100,,0,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,136,,0,0,0,{ atcommand "@autoloot"; },{},{ atcommand "@autoloot";}
  6. I need something to check if the item's name is the same as the item holder. For instance Poring's Apple. Poring is carrying Poring's Apple -> NPC "Yeah, you have your apple" Poporing is carrying Poring's Apple -> NPC "Nope, not your apple" I've checked everywhere else, seems like it's not possible at this point.
  7. Thanks, but no it doesn't really get it done. I was wondering if there's any way to identify the item. Named items to be exact. For instance "Hijirikawa's Knife" when you create something from the produce command.
  8. Is there a way to check a named item's name? If the holder has the same name as the item? For instance I picked up X's Axe, and I went to the NPC it would say "You are not holding your Axe" or something.
  9. prontera,150,180,4 script GC Exchanger 100,{ mes .n$; mes "I can exchange your "+getitemname(.exc_id)+"s for other items."; mes "Please select from the list what you want."; mes "( ) = Price per Exchange"; next; for ( set [email protected],0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.item); set [email protected],[email protected] + 1) set [email protected]_menu$,[email protected]_menu$ + "- "+getitemname(.item[[email protected]])+" ("+.cost[[email protected]]+")" + ( (.item[[email protected]+1] != 0)?":":""); set [email protected],select([email protected]_menu$) - 1; mes .n$; mes "You have chosen "+getitemname(.item[[email protected]])+" for the price of "+.cost[[email protected]]+" "+getitemname(.exc_id)+"s."; mes "Is that correct?"; if(select("- Yes:- No") - 1) close; next; mes .n$; if(countitem(.exc_id) < .cost[[email protected]]) { mes "I'm sorry, but you don't have enough "+getitemname(.exc_id)+", please come back when you have enough."; close; } getitem .item[[email protected]],1; delitem .exc_id,.cost[[email protected]]; mes "Exchange complete."; close; OnInit: set .n$,"["+strnpcinfo(0)+"]"; //= Items: Old Blue Box, Oridecon Box (10pcs), Elunium Box (10pcs), Old Purple Box, Old Card Album setarray .item[0],603,13890,13889,618,616; setarray .cost[0],250,500,500,750,2500; set .exc_id,7517; // Gold Coin end; }
  10. Why do you have 0s at the end?
  11. mes "You have chosen "+getitemname(.item[[email protected]])+" for the price of "+.cost[[email protected]]+" "+getitemname(.exc_id)+"s"."; to mes "You have chosen "+getitemname(.item[[email protected]])+" for the price of "+.cost[[email protected]]+" "+getitemname(.exc_id)+"s.";
  12. - itemshop -1,7517,603:250,13890:500,13889:500,618:750,616:2500 Utilizes the itemshop and does the same thing that you want it to do, exchange gold coins for certain items.
  13. You can just use Euphy's Quest shop and add those items with required item as GC.
  14. Are you killing the monsters normally or via command?