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  1. Hijirikawa


    If you are willing to pay, might as well get Gepard.
  2. Better look for a source coder first, they'll know how much they'll charge. Usually it depends on complexity, and since this was already done via the KS Protection thingy, it shouldn't cost that much.
  3. Source edit. Do-able since this would work the same way as the KS protection system they have in place.
  4. You're welcome, please mark the topic as answered. Cheers!
  5. The script above is just bare bones, you'd have to fill it in to make it more presentable.
  6. This is gnna be out of topic, but are those auras the ones that functor has as well? xD
  7. Use OnPCLoadMapEvent and addtimer - script asdfjkl -1,{ end; OnTick: getitem itm,itm_qty; dispbottom .sec+" second(s) has passed."; addtimer .time,"asdfjkl::OnTick"; end; OnPCLoadMapEvent: dispbottom "You have entered a special zone."; addtimer .time,"asdfjkl::OnTick"; end; OnInit: .time = 3000; .sec = .time/1000; .itm = 501; .itm_qty = 1; end; } prontera mapflag loadevent Untested.
  8. - script asdfjkl -1,{ if(pvp_announce) [email protected]$ = "Warp:[^00ff00Enabled^000000]Announce:Close"; else [email protected]$ = "Warp:[^ff0000Disabled^000000]Announce:Close"; mes "[ PVP Warper ]"; mes "Warp?"; switch(select([email protected]$)){ case 1: close2; warp "prontera",0,0; [email protected]$ = strcharinfo(0); addrid(0); if(pvp_announce){ announce "[ PvP Announcement ]: "[email protected]$+" has entered the PvP Room",bc_blue|bc_self; } end; case 2: if(pvp_announce){ pvp_announce = 0; mes "Announce disabled"; close; } else{ pvp_announce = 1; mes "Announce enabled"; close; } case 3: break; } end; OnInit: .announce = 1; // 0 = off end; } Untested.
  9. This is do-able via script. However you need to create two Berzebub cards, one that is bound, and one that is not bound in the database. You can do this by adding item restrictions via db/pre-(re)/item_trade.txt - script asdfasdf -1,{ mes "[ Trade ]"; mes "Need "+getitemname(.req_itm)+" x"+.req_amt; menu "Yes",-; if(countitem(.req_itm) < .req_amt || countitem(.bnd_itm) < 1){ mes "No pods"; mes "No card"; close; } mes "Got pods"; delitem .req_itm,.req_amt; getitem .get_itm,1; close; OnInit: .bnd_itm = 503; .req_itm = 501; .req_amt = 1000; .get_itm = 502; end; }
  10. - script asdfjkl -1,{ mes "[ PVP Warper ]"; mes "Warp?"; menu "Yeshhhh",-; close2; if(.announce){ announce strcharinf(0)+" has entered the PvP Room",0; } warp "prontera",0,0; end; OnInit: .announce = 1; // 0 = off end; } If you want players to be able to control it, that would be chaotic since they can just turn it off when someone turns it on, so I'm not gonna even go there since that just sounds silly.
  11. if(BaseLevel < [email protected] && JobLevel < [email protected] ) { mes "You don't have the required level yet."; mes "Come back when you reached it - Base Level "[email protected]+" - Job Level "[email protected]+"!"; close; } to if(BaseLevel < [email protected] || JobLevel < [email protected] ) { mes "You don't have the required level yet."; mes "Come back when you reached it - Base Level "[email protected]+" - Job Level "[email protected]+"!"; close; }
  12. What are the files that I can put them in?
  13. How do I add another variable to the guild? And how do I make a script command for it? I Just want to access a guild variable via script command. For instance I wanna check the experience how do I do so?
  14. I need a shop that adds items depending on the player's level. For instance I'm a level 1 Novice, so I can only buy Red potions, when I get to level 5, I can now buy Blue and Orange Potions. Items add into the shop automatically when I have enough levels available. If possible usage of arrays for easier shop manipulation.
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