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Community Answers

  1. Hey Alayne, can i ask for the db/pre/instance_db.txt
    for the Astral Temple?

    1. Alayne


      Hi there,


      Everything's available on my git.

      Here's the file you're looking for



      Have fun

  2. @sader1992 Thanks for the base script Sader. Hopefully, someone could make a little src for this That would be appreciated.
  3. How about instead of giving a bonus from the Player who wear that Item, if the wearer has that item everyone on that party will give bonuses too. e.g Allstats + 1 everyone on that party will have the bonus Allstats + 1 too. Possible? (A Player who has the item must be the Party Leader or else the bonus won't work)
  4. Would love to add a queue system for this makes interesting. Thank you n0tt for your effort.
  5. How's your RRCP
    Did you already make a released or it's gonna be dead project?

    1. Feilor


      Hey man I'm happy to see you remember it, but I have to say... It's a dead project... unfortunally I can't continue the development =/

  6. Is this Brian's some part of the script? does it works on 255/120? Thank you!
  7. Are you able to reproduced this in 2015+ Clients?
  8. I don't think rA support 2016 client at the moment. but now rA able to support 2015-11-04
  9. I always recompile after i made some changes
  10. Tried this but the source u give ain't working
  11. Let me try this, i appreciate for ur help!
  12. i tried but still miss, i think it requires SRC. nk|=NK_IGNORE_FLEE; Ain't working.
  13. You need to update your rAthena to latest one. or you can change it to
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