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  1. But sempai Akky, Why did you ban them bots, I need those meds Kidding aside, great update!
  2. GMT+8, around 10PM nightly.. Anyhow here's my lub files.. skillid.lub DUP_LK_JOINTBEAT = 9000, skilldescript.lub [SKID.DUP_LK_JOINTBEAT] = { "Joint Beat (Vital Strike)", "Max Level: 5", "Skill Form: ^FF0000Offensive^000000", "Description: ^777777Strike an enemy's vital points to", "cause various abnormal statuses. This skill's", "level affects the Attack Power and the success", "rate of causing abnormal status effects.", "[Lv 1]: ^77777760%ATK^000000", "[Lv 2]: ^77777770%ATK^000000", "[Lv 3]: ^77777780%ATK^000000", "[Lv 4]: ^77777790%ATK^000000", "[Lv 5]: ^777777100%ATK^000000" }, skillinfolist.lub [SKID.DUP_LK_JOINTBEAT] = { "LK_JOINTBEAT", SkillName = "Joint Beat", MaxLv = 5, SpAmount = { 12, 12, 14, 14, 16, 16, 18, 18, 20, 20 }, bSeperateLv = false, AttackRange = { 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4 }, },
  3. I've already done that sir Stolao, the problem is, the skill is not a base skill, which could be obtained from an item only. Althought I tried adding it on skill_tree_db.txt as i've stated, I still can't see it there.
  4. I've recently made a post about duplicating skills which was a success on the server side but however, failed on the client side. Now i've followed this guide on which files to configure in the client side but can't seem to make it display on the skill tree. I've tried using @useskill and it works fine and it displays the name of the skill, but I can't make it show up. The skill is invoked by a scriptcommand by the way, other skills works fine when invoked via the *skill script, but this custom one doesn't seem to show up, also tried adding it into db/skilltree.txt but still no luck.
  5. thanks for your replies! guess I got to do it the hard way
  6. Is there a way to duplicate skills the easy way without copy-pasting their respective codes from their source files?
  7. Look for their formulas here /rathena/blob/master/src/map/battle.c
  8. Sorry for the late reply, i'll investigate this issue by weekend, hopefully.
  9. Yes, players wont be able to use storage when 'can_trade' is set to false.
  10. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/2688d78e6ab781896e09a0b83b25942b6ee65fa2/conf/battle/battle.conf#L147
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