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  1. I was Looking for a co-Developer, for now i want a new SERVER...

  2. Nice to hear that taka... have a good day..
  3. i'd like to request a per account item reward+rebirth Example: if your lvl is below 99 it will say "ur not lvl 99" when u reach lvl 99 npc will recognize u and give u a weapon.. please choose what class items do u want? There is an weapon per job (mage,thief,swordsman.archer,merchant), if they are thief class there will be a choices if whats equips they want.. dagger typ or katar type, same as knight if they want twohand or pike+guard CHAR BOUNDED after u chose the job weapon u will get rebirth automatically. after u get all ur reward... u can't get anything to the NPC now because its 1 account per items so it will say "Already rewarded" thank you...
  4. in 24 hrs.. 1st announce "Welcome to my own ro" after 2hrs announce "my rates" after 2hrs announce " If you have questions or inquiries," 30 minutes after each of them broad "From 2015-01-24 to 2015-01-31" or example for it.. thankx
  5. Hello... Players Online is bug or something?
  6. i downloaded the old morocc and put it in the data folder with the map+mini map but suddenly my client is crashing whenever i go to morocc... im using 2013-08-07 thanks...
  7. hi sandbox... is there any chance it could make a refines? like we rewarded them with shield... it has a category too for refiner on how many refines just what im thinking only..
  8. Hi like to have a quick question about rentitem Is card that i insert to my rent items will disappear too when my rent items will expired? sample i insert thanatos card on my rent item sandstorm dagger
  9. how will i know the attributes that i want sir? that's my last question ^^,
  10. what if.. i need that item with refine? like pipe +7? and example of the time? rentitem <item id>,<time>; pipe for 3days
  11. is there a script that can give an item with expiration? like pipe for only 5days... than you...
  12. hi instead of sc_end sc_all; how will i debuff only soul links and FCP? thank you EDIT: is this right? sc_end SC_SPIRIT; sc_end SC_CP_WEAPON; sc_end SC_CP_SHIELD; sc_end SC_CP_ARMOR; sc_end SC_CP_HELM;
  13. is there a way or source editing i can kill all mvp in just 1 cmd like @killallmvp? if there is... can request a source?
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