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  1. Thank you for the answer. It Work Now this will be a big help!!! :))))
  2. Which Line Should I Change There? i already follow already follow this guide. https://rathena.org/board/topic/88606-2-vit-1-def-where-can-i-change-this/ Putty Doesn't Give me an error when i recompile. but it wont work on my Server
  3. I Was Running A Pre-renewal Server. My Problem is I Got an Item thats already Fix stats. Now Point here is VIT is actually Include so the DEF status is Growing. I Like to Change it From 1 VIT=1Def into 2vit =1Def I Got This Guide From The Other Section So I try this on my server file When I Recompile i dont get any errors but it wont Work. Hope There's Some Other Solution on This status.c #ifdef RENEWAL // renewal formulas status->hit += level + status->dex + status->luk/3 + 175; //base level + ( every 1 dex = +1 hit ) + (every 3 luk = +1 hit) + 175 status->flee += level + status->agi + status->luk/5 + 100; //base level + ( every 1 agi = +1 flee ) + (every 5 luk = +1 flee) + 100 status->def2 += (int)(((float)level + status->vit)/2 + ((float)status->agi/5)); //base level + (every 2 vit = +1 def) + (every 5 agi = +1 def) status->mdef2 += (int)(status->int_ + ((float)level/4) + ((float)status->dex/5) + ((float)status->vit/5)); //(every 4 base level = +1 mdef) + (every 1 int = +1 mdef) + (every 5 dex = +1 mdef) + (every 5 vit = +1 mdef) Hope You Can Help Me Guys My Server Becomes A Thana Base and i wont let that forever Happen
  4. May I Know if this the legit functor. id Like to Inquire Gepard Shield
    And may i know the mechanics how to purchase on you Gepard Shield Works

  5. Can i ask for a latest script on soul link effect for Lvl 10 Parrying and Lvl 10 LOV for Star Gladiator Seem the codes of Erba is already outdated. no errors came out but it didnt work. Please Can Anyone HELP me Please!
  6. This Codes Works Fine. But The Problem is When Normal Character Starts To Log in the @warp/@go delay wont Refresh it needs to take action like doing Skill or attack before the delay will start to refresh at 5sec. so how would i fix this to make the delay timer refresh without doing any actions? is there anyway to fix this problem? hope you guys can help me. Heres My Codes src/map/pc.cpp src/map/atcommand.cpp
  7. This Codes Works On Mine. But The Problem Is When I log in the @go/@warp delay wont refresh. it needs to take an action like doing skill and attack before the delay second's refresh is there any way to fix that problem? Any One Can Help? Heres My Code Hope you Guys Have Solution. Thanks in Advance
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