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  1. Yeah i try searching my local files with the search bar and usually end up with crap, then it just becomes a matter of knowing what to look for . . you look through your .h for what you want and hope thats what your looking for, then look it up in the .c . . . It took me a while to figure out how to make a homunculus that spawns on an entire different system then the alchemist system, ridiculous!
  2. you can make your skills like monk combos where they just target whatever your auto attacking but afair thats how the game is, i usually just click viciously until i change targets The way i made my gunslinger is a gave it 2 skills lhand and rhand akimbo, so now i need to spam these in rythm cause you cant use lhnd without rhnd first, and you only got like 1 second window to do it, but i designed it for that you dont need to use auto attacks unless your aiming for the fastest dps aspd these obviously arent gonna solve your problems but i was working on a PvE and know your problem , this isnt really an issue in renewal since no one uses basic attacks anymore
  3. Its a bit of a pain to myself. . . But look at this skill TK_READYSTORM - This skill only has like 5-6 entries (SC_STORMREADY in status.c/h) status.c /* Permanent effects */ case SC_AETERNA: case SC_MODECHANGE: case SC_WEIGHT50: case SC_WEIGHT90: case SC_BROKENWEAPON: case SC_BROKENARMOR: case SC_READYSTORM: case SC_READYDOWN: case SC_READYCOUNTER: case SC_READYTURN: case SC_DODGE: case SC_PUSH_CART: case SC_SPRITEMABLE: case SC_CLAN_INFO: case SC_DAILYSENDMAILCNT: tick = INFINITE_TICK; break; then in skill.c case BS_MAXIMIZE: case NV_TRICKDEAD: case CR_DEFENDER: case ML_DEFENDER: case CR_AUTOGUARD: case ML_AUTOGUARD: case TK_READYSTORM: case TK_READYDOWN: case TK_READYTURN: case TK_READYCOUNTER: case TK_DODGE: case CR_SHRINK: case SG_FUSION: case GS_GATLINGFEVER: if( tsce ) { clif_skill_nodamage(src,bl,skill_id,skill_lv,status_change_end(bl, type, INVALID_TIMER)); map_freeblock_unlock(); return 0; } clif_skill_nodamage(src,bl,skill_id,skill_lv,sc_start(src,bl,type,100,skill_lv,skill_get_time(skill_id,skill_lv))); break; The bottom on says that if your already affected by the skill youll just turn it off and if not itll start its status ( I think ) So i bet that these are the only 2 places you need to make changes to make a skill/status toggleable If not just copy TK_READYSTORM completely its a really simple skill, i really doubt rathena made extra changes somewhere else in the src for this cause in hercules these are the only 2 spots (just organized differently) I needed to edit to get a toggleable skill Also the duration on TK_READYSTORM may be differnt in your skill.db ( it doesnt even have a duration in mine so im assuming its infinite duration from status.c) Good luck , also recompile after working in src
  4. Did you draw the cut in yourself? Looks just like RO
  5. What do you mean? You can just download as zip in top right corner green button on windows then use that in your server just change all your conf files for your sql
  6. Yep havnt tried it yet but its clealy doable in act editor Unless your sprite/image is larger then 256x256 pixel then i think itll just get cut off
  7. If you can figure out how to extract and draw it properly then you might be able to pull something off
  8. Yeah youll just need to add the effect in to act editor if you want that , into each attack frame
  9. lllaaazzz

    STR Files

    Yeah if you look in grf editor click the str file click extract resources tab Find that file and edit it how you want. This is a really simple way to modify the effects we have access too, ROSTR viewer is weird and probably the last thing you wanna learn lol But for example if you look up shieldcharge.str this skill has a rotation and drop right so if you just modify the shield to lets say a pokeball, you could pretty much make it look like your throwing a pokeball on the ground
  10. I dont see why you cant just make an animation hat and just line it up with your feet But i havnt tried that yet
  11. Hello, i am trying to work on dark maps but models dont seem to shine and dont reflect color at all and just stand out completely highlighted 

    Im trying to make it like this


    which is lhz_que01

    but when i place models in dark maps they just end up like this 


    1. lllaaazzz


      Global lighting,


    2. Sage


      I can't tell you what to change without knowing what settings you're using for global/ambient lighting and the lights you set on the map. Without knowing that, I can only suggest you check out the guide I wrote on lightmaps and perhaps redo the lighting on your map with my methods instead. You can find that guide here: https://rathena.org/board/topic/114687-guide-sages-guide-to-making-stylish-maps/

    3. lllaaazzz


      I didnt know what diffuse lighting was, but thats what it was... i was clearing maps without taking that into consideration cause i just assumed they would also clear my global maps to default but that wasnt the case and i just copied the diffuse lighting from the map i posted (lhz_que01) and it all worked out...


      Thanks for the reply 

  12. now i cant seem to project light on to the walls Any ideas? Edit; No problem, turns out you just need to add a black tile to the top of a wall cause otherwise its just a thing layer of texture i guess thats how the lightmap sees it. . . too bad these black squares take in the light too rip
  13. No that should just effect equip items If you look through the rest of that page youll see theres a section for all item types
  14. Haha I have some merchants stuck behind vines that you destroy with your skills/basics too but thats beside the point Yeah ill just have to keep playing with it
  15. I was thinking of you when i posted this
  16. Sorry dude, i would help you out but im on Hercules Emulator, you should consider switching, and then just hang around here because they wont help you either. I just cant test what i post myself, but its usually pretty reusable. . . like i said go grab a bstatus->sp thing and try throwing it in your formula
  17. in your drops.conf // The rate at which equipment is dropped. item_rate_equip: 100 item_rate_equip_boss: 100 item_drop_equip_min: 1 item_drop_equip_max: 10000 I guess you could change these to 0, But im pretty sure for the NPC's your gonna have to remove them all manually
  18. Its just a matter of toggling renewal off for mechanics and then simply not using any renewal features.
  19. Well ill tell you this Im on hercules emulator and when i use gospel, the bonus sp doubles the sp from items like Mage Hat And when i compare rathena to hercules, I can see why you would have a problem
  20. Im trying to make dark maps If i give myself the REAL blind effect, it looks perfect but the SG perma blind make it still highlight models However on maps like lhz_que01 They have a perfect darkness. . . . Please enlighten me daddy Ii thought id go test a few more things but ive been doing other things >_>
  21. Yeah But in general pre re formula would equial to less the re formula (i think lol)
  22. under UNT_GOSPEL skil.c case 4: // MaxSP +100% sc_start(ss,bl,SC_INCMSPRATE,100,100,time); if (tsd) clif->gospel_info(tsd, 0x18); break; status.c if(sc->data[SC_INCMSPRATE]) bonus += sc->data[SC_INCMSPRATE]->val1; HMM well according to this i can see why you may have your problem You could try adding this at the top of the sp section static int status_get_spbonus(struct block_list *bl, enum e_status_bonus type) { unsigned int maxsp then adding this to the formula status->max_sp or maxsp (maxsp may not work but status->max_sp should)