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  1. It will automatically notify the number of monsters we kill, right?
  2. Love it... Hope see more npc fairy like this
  3. With your new client kro...Are you have full folder "Information" of Textures? I'm having trouble missing it If you have it...please,share it for me http://
  4. I never see this before...If someone have it,please...share it for me http://url images upload
  5. Thank you for your dedicated guidance,but...i think with ilusion of maps still lacking quite a lot http:// Can you share all ilusion of them? Please...
  6. I think just putting in grf data is okay... Why must add something to use?
  7. Hm... It happen with all maps from you http://
  8. hola hablas español ?

    sabes usar la navegacion ?

    me ayudas ?

  9. Where i can get texture of this two map? http://
  10. I hope to know how to add navigation to find custom npc in maps? Please,help...
  11. When I saw this map, I had a melody of this song in my mind... [youtube]