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  1. problem solved my mistake when duplicating //geffen,125,70,4 duplicate(Kafra Settings#saveyouratcmd) Kafra Settings#saveyouratcmd#1 4_F_KAFRA4 //izlude,139,138,4 duplicate(Kafra Settings#saveyouratcmd) Kafra Settings#saveyouratcmd#2 4_F_KAFRA4 //prontera,148,201,5 duplicate(Kafra Settings#saveyouratcmd) Kafra Settings#saveyouratcmd#3 4_F_KAFRA4 //moscovia,216,190,4 duplicate(Kafra Settings#saveyouratcmd) Kafra Settings#saveyouratcmd#4 4_F_KAFRA4
  2. already enter and delete the table lines acc_reg_str but the same thing happens even with a new acc
  3. saves them but upon entering they are activated and deactivated as the image shows
  4. when entering the server it is activate and deactivated
  5. Hello can someone help me with this autoload_atcommand.txt
  6. the idea is that it can be used in 2 class when using @bodystyle 1 be changed I don't want to replace sprites, I want it to be like a suite the user will use it if they like
  7. ITEMID,ITEMNAME,ITEMNAME,4,20,,0,,0,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,8192,,0,0,0,{},{setlook LOOK_BODY2,1;},{setlook LOOK_BODY2,0;} it is possible to make this item change the appearance to 2 Class + New Classes when using the suit, example a Sniper switch to a new custome ranger
  8. I can not solve the script summon poring should not be able to enter the map summon when entering the map would have to die automatically 62068,Sporing,SPoring,1,0,,0,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,,,,,,{ progressbar "0x00FF00",1; if(mobcount(strcharinfo(3) ,"Summon_NPC::OnSummon")) { killmonster strcharinfo(3),"Summon_NPC::OnSummon"; } else { summon "Slave Poring",26127,100*60000,"Summon_NPC::OnSummon"; } },{},{} - script Summon_NPC -1,{ OnInit: set .Map$,"prt_fild01"; setmapflag .Map$,mf_loadevent; end; OnPCLoadMapEvent: if(strcharinfo(3) == .Map$ && mobcount( .Map$,"Summon_NPC::OnSummon") == 1 ){ killmonster.Map$,"Summon_NPC::OnSummon"; } end; OnSummon: end; }
  9. Hello thanks for replying the slave comes out but does not move and without limits
  10. Un poco tarde pero gracias de todas forma solucionado en 2017
  11. { autobonus "{}",10,1000,BF_WEAPON,"{ if (@summon_limit < 1) { summon strcharinfo(0),1001,60000; @summon_limit += 1; } }"; },{},{} Hi, how can I make a slave clone instead of invoking a mob
  12. no error is that possible? summon can not enter that map, and if it enters he dies
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