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  1. it helps to edit script, so that it only counts the specific monster wordboss.txt
  2. I want to disable the entry of homunculus in map
  3. Hello plz help me guild members can break emperium and break again King.txt
  4. Hi, I'm using King Of emperium by AnnieRuru How could I do that when speaking with Flag being members of the guild lead to the emperium room
  5. is that currently unmodified if I use @allstats all 255 int, dex, str ect maximum matk approximate 500 I would like the status in general to be as always in pre re but using Re
  6. well but as I modify it to be as PRE RE
  7. Hello it is possible to have the status of pre-re in renewal in renewal the matk is very low with int 255 barely reaches matk 500
  8. but I do not want to deactivate Third Class what I want to deactivate Rune Knight T that part
  9. Hi, I want to know how to change or remove this from 3rd T without deactivating this other
  10. Happy new year n0tttt, thank you very much
  11. but I just want the damage the Pre re and keep using RE