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  1. solved eliminate the homunculus and create another: D my apologies for the inconvenience
  2. download the master Updated 3 hours ago by rAthenaAPI without changing to Pre RE
  3. download the ROenglishRE-master and still the skill does not come out my client 2018-06-20
  4. he has no skill the homunculus S
  5. Hello and downloaded the last rathena without changing it to pre re passes the same without skill
  6. Pre-Re rAthena the homunculus skill does not come out
  7. Hello, I have downloaded this barricade script I wish you could only use the npc once the barricades were dismantled, to avoid barricade spawn EP7_abysses.txt
  8. jobmaster.txt it could be done in this way it was all the job Novice >> Swordsman >> Knigh >> High Novice >> High Knigh >> Lord Knigh >> Third
  9. it helps to edit script, so that it only counts the specific monster wordboss.txt
  10. I want to disable the entry of homunculus in map
  11. Hello plz help me guild members can break emperium and break again King.txt
  12. Hi, I'm using King Of emperium by AnnieRuru How could I do that when speaking with Flag being members of the guild lead to the emperium room