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  1. the idea is that it can be used in 2 class when using @bodystyle 1 be changed I don't want to replace sprites, I want it to be like a suite the user will use it if they like
  2. ITEMID,ITEMNAME,ITEMNAME,4,20,,0,,0,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,8192,,0,0,0,{},{setlook LOOK_BODY2,1;},{setlook LOOK_BODY2,0;} it is possible to make this item change the appearance to 2 Class + New Classes when using the suit, example a Sniper switch to a new custome ranger
  3. I can not solve the script summon poring should not be able to enter the map summon when entering the map would have to die automatically 62068,Sporing,SPoring,1,0,,0,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,,,,,,{ progressbar "0x00FF00",1; if(mobcount(strcharinfo(3) ,"Summon_NPC::OnSummon")) { killmonster strcharinfo(3),"Summon_NPC::OnSummon"; } else { summon "Slave Poring",26127,100*60000,"Summon_NPC::OnSummon"; } },{},{} - script Summon_NPC -1,{ OnInit: set .Map$,"prt_fild01"; setmapflag .Map$,mf_loadevent; end; OnPCLoadMapEvent: if(strcharinfo(3) == .Map$ && mobcount( .Map$,"Summon_NPC::OnSummon") == 1 ){ killmonster.Map$,"Summon_NPC::OnSummon"; } end; OnSummon: end; }
  4. Hello thanks for replying the slave comes out but does not move and without limits
  5. Un poco tarde pero gracias de todas forma solucionado en 2017
  6. { autobonus "{}",10,1000,BF_WEAPON,"{ if (@summon_limit < 1) { summon strcharinfo(0),1001,60000; @summon_limit += 1; } }"; },{},{} Hi, how can I make a slave clone instead of invoking a mob
  7. the summon still does not die when entering the map
  8. are items that make a summon monster appear but I would like that the summon mob does not enter into some map
  9. I use consumable items from summon mob as it could be done so that the summon does not enter the map
  10. I use @summon 1002 and when I enter the map the summon does not die
  11. no error comes out just does not do anything
  12. Hello when entering a map I would like the summon monster dies I do not get error in console when entering the map with summon - script Sample -1,{ OnInit: set .Map$,"prt_fild01"; setmapflag .Map$,mf_loadevent; end; OnPCLoadMapEvent: if(mobcount( .Map$,"Summon::On"+strcharinfo(3)+"") == 1 ) && (getcharid(0)){ killmonster.Map$,"Summon::On"+strcharinfo(3)+""; end; } else { end; } }
  13. solved eliminate the homunculus and create another: D my apologies for the inconvenience
  14. download the master Updated 3 hours ago by rAthenaAPI without changing to Pre RE