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  1. run around for 15 minutes, checked skill.c, probably not here .... of course its here
  2. lllaaazzz

    [Showcase] Four Battle Books

    I think its cool, seriously
  3. lllaaazzz

    Client Side, All Weapon Sprites

    you have to change the class num then
  4. lllaaazzz


    Not sure but i can offer a few suggestions in the meantime you could make a custom skill similar to sm_fatalblow+wz_souldrain but for hp, then you could add hp drain to anything, just make a combo 4x hunter... Sorry, ill post again if i find something else
  5. lllaaazzz

    Mob skill with multiple condition?

    edit : nevermind , not totally sure what everything does after the conditions but what id suggest would be adding an hp check to a custom mob skill or adding a status similar to poison that dissolves at the minimum hp threshold if you understand what im saying.... youd think this would be easier but i guess not no examples LMAO
  6. lllaaazzz

    missing something, icons when dragging

    its this , some items having funky sprites like skeleton warrior daggers always have had this weird majoras mask gilded look, and my custom skill icons are all showing a acid bottle throw icon when dragging..... anyone know how i can fix them? i dont get errors for my custom items, its just THIS, the actually sprite while dragging is weird
  7. lllaaazzz

    New Jobs Palettes

    one thing you could do maybe easier things but add the skills that you want to be able to be turned on to your skilltreeview and skill_tree.db then just make something like spirit link, but new name, that toggles those skills on. then make the npc cast the skill on you when you change or item, whatever it is then bam new skills ex mode
  8. lllaaazzz

    Custom Monster/Mob Crashing Client

    its probably something silly like non index image in spr files just a suggestion
  9. i drag new items , not hats and no icons appear on mouse, but i can drop... i followed some step by step thing for hats and got it to show but cant repeat it for a non hat... anyone know which file i need to edit? ty
  10. lllaaazzz

    unlockable warpra

    hi i was wondering if someone could tell me how to make it so that the Cases for this : switch(select("prontera", "alberta", "goldroom", "Other")) { case 1: if (#alberta_plat == 1) { warp("alberta", 49, 241); end; } if (#alberta_plat == 0) { next; mes "Sorry but you did not unlock that platform yet"; close; end; } } have (unlocked GREEN) and (locked RED) next to their options in the npc windows? . . .im not using quest warper, and i have it set so when you pick your job all warps are set to 0 and go to 1 on unlock(for the sake of any flame, its cause theres like 1/4 the warps) ive seen it before but no idea how to do it from scratch... please ty.....
  11. lllaaazzz

    Ragnarok Deleveled Project

    have fun with it man, mine would probably look like : day 1 : thought about giving up today day 2: why am i still doing this day 3: made some progress but already sank 30 hours into this day 4: thought about giving up again im on like day 30 and i still think about giving up LMAO
  12. lllaaazzz

    Hello is this the limit for skills customization?

    Gonna double post just so you stop worrying about me or whatever... but using that function, it looks like the effect list in \doc is the same as the effect list in browedit, havnt tried it but im sure you could upload custom effect to brow edit and just use that effect or whatever
  13. Hello i was looking at the .str files for skills and their associated bmps, it looks like editting existing skills with ROSTRviewer is doable... thats awesome but where are the client reading this? and connecting it to the skill? if you delete bowling.str, and try to use bowling bash you get 4 errors, im assuming for KN_ and (MS_)? both asking for the bowling.str file.... the slashes, then the target gets a bomb animation , cant find this secondary animation either . . . . ok and this function in skill.c works nice : clif_specialeffect(bl,173,AREA); bl for self and src for target..... but i still have the same problem of how these things are being identified or whatever... or like.... where the list effect_list.txt is being generated from....well if anything its better then nothing, whatever where can i make my client request the str files for my skills? it looks like alot of people got here and was like shit what the fuck but , id figure id make another topic since no one seems to have explained it like me, so it could just be me whos wrong Thank you
  14. lllaaazzz

    When use a skill transform into a custom mob

  15. im looking for the stats of the base weapon aspd like 2hand sword and 1 hand sword base aspd i am also looking for the job level bonus stats you get... please i thought i saw it