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  1. lllaaazzz

    Ragnarok Deleveled Project

    have fun with it man, mine would probably look like : day 1 : thought about giving up today day 2: why am i still doing this day 3: made some progress but already sank 30 hours into this day 4: thought about giving up again im on like day 30 and i still think about giving up LMAO
  2. lllaaazzz

    Hello is this the limit for skills customization?

    Gonna double post just so you stop worrying about me or whatever... but using that function, it looks like the effect list in \doc is the same as the effect list in browedit, havnt tried it but im sure you could upload custom effect to brow edit and just use that effect or whatever
  3. Hello i was looking at the .str files for skills and their associated bmps, it looks like editting existing skills with ROSTRviewer is doable... thats awesome but where are the client reading this? and connecting it to the skill? if you delete bowling.str, and try to use bowling bash you get 4 errors, im assuming for KN_ and (MS_)? both asking for the bowling.str file.... the slashes, then the target gets a bomb animation , cant find this secondary animation either . . . . ok and this function in skill.c works nice : clif_specialeffect(bl,173,AREA); bl for self and src for target..... but i still have the same problem of how these things are being identified or whatever... or like.... where the list effect_list.txt is being generated from....well if anything its better then nothing, whatever where can i make my client request the str files for my skills? it looks like alot of people got here and was like shit what the fuck but , id figure id make another topic since no one seems to have explained it like me, so it could just be me whos wrong Thank you
  4. im looking for the stats of the base weapon aspd like 2hand sword and 1 hand sword base aspd i am also looking for the job level bonus stats you get... please i thought i saw it
  5. topic, it looks like its just some project of a conveniently packed mmorpg, if it was just "hats" thats one thing but its practically every aspect of the game.... i was just wondering , im pretty sure eathena was before this but whatever, was there something before that? did that actual ragnarok koreans release this?
  6. lllaaazzz

    any idea why my game looks like crap

    lmao thank you why did that work! magic!
  7. the maps,textures and mobs so far look fine just a few sprite outlines for my characters and the emoticons are all funky any idea what could be happening? using client 140205b my graphics slider are on max and resoultion changes nothing, normally dont have this problem except when i started the emulator
  8. lllaaazzz

    Custom Guild Pot NPC

    im interested in seeing this too and incase no one understands, hes looking for an npc script that has a donation pot similar to the rachel sanctuary but for his guildmates , and the more you donate the stronger his guilds custom potions become
  9. lllaaazzz

    can i make monsters attack each other?

    ah well i got it, in the spawn points theres a hidden 2 extra options for size and AI..... cool thanks lol
  10. Hello i was wondering if there was a way for mobs to attack each other? if i use @summon and @spawn they will fight but there must be a way to spawn them like this> Thank you
  11. lllaaazzz

    how does data.ini work...

    Yeah but what about my english translation grf.... will the mess my priority (litterly a 1 step test but whatever)
  12. lllaaazzz

    how does data.ini work...

    just wondering how data.ini works when you got multiple files..... im using 3 right now data and my english at the top..... would something i place at the top over write everything... like im trying to edit things in the skillinfoz folder in my own grf to add custom skills..... so i do data/luafiles/lua/skillinfoz ONLY in my grf.... edit my things then put in data.ini... i get a bunch of errors after so i need to test a few more things unless someone could tell me what im doing wrong ;__; like... do i edit my english data folder who has the skillinfoz.... or do i make my own from data.... and put english on top of that...... but then the english isnt editted... but will my other one under it still change.....??? same with custom sprites and stuff like that, should i make a complete copy of the data folder as my own.... or just the files and directories i need.... even the "¸ó½ºÅÍ" ones...
  13. lllaaazzz

    so which is more reliable?

    yeah it seems that way since i had all the files and stuff no mention of xray or anything.. thank you sir, trying to get my new skills in game... then getting a map in.... idk if i should just keep this topic or make a new one in case i have another question, but you can close it or whatever thanks
  14. lllaaazzz

    so which is more reliable?

    thank you and what about the skills things? any way to confirm if im on the xray client (besides just trying)or whatever the pre reqs for adding skill ids?