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  1. thanks for the reply, i think its really hard to protect your creation especially if youre going to sell them
  2. can i ask something is there a way to protect the files that is for sale, in scenario like if a client bought your custom sprites, they can distribute it already because they already have the files,
  3. im using this method, converting rsm to fbx then you can edit and open FBX files using 3ds max software, then at 3ds max you can save it again as FBX then convert FBX to rsm using rsm converter i able to edit some assets at grf with this method
  4. piavon

    STR Files

    i know how to view STR files using ROSTR viewer but is there other way i can open and edit STR files animation, i want to edit some skills special effects like storm gust,
  5. please help me im getting less hp/sp on 3rd jobs only
  6. piavon

    Custom Skill

    thanks dude i think its enlighten me
  7. piavon

    Custom Skill

    still no luck having the same error
  8. piavon

    Custom Skill

    i already follow that guide and still receiving the error skill unknown, im sure its because of the skill id i dont know what skill id to use
  9. PLEASE HELP ME Im trying to add custom skill but the problem is i dont know what skill id i must use, what are the free id's for skill that can be used that will not conflict others
  10. hi mate can i ask something, what id number you used for your skill im having problem about skill id number i dunno what number to use
  11. please help me im trying to add custom skill, im receiving this error Skill_castend_nodamage_id: Unknown skill used:890
  12. for the swap skill check his https://rathena.org/board/profile/477-goddameit/ i will try to post all skill's src after polishing it all,
  13. wodRO Custom skill demo video AlmightyPull, Blink Strike, Edo Tensei(summoning technique), bansho tenin(pulling target), Swap skill are not yet done we still doing some changes to balance the skill we made this video for demo, skill cooldown/aftercast are just for testing thanks to: swap skill reference goddemeit from rathena https://rathena.org/board/profile/477-goddameit/
  14. having the same problem did you fixed yours already?
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