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  1. Edit: Not solved.. If anyone has any option please let me know.. I will try. Thanks.. Solved it. Thanks anyways.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm having an issue with getting the killer id in this situation. my monster.conf: // Defines on who the mob npc_event gets executed when a mob is killed. // Type 1: On the player that killed the mob (if killed by a non-player, resorts to type 0) // Type 0: On the player that did the most damage to the mob. // NOTE: This affects who gains the Castle when the Emperium is broken. mob_npc_event_type: 1 Now when someone kills a mob spawned by a script and has a label, the label will only trigger on the one that will do the last hit. I need it to be the most dagame. This would be an easy fix if i just change in my monster.conf, mob_npc_event_type: 0. However, If i do this, it will affect the War of Emperium. I do not want to do that. When I need the killer ID? I need it only for when people kill certain MVPs spawned by different script, it will do some specialeffect on the killer by damage. However the specialeffect triggers on the last hitter AND the one that receives the MVP rewards. I was thinking if somehow i can get the ID throughtout something else? Maybe like when OnNPCKillEvent: will check if the killer received some kind of MOB_MVPEXP, so this way the specialeffects only trigger on the killer by damage. I've read throught the script_commands document and dont see anyway to do it other than maybe modifying the src. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello guys. I need help with this: So I ordered a VPS for myself, to start a project on my own, and let some of my friends easily have access. Everything was fine. Then for several days I was not active, and I think since nothing was active (like loging in, etc.) The server was pinging the SQL database to "keep it alive" But i think the default maximum times is like 10. Now, I'm trying to reboot the server, and apparently cannot connect to the SQL. When I try to connect to the SQL tables with Navicat I have this error that I will attach to the images. I tried already Rebooting the whole VPS. Didnt Work. tried restarting mysql services and get this message: "Redirecting to /bin/systemctl start mysqld.service Failed to start mysqld.service: Unit not found." I'm Using CentOS by the way. Thanks in advance
  4. nvm. I see why. You need to turn the "battleground" mapflag for the map.
  5. I'm trying to learn how to use some BG scripts commands, and came across with this situation. set [email protected],getcharid(1); set [email protected]_team[[email protected]],bg_create("prontera",154,150); bg_join [email protected]_team[[email protected]]; set [email protected][[email protected]],bg_monster([email protected]_team[[email protected]],"prontera",150,150,"EMP",1288,"probador#1::OnDeath"); On this code, no error, The monsters is summoned, and I've joined the BG. (Know because used @kill to see if i respawn in the right coordinate/map) However, I'm still able to hit/kill the mob, even tho I'm on the same team. I even tried without the [[email protected]] and still was able to hit/kill the mob. Any reason why? I'm missing something?. Thanks in advance.
  6. NVM. Solved it. I had changed a value on the MAX_GUILDEXPULSION.
  7. [Error]: intif: guild info : data size error Gid: 3 recv size: 11804 Expected size: 77340 what causes this error? also, on my Guild Window, on the skill tab, there are no skill at all. is blank. Tho, I do have the guild_skill_tree.txt on the DB folder and the guild_skill table at SQL. Dont know what is causing this error.. I noticed when recompiling got this warning: And this is the part of the warning: int mapif_guild_info(int fd,struct guild *g) { unsigned char buf[8+sizeof(struct guild)]; WBUFW(buf,0)=0x3831; WBUFW(buf,2)=4+sizeof(struct guild); memcpy(buf+4,g,sizeof(struct guild)); if(fd<0) chmapif_sendall(buf,WBUFW(buf,2)); else chmapif_send(fd,buf,WBUFW(buf,2)); return 0; } *Did not modify any of this. Git Hash: '006efe11edf412eef6c07b2b20db84ed1da4f20e' Pre-Renewal mode. PACKETVER 20151104
  8. @Emistry Did not work. When I added this part on the loop, it somehow deatached all the party members from the script except the leader. So the loop did not start for the others other than the leader. I solved this issue by using OnPCLogoutEvent: and OnPCDieEvent: setting some [email protected][getcharid(1)] and using an if statement on the beginning of the Loop. However, now when I tested, the loop stops, but it also check the loop for the Party leader, and since the party leader is dead and it detaches the Script apparently when the player dies, an error appears on one of the retrieving values of the loop. And overtime it bugs the script. :S..
  9. @crazyarashi is not for announcement tho. Is for the loop to stop for all attached players.
  10. Hi, I'm doing a script and in one of the "if" statements I need to check if certain player is alive. Some information you need to know first. I've attached all party members to the script prior the IF statement using "addrid(2,0,getcharid(1))"; and I only need to check if the party leader is alive. I Will leave an example. - script partyleader -1,{ getpartymember getcharid(1), 1; getpartymember getcharid(1), 2; addrid(2,0,getcharid(1)) for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++) { if( PartyLeaderisdead) { dispbottom "Leader is dead"; set [email protected],[email protected]; continue; } } end; } I need the Loop to stop once the Party leader is dead. I have tried if (getpartyleader(getcharid(1),2) && HP<2) But it only stopped for the Leader, and not for everyone. I need the loop to stop for everyone attached on the script. I would try using Global Integers ([email protected]) however, this would be true for the whole server. And since the script is intended to be used by others aswell, it might interfere. So this option is not good for me. Thank you in advance.
  11. @Technoken Thanks man. Worked. I tried your second suggestion. Doing duplicates, but for some reason, the [email protected] only sets to one number for all NPCs. I check this by using mes "[email protected]+"; and they all showed the same number even tho on the NPC name I assigned them different numbers. Maybe a bug? I dont really know why it happens.
  12. I think I've found a workaround. Can anyone confirm if this would not interfere with each other? PD: Also, I've noticed the use of prefix . (dot) However I might need to call for other npcs X and Y pos, that is why I'm doing it still with [.npcNum] ///////////NPC1 prontera,150,150,1 script Pronterian#1::Pront[1] 844,{ OnInit: set .npcNum, atoi(strnpcinfo(2)); getmapxy(.PronterianMap$, .xPRT[.npcNum], .yPRT[.npcNum], UNITTYPE_NPC, "strnpcinfo(3)"); end; } ///////////NPC2 prontera,150,152,1 script Pronterian#2::Pront[2] 844,{ OnInit: set .npcNum, atoi(strnpcinfo(2)); getmapxy(.PronterianMap$, .xPRT[.npcNum], .yPRT[.npcNum], UNITTYPE_NPC, "strnpcinfo(3)"); end; } ///////////NPC3 prontera,150,154,1 script Pronterian#3::Pront[3] 844,{ OnInit: set .npcNum, atoi(strnpcinfo(2)); getmapxy(.PronterianMap$, .xPRT[.npcNum], .yPRT[.npcNum], UNITTYPE_NPC, "strnpcinfo(3)"); end; }
  13. [Warning]: Unexpected type for argument 2. Expected number. [Debug]: Data: string value="+atoi(strnpcinfo(2))+" [Debug]: Function: getelementofarray [Debug]: Source (NPC): Pronterian#1 at prontera (150,150) [Warning]: Unexpected type for argument 1. Expected string. [Debug]: Data: variable name='$xPRT' index=0 [Debug]: Function: getd [Debug]: Source (NPC): Pronterian#1 at prontera (150,150) [Warning]: Unexpected type for argument 2. Expected number. [Debug]: Data: string value="+atoi(strnpcinfo(2))+" [Debug]: Function: getelementofarray [Debug]: Source (NPC): Pronterian#1 at prontera (150,150) [Warning]: Unexpected type for argument 1. Expected string. [Debug]: Data: variable name='$yPRT' index=0 [Debug]: Function: getd [Debug]: Source (NPC): Pronterian#1 at prontera (150,150) [Error]: buildin_getmapxy: fatal error ! player not attached! [Debug]: Function: getmapxy (5 parameters): [Debug]: Data: reference name='$mapPRT1$' type=C_NAME [Debug]: Please report this!!! - script->str_data.type=C_NOP [Debug]: Data: variable name='0' index=0 [Debug]: Data: variable name='0' index=0 [Debug]: Data: number value=1 [Debug]: Data: string value="Pront[1]" [Debug]: Source (NPC): Pronterian#1 at prontera (150,150) [Error]: buildin_getmapxy: variable '0' for mapX is not a server variable, but no player is attached! [Debug]: Source (NPC): Pronterian#1 at prontera (150,150) Got this error now. I think I'm gonna have to do it manually..
  14. @Technoken interesting. I will try once i get home. I wonder if instead of #number i use letters. Like Pronterian#A , Pronterian#B, etc? Would i need to convert too? Thanks for your response.