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  1. luizragna

    I need help about Auto Event script by Stolao

    What is the line of the problem?
  2. luizragna

    Where to translate this

    Se o seu client for atualizado, você traduz as abas de classe nas ultimas linhas do skilltreeview.lub JobSkillTab.ChangeSkillTabName(JOBID.JT_NOVICE, "1st", "2nd", "3rd") JobSkillTab.ChangeSkillTabName(JOBID.JT_NINJA, "1st", "2nd", "3rd") JobSkillTab.ChangeSkillTabName(JOBID.JT_GUNSLINGER, "1st", "2nd", "3rd") JobSkillTab.ChangeSkillTabName(JOBID.JT_SUPERNOVICE, "1st", "2nd", "3rd") JobSkillTab.ChangeSkillTabName(JOBID.JT_TAEKWON, "1st", "2nd", "3rd") JobSkillTab.ChangeSkillTabName(JOBID.JT_STAR, "1st", "2nd", "3rd") JobSkillTab.ChangeSkillTabName(JOBID.JT_LINKER, "1st", "2nd", "3rd") JobSkillTab.ChangeSkillTabName(JOBID.JT_STAR2, "1st", "2nd", "3rd") JobSkillTab.ChangeSkillTabName(JOBID.JT_DO_SUMMONER, "Summoner") JobSkillTab.ChangeSkillTabName(JOBID.JT_DO_SUMMONER_B, "Summoner")
  3. luizragna

    Homunculus don't attack

    Hello guys. I'm using the client 2018-06-20 RE And tested several different AI and AI_Sakray folders but the problem continues... I b
  4. luizragna

    Error pc_checkskill: Invalid skill id 0

    When do you solve a problemem, please say the solution
  5. luizragna

    Can someone whip this teleport script up for me?

    The script commands is getmapxy: NPC Script: getmapxy(@mapname$, @mapx, @mapy, UNITTYPE_PC, ""+strcharinfo(0)+""); warp "prontera",@mapx,@mapy; Item Script: { getmapxy(@mapname$, @mapx, @mapy, UNITTYPE_PC, ""+strcharinfo(0)+""); warp "prontera",@mapx,@mapy; } To more info search in doc/script_commands.txt *getmapxy("<variable for map name>",<variable for x>,<variable for y>,<type>{,"<search string>"}) This function will locate a character object, NPC object or pet's coordinates and place their coordinates into the variables specified when calling it. It will return 0 if the search was successful, and -1 if the parameters given were not variables or the search was not successful. Type is the type of object to search for: UNITTYPE_PC - Character object UNITTYPE_NPC - NPC object UNITTYPE_PET - Pet object UNITTYPE_HOM - Homunculus object UNITTYPE_MER - Mercenary object UNITTYPE_ELEM - Elemental object The search string is optional. If it is not specified, the location of the invoking character will always be returned for types UNITTYPE_PC and UNITTYPE_PET, the location of the NPC running this function for type 1. If a search string is specified, for types UNITTYPE_PC and UNITTYPE_NPC, the character or NPC with the specified name will be located. If type is UNITTYPE_PET/UNITTYPE_HOM/UNITTYPE_MER/UNITTYPE_ELEM, the search will locate the current object of the character who's name is given in the search string, it will NOT locate the object by name. Example: prontera,164,301,3%TAB%script%TAB%Meh%TAB%730,{ mes "My name is Meh. I'm here so that Nyah can find me."; close; } prontera,164,299,3%TAB%script%TAB%Nyah%TAB%730,{ mes "My name is Nyah."; mes "I will now search for Meh all across the world!"; if (getmapxy(@mapname$, @mapx, @mapy, UNITTYPE_NPC, "Meh") != 0) { mes "I can't seem to find Meh anywhere!"; close; } mes "And I found him on map " + @mapname$ + " at X:" + @mapx + " Y:" + @mapy + " !"; close; } Notice that NPC objects disabled with 'disablenpc' will still be located.
  6. luizragna

    Iteminfo.lua in grf possible?

    @BrOrgbr the iteminfo work in data folder, but not inside of the grf
  7. luizragna

    Hello everyone :D I nedd your help please !!

    What is the hexed version? Do you use iteminfo.lua or .lub?
  8. luizragna

    Npc General Question || How to have this on NPC

    See this topic
  9. luizragna

    Npc General Question || How to have this on NPC

    The NPC and the signboard are separated. Do you just need add new line on the signboardlist.lub with the NPC coordinates. even if the NPC don't exist, the icon icon will apear
  10. luizragna

    Npc General Question || How to have this on NPC

    Try view on: data\LuaFiles514\Lua Files\signboardlist.lub
  11. luizragna

    Classes Custom

    Olá, veja á ultima postagem deste tópico
  12. luizragna

    How can i make the character fly? (like SG_FUSION)

    @Zell When used SG_FUSION, besides changing the sprite, also activates a special effect. I tried to put his sprite flying in another class, and the sprite changed, but the effect did not activate...
  13. luizragna

    How can i make the character fly? (like SG_FUSION)

    So @Vykimo, the GRAVITYCONTROL and GRADUAL_GRAVITY in the efsrid.lub EFST_GRADUAL_GRAVITY = 1014, . . . EFST_GRAVITYCONTROL = 1050, The problem is that the some effects ids are wrong. I'm using client 2018-06-20
  14. Hello guys! I already searched in various places in the emulator but i don't have a minimal idea. It's possible i create a effect that do? Or changing only in the source? OBS: The status SG_FUSION only works with Star Gladiator/Emperor.