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  1. Well I wanted to edit this npc as follows: Well, in this event, we have about 3 maps full of mobs, 2 types of mobs for each map, going from 70 to 150 and with a quest to kill some mobs to gain an extra experience while leveling up on them. With this short summary, let's go check out everything we have at this event. The hunting quests and the npc that teleports to the maps is Mateus Além, who is in the Eden group, next to Secretary Lenore, at the coordinates: / navi moc_para01 28/30. To take the quest to kill 400 mobs for your level. Just talk to him and say that he will help (option 1: Yes, I will help him.), After that he will provide the map / level options, here you will choose the option referring to your level range, and finally he will ask you to you choose the mob you will hunt. Once completed, just talk to him and ask for his reward (option 2: I want my reward!) And you will receive base and class experience. Comments: You can only do 1 quest at a time; The quest can be repeated after 4 am (as soon as you take the quest, you will receive the quest and a counter for this quest, the counter resets at 4 am every day, if you do not complete the quest on the day and end up doing it on next day and if it is after 4 pm, then you can do it again, so don't be surprised by a person doing the same quest twice a day); It is possible to deliver missions to the NPC at any base level; The experience received is 400 x the monster's EXP (in both cases, both class and base); To teleport to the event maps, just talk to Mateus Além and ask him to teleport you (option 4: Can you teleport me?) Comments: You can only enter the maps if you have the active quest or have completed it recently and are within the base level of the map; Teleportation skills work on this map; You lose XP when you die on this map; When you log out you are still on the map; To get out, just talk to the NPC who is in the place you appear when you enter the map. Having 1 lvl more than the maximum allowed on the map, the player will not only fail to enter, but will also be removed by our system if he is still inside the map. Turn IN Lvl 70-106: Payon Cave Rocky Pasana Lvl 107-130: Geffen's Dungeon Lude Succubus 131-150: Muscovy dungeon Bungisngis Scaraba Rake Upon killing each monster you have a 0.1% chance of dropping a 14797 Mystery Box or a 16673 Zodiac Egg Drops 16673 Egg of the Zodiac * The drop chance is the same for all items. * When dropping the box appears to all players (from the map). Download NPC https://rathena.org/board/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=13587 quest_db https://rathena.org/board/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=13584 OFFICIAL http://irowiki.org/wiki/Weekly_Turn-In_Events