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  1. for rAthena 2021? mode pre-rene? how to confire? thanks
  2. Solved. add zeny and cash intro the iteminfo
  3. rAthena clean (update today) Rev7
  4. Existe un máximo de 3 clientes, o saldría otro tipo de error. Ese Crash se genera por otra cosa y no me sucede a mi, le sucede a otra persona por lo que supongo que pueden ser archivos de Windows.
  5. Tengo un usuario que tiene un problema con el multi cliente, al abrir la tercera ventana del RO (intercambiando con alt + tab) se cierran los 2 primeros clientes dejando el 3ro abierto, dejando este log. Cliente: 2015-11-02. Alguien sabe que puede ser?
  6. Hello everyone, I have a little doubt. I use my emulator in pre-renewal mode but a user has reported something unusual to me but I really don't understand if it is an error or it works like this. I leave a video of the "supposed result" of the dual dagger. This video is from iRo Loki. With Ice Pick Quad and 4 Dranlair Main Guiche This video is of the operation of my server (rAthena) It looks like the damage is less and it hits 1. This happens with that order of weapons and also with the opposite. (Ice pick or MainGaunche left or right, same result) Could you tell me if this is a bug or does it work this way?
  7. Is that, how can I disable the channels on WoE times? Or on specific maps like gvg / pvp / bg. Thanks.
  8. masterzeus


  9. Yes, i can fix the second and third log, but the first one I don't know what it is.
  10. What can these crashes be? 1.- 2.- 3.-
  11. I have created a basic script that helps in these cases. The "WoE Controller" has 1 hour intervals, but check out my solution. aru_gld,1,1,1 script warp30min -1,{ OnClock1559: if( gettime(4) == 0) { sleep 10; atcommand "@hidenpc arug102"; } end; OnClock1600: if( gettime(4) == 0) { sleep 5000; announce "[War Of Emperium SE]: They will be able to start the battle for the castle at 4:30 p.m. Get ready, 30 minutes left!",bc_all|bc_woe; } end; OnClock1630: if( gettime(4) == 0) { sleep 10; atcommand "@shownpc arug102"; announce "[War Of Emperium SE]: Castle war begins now!",bc_all|bc_woe; } end; } What it does is disable the WarpPortal from the entrance of a specific castle (arug_cas01), enabling it after 30 minutes. In this case it is for Sunday. It is easy to edit. WoE normal. 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Entry from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  12. any solution to this? I'm looking for the same.
  13. ¡Voy a probarlo! Gracias por compartirlo se ve realmente interesante. Podrías subir de igual manera un mob_db sin sql directo en el emulador (como sugerencia)
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