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  1. redwingangel

    About Name color and item name color

    Anyone can teach me how to use ollydbg change ? I try a long time. Only change chat color... If you hope I pay you money,I can pay. Please anyone help me. Thanks you. (My English is bad ,so sorry.)
  2. redwingangel

    help delete timer error

    Problems occur after the disband of the guild.
  3. redwingangel

    Botkiller6 and Miner World error by Myzter of script

    I don't know why...I can't use it. ---------------------------------------------- This is the latest version of v1.5 miner world and v6.17 LangManagement ---------------------------------------------- if use freeloop(1); and freeloop(0); ---------------------------------------------- If not used freeloop(1); and freeloop(0); 1.gotocount: 655360 <<Useless 2.freeloop <<Useless 3.sleep2 <<This is the answer? I did not try.
  4. Botkiller6 donwload Link : I try to run the server, but got Botkiller6 and Miner World error .. Botkiller6 Code: Miner World Code: Miner World Code Change ↓ add <end;> Server will no Miner World error. But I don't know answer.
  5. redwingangel

    About Miner world by Myzter script

    My goodness. I really do not know how to report up to you . Very very thanks you. My English is so bad...I hope you know my heart mean...Skorm.haha^^ Plz tell me. How to thank you.
  6. redwingangel

    R> Same equipment, different colors...

    Only Hex client of RagexeRe !!
  7. redwingangel

    About Miner world by Myzter script Who can share to me the script plz. I can't download because link dead. Thanks you.
  8. Hi , everybody !! um... I am from Taiwan. so ... My English is not very good. Please bear with me. Let's get to the point. 1. I trigger this NPC 2. Click the buy button or ( Click the sell button) 3. Click the buy button again or ( Click the sell button again) 4. Use the options 5. Then Unable to move Have you ever had the same situation? but < use @reloadscript or Sign out, log in again > It will work well. so what ...? How can i do ... ? because map char log no error and warning reporting. My English is not very good. Please bear with me.