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  1. i no use custom GRF, all features included in data.grf...
  2. Mouse only appears when it is in the clickable area. If it passes in non-clickable area it hides. clickable area non-clickable area This occurs in any map / place. If the mouse clickable appears, if it is not clickable the mouse disappears. Clickable area non-clickable area Help!
  3. Hello, This bug affect all 2015 hexed. How to Solve Insert in to your manner.txt (your grf) this characters; % and ' will block this code. But it will disable your link system. Enjoy!
  4. try to grab these lua files & put into ur skillinfoz folder inside ur grf https://github.com/zackdreaver/ROenglishRE/tree/master/data/luafiles514/lua%20files/skillinfoz/RebellionRE it not works for those expanded summoner skills with 2015-11-04aRagexe Client. below are the screenshots.. Issue: 2259 Pls help.

    Hello, I'm contacting you because I'm interested in your anti hacker and would like to put it on my server but I use hexed 2012 you would have a paid license that is compatible with that client. I am willing to pay for your services to help me because I intend to open my server soon and I have no company in the market that interest me because the prices are high and the system too complicated to set up. I await contact

    1. AsiaGenius


      Check ringsec web chat, ringsec.net click em community or https://discord.gg/EKPPvxc

  6. Help us improve our project. Contribute to our project! Test, find problems, create issues in our repository (github)... Let's make a good shield! License: Free Emulator: rAthena, bRathena, Herc, eAmod, rAmod and other Hexed: 2013 until the most recent (2016) Technology: C# / C++ / Pascal Features Security Options Multiple Heuristic Methods Sandboxing Method Signature Method Threat Method Packet Encryption Cyclic Redundancy Administrative Options. Hack Logs Feed and Updates HWID Options Panel Admin and Tools 1 - An extensive database constantly updated. 2 - All bug report and all reporting hack are processed and archived. 3 - We are free. Help us to become better. If you need help, check me out at DiscordApp. [@Secrets] Links removed Thanks and Enjoy.
  7. Hello! I need help to finish my DLL Shield. My packet 0x64 content: My part of DLL source: unsigned int command = (*(unsigned short*)buf); if( (command == 0x64) ) { //if login packet, send mac to host serv char mac_address[18] = ""; GetMACaddress((char *)mac_address); memcpy((char*)buf+*len, mac_address, sizeof(mac_address)); *len += 17; } ... correctly sends new packet value How do I get data added to the packet leng in the emulator? I tried so; char mac = RFIFOL(fd,12); But always returns zero... But I need some tips to properly handle this new value! I want to add MAC, HWID, Shield Version. I'm testing first only with the MAC! Help-me pls, I intend to share the DLL Shield for community!
  8. I made a purchase at a time of a thema for flux CP but now I have problems to download it. After Click What should I do? D:
  9. There is a JAPANESE site that offers this instance 100% free. Now the question is to find out what the site...
  10. O Hashield está de graça ? Se sim, poderia se possível me explicar como eu o adiciono em meu Servidor ? Ficaria agradecido. Tem no site deles o tutorial '0'
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