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  1. AsiaGenius

    Gx Rolling Cutter Count while Back Slide

  2. AsiaGenius

    Random Option for Vicious Weapons

    waiting... :/ Share your script pls
  3. AsiaGenius

    Mouse Walk

    i no use custom GRF, all features included in data.grf...
  4. AsiaGenius

    Mouse Walk

    Mouse only appears when it is in the clickable area. If it passes in non-clickable area it hides. clickable area non-clickable area This occurs in any map / place. If the mouse clickable appears, if it is not clickable the mouse disappears. Clickable area non-clickable area Help!
  5. AsiaGenius

    Hexed 20151104

    Hello, This bug affect all 2015 hexed. How to Solve Insert in to your manner.txt (your grf) this characters; % and ' will block this code. But it will disable your link system. Enjoy!
  6. AsiaGenius

    Convert any headgear/garment to costume

    Make your diff again, working here;
  7. AsiaGenius

    Doram Issue

    try to grab these lua files & put into ur skillinfoz folder inside ur grf it not works for those expanded summoner skills with 2015-11-04aRagexe Client. below are the screenshots.. Issue: 2259 Pls help.

    Hello, I'm contacting you because I'm interested in your anti hacker and would like to put it on my server but I use hexed 2012 you would have a paid license that is compatible with that client. I am willing to pay for your services to help me because I intend to open my server soon and I have no company in the market that interest me because the prices are high and the system too complicated to set up. I await contact

    1. AsiaGenius


      Check ringsec web chat, click em community or

  9. AsiaGenius

    RingSec Shield

  10. AsiaGenius

    RingSec Shield

    Help us improve our project. Contribute to our project! Test, find problems, create issues in our repository (github)... Let's make a good shield! License: Free Emulator: rAthena, bRathena, Herc, eAmod, rAmod and other Hexed: 2013 until the most recent (2016) Technology: C# / C++ / Pascal Features Security Options Multiple Heuristic Methods Sandboxing Method Signature Method Threat Method Packet Encryption Cyclic Redundancy Administrative Options. Hack Logs Feed and Updates HWID Options Panel Admin and Tools 1 - An extensive database constantly updated. 2 - All bug report and all reporting hack are processed and archived. 3 - We are free. Help us to become better. If you need help, check me out at DiscordApp. [@Secrets] Links removed Thanks and Enjoy.
  11. AsiaGenius

    New dll shield packet

    Yes. PM.
  12. AsiaGenius

    New dll shield packet

    Hello! I need help to finish my DLL Shield. My packet 0x64 content: My part of DLL source: unsigned int command = (*(unsigned short*)buf); if( (command == 0x64) ) { //if login packet, send mac to host serv char mac_address[18] = ""; GetMACaddress((char *)mac_address); memcpy((char*)buf+*len, mac_address, sizeof(mac_address)); *len += 17; } ... correctly sends new packet value How do I get data added to the packet leng in the emulator? I tried so; char mac = RFIFOL(fd,12); But always returns zero... But I need some tips to properly handle this new value! I want to add MAC, HWID, Shield Version. I'm testing first only with the MAC! Help-me pls, I intend to share the DLL Shield for community!
  13. AsiaGenius

    Purchases Problem

    I made a purchase at a time of a thema for flux CP but now I have problems to download it. After Click What should I do? D:
  14. AsiaGenius

    Sarah and Fenrir Instance

    There is a JAPANESE site that offers this instance 100% free. Now the question is to find out what the site...