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  1. ZelosAvalon

    VIP Ticket

    like this : 8521,Ticket_Vip_1d,Ticket Vip 24h,18,10,,10,,,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,,,,,,{ vip_time(60*24); dispbottom "VIP time extended for 24hours."; },{},{} ?
  2. ZelosAvalon

    VIP Ticket

    Some1 can help me with this ? i'm using the emulator vip system, nothing custom. now i want to make an ticket for it i'm using this one, but don't work: 8521,Ticket_Vip_1d,Ticket Vip 24h,18,10,,10,,,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,,,,,,{ atcommand "@vip +24h "+strcharinfo(0)+""; dispbottom "+ 24 Horas VIP !"; },{},{} when player use this it will add + 24h vip in ur account whats wrong with my script ? best regards ZelosAvalon
  3. ZelosAvalon

    Sistema de Evoluçao de Pet

    @Secrets have it to sell!
  4. ZelosAvalon

    Me tirem uma duvida por favor

    refaz sua pergunta porque não entendi o que vc quer fazer
  5. ZelosAvalon

    Location Warper Locked and Unlocked

    yes i know this one, but i would like to know how it work, i dont understand nothing in this npc, I would like something simpler, and in quest_warper you need to talk to the NPC on the map, what I want to do you just need to get on the map. I tried to modify this one ( npc: npc/custom/etc/quest_warper.txt) ,but I had many errors!
  6. ZelosAvalon

    Location Warper Locked and Unlocked

    I would like an NPC to teleport me to a map just after I have arrived at the map, for example: The game starts in Izlude, so as soon as I get off the ship and get into Izlude it will be unlocked on my Teleport NPC (in the Towns tab), as soon as I leave Izlude to prt_field08 that map will be added to the NPC (in the Fields tab > Prontera), if tell me the way I can add all the other maps and cities i will finish this NPC and share this here, I just need to know how to get them added to the menu as soon as I get into the map. PS: if I have not arrived on the map it will not appear in the menu, like in the NPC Wapra the main menu should contain the following submenus: menu "Last Warp ^ 777777 [" + lastwarp $ + "] ^ 000000", -, "~ Towns", Towns, "~ Fields, Fields, "~ Dungeons, Dungeons, "~ Guild Castles", Castles, "~ Guild Dungeons", Guild_Dungeons, "~ Instances", Instances, "~ Special Areas", Special; based on NPC Warper best regards, ZelosAvalon
  7. ZelosAvalon

    Projeto de Tradução

    So here I am away for health reasons, enter the discord: https://discord.gg/aGRAAqM sumi not to here goes to the discord link ai https://discord.gg/aGRAAqM enter in our discord the people who are translating it is all there! https://discord.gg/aGRAAqM
  8. ZelosAvalon

    Projeto de Tradução

    você já entrou no projeto ?
  9. ZelosAvalon

    Dual Event

    tyvm <3
  10. ZelosAvalon

    Dual Event

    I know you are a busy man, but if have any time could you check this error for me ? thanks anyway, best regards ZelosAvalon
  11. ZelosAvalon

    Dual Event

    how can I create an NPC with an option to register 10 players, this option registers the player to participate in the draw. the draw will choose a random dual among those 10 players, and will teleport to separated maps. each dual will go to a different map where the event will start.
  12. ZelosAvalon

    Refine NPC: Body part location name change

    like this Head, Head 2, Head 3, Body
  13. where should I modify to change this text: Body, Left Hand, Right Hand, Robe ... ?
  14. ZelosAvalon

    Cash shop ERROR

    workiing now tyvm, you will not believe it, but it was a error in the msgstringtable
  15. ZelosAvalon

    Cash shop ERROR

    i test client 2018-02-13 and same error again