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  1. @Brynner i got this error [RuntimeException] Missiong required argument "script" when try to run composer.json did you know what's this ? after installing the composer and going to the web service directory I updated it using the command: composer update then I tried to run it with the command: composer run and I had this error there.
  2. I need to install it on my computer or on the server host for configuration? I didn't find any explanation about it.
  3. ty very much, did you know how to install this web service or where i need to install it ? I'm trying, but I couldn't make it work. this link in git for example is broken: https://getcomposer.org/ and i dont know how to use this getcomposer best regards, Zelos Avalon
  4. does anyone know how to solve this problem when i try to put the guild emblem on client 2020? it doesn't work with bmp or gif!
  5. if i am talking to an npc and during this dialogue the server is at night, and the npc's speech was: Have a good day ~ i would like to check it for him to say: have a good night ~ instead of day Can anyone help me with this? best regards, ZelosAvalon
  6. when i open inventory first time and try to open etc tab with this etc button items do not appear, but if i click on downgrade, upgrade and base they appears, wtf ? some1 knows how do i solve this problem? see the video below to understand the problem: best regards ZelosAvalon Desktop 2020.05.09 -
  7. did you solve the problem? I'm also having this problem with the size of the names of NPC's and Monsters!
  8. by default the game reads this file: MsgString_KR I would like the game to read: msgstring_br Same in navigation: by default the game reads this file with _krsak and i would like to read files with _br How can i do it ? best regards, ZelosAvalon
  9. does anyone know where the folder is where i can translate this?
  10. doesn't work anymore, does anyone have one that works?
  11. does anyone know how I can increase the size of the monsters name that is shown inside the game? for example, some monsters in bRO(brasilian Ragnarok Online) such as C_TOWER_MANAGER receive the name of "Gerente" (Manager) only, because "Gerente da Torre do Relogio" (Clock Tower Manager) doesn't appear all because the size exceeds the allowed. does anyone know if i can increase this? best regards ZelosAvalon
  12. please update , some links are broken! best regards, ZelosAvalon
  13. I still have the problem, I've tried everything =(
  14. clean server grf do you mean a grf without any custom or any editing? because I'm using only the originals and reading the data first to read the clientinfo.xml
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