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  1. if i am talking to an npc and during this dialogue the server is at night, and the npc's speech was: Have a good day ~ i would like to check it for him to say: have a good night ~ instead of day Can anyone help me with this? best regards, ZelosAvalon
  2. when i open inventory first time and try to open etc tab with this etc button items do not appear, but if i click on downgrade, upgrade and base they appears, wtf ? some1 knows how do i solve this problem? see the video below to understand the problem: best regards ZelosAvalon Desktop 2020.05.09 -
  3. did you solve the problem? I'm also having this problem with the size of the names of NPC's and Monsters!
  4. by default the game reads this file: MsgString_KR I would like the game to read: msgstring_br Same in navigation: by default the game reads this file with _krsak and i would like to read files with _br How can i do it ? best regards, ZelosAvalon
  5. does anyone know where the folder is where i can translate this?
  6. doesn't work anymore, does anyone have one that works?
  7. does anyone know how I can increase the size of the monsters name that is shown inside the game? for example, some monsters in bRO(brasilian Ragnarok Online) such as C_TOWER_MANAGER receive the name of "Gerente" (Manager) only, because "Gerente da Torre do Relogio" (Clock Tower Manager) doesn't appear all because the size exceeds the allowed. does anyone know if i can increase this? best regards ZelosAvalon
  8. please update , some links are broken! best regards, ZelosAvalon
  9. I still have the problem, I've tried everything =(
  10. clean server grf do you mean a grf without any custom or any editing? because I'm using only the originals and reading the data first to read the clientinfo.xml
  11. I am having this error every time I try to enter the game, the emulator is already running, the client folder has the updated kRO and configured IP. could someone help me solve this? best regards, ZelosAvalon
  12. it's possible to use it on items, in iteminfo.lua ?
  13. Can anyone tell me if it's possible and where i can change the color of the item name? i try to change in iteminfo and it didn't work! the item appears with the color code written on it. could someone help me make this work? best regards, Zelos
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