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  1. Hi Guys, Sorry for bothering again. Please note how script A works as below. When you kill the "OnInit" poring in that "MAP", it will activate "OnKill". Which you will get the item 985 for 3. However, if you kill poring in other maps it won't activate OnKill. This script will only works in payon. The problem with this script is, after you kill the "OnInit" poring, it will not be spawn anymore, therefore no poring. So I was figuring how do you make after killing the "OnInit" poring it will spawn another "OnInit" poring that will activate "OnKill". I don't think we can add "monster .map$,0,0,"--ja--",1002,1, strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnKill";" this line inside the "OnKill". SCRIPT A Here is my headache while trying to combined both of this script, my idea is when you kill 4 poring, it will spawn 1 mastering in pay_dun00. However I found one problem with the script below while studying the script above. Script A works good because it activate only within the map. However for SCRIPT B, it activate world wide. You can kill 4 porings at anywhere and it will spawn mastering in pay_dun00. SCRIPT B Question : - How can I add in SCRIPT B that if you kill 4 poring it will spawn 1 mastering. And that 4 poring has to be located only in pay_dun00 only. Not anywhere else. Also the poring doesn't runs out. Thank you guys!
  2. Hi guys, Sorry to bother again, but I've some idea that I would like to share if someone knows how to create this script. How do we create a script like this? If MOB A was killed by any player in Prontera, everyone in the map will be rewarded these item direct into their inventory. -20% chance they will get 1 apple -15% chance they will get 2 jellopy -10% chance they will get 3 oridecon Basically, my idea is something like when we spawn a mob in a map and if it's was killed everyone will get few item from the mob with some percentage on each item. Thanks ^_^
  3. Thanks @racaae the problem is solve. You're awesome.
  4. Hi guys, I was looking a few scripts online and found the best that close to what I want. What I want? Basically killing a few mobs, and then spawn a boss. The problem : The script above works perfectly, however if you kill more and more poring it will continue to spawn more2 mastering. Question : Does anyone knows how to limit the amount of mastering present in the map? Like if the script spawn 1 mastering by killing 4 porings, it won't spawn another mastering unless the current mastering is killed. Thanks!
  5. Hi Sashimi and thunginamue, Thanks for answering guys! Just to clarify I 'ved tested one script from here champion mob. However, from the number below. It spawn 1 Mastering only in the map, however it doesn't required to kill 999 mob from the map, do you know know why? Thank you
  6. Actually this is pretty cool, I saw it in official too. But haven't seen anyone created this in rathena.
  7. Hi Guys, Here is one of the closet topic i can find but it seem it's not working. Does anyone knows how to do something like this? To spawn a poring inside anthell01, player requires to kill 100 Andre only. However the maximum, of spawn of the poring is 5 only(to prevent abusing). Does anyone knows how to do that? Thank you Script leaders
  8. Hi guys, Can anyone help me with this script. If player completed NPC quest, he/she cannot do it over again but needs to continue to the next NPC quest. Players will be rewarded when they completed the quest. This quest works as a chain it requires you to complete the previous npc quest or else it won't activate. For example : Player talks to NPC A NPC : Oh Hello Adventure, it seems you've reached the minimum base level of 20. I've a quest for you, please bring me 1 jellopy, 1 orange_juice and 1 fluff. I will reward you 20 Red potion, 1 Battle Manual and 1 thanatos_card and 100k Base experience and 100k job experience. Player : Accept the quest So what happen next after player completed this quest? They can't do it again, however this NPC will recommend to do the next NPC B quest. Players then talk to NPC B NPC : It seems you've completed NPC A quest, good job. Now we can proceed to NPC B quest. If you didn't complete NPC A quest, I can't let you proceed with NPC B quest. You don't need any base level requirements for this quest. The only requirements are to complete NPC A quest. NPC : Oh hello adventure, here is my quest for you. Please Hunt 10 porings, 20 drops and 15 febre. I will reward you 20 Red potion, 1 Battle Manual and 1 thanatos_card and 100k Base experience and 100k job experience. Player : Accept the quest So what will happen after player completed NPC B quest, he cannot do NPC A and B quest anymore. He needs to proceed to NPC C quest. If players talk to NPC A or B, it will ask to talk to NPC C now. Player then talk to NPC C NPC : Good job! you've completed NPC A and B quest. Now we can proceed to my quest. There is no base level requirement, the only requirement is completing NPC A and B. NPC : Oh hello adventure, here is my quest for you. Please hunt 5 dokebi, 5 ninetails, 1 angeling and bring me 5 jellopy, 10 fluff, 15 garlet and 100k zeny. I will reward you 20 Red potion, 1 Battle Manual and 1 thanatos_card and 100k Base experience and 100k job experience and 1million zeny So what happen after player completed NPC C quest, he cannot do NPC A, B, C quest anymore. He will proceed to NPC D quest. If the player talks to NPC A B or C again, the npc will ask to proceed to NPC D because they do not provide any quest any more. Humble thank you!
  9. Hi all, I would like to ask, does anyone has a script for controlling vending market price? For example If person A is vending Jellopy for 1,000zeny Also person B is vending Jellopy for 1,500zeny Then it comes to person C is vending Jellopy for 5,000zeny How to set a price range different in a market place for jellopy between 500zeny difference only? And if a person tries to sell above the market price range either required to pay a a feel OR it isn't allowed to(I prefer don't allow higher market price range) Thank you
  10. Following up from a previous thread of rebirth ---> Hi @Capuche thank you! For this script. I would like to ask, how can I add the higher the rebirth, the lower the exp you will received? Because I think you have a rebirth count there in your sql. Because this exp will affect the server rates. Lets say if the server rates is at 1 x 1 x 1 x Rebirth 1 - 10 ==> -15% exp from all mobs. Rebirth 11 - 20 ==> -30% exp from all mobs Rebirth 21 - 30 ==> -50% exp from all mobs Rebirth 31 - 40 ==> -65% exp from all mobs Rebirth 41 - 50 ==> -75% exp from all mobs Regards, Max-
  11. cmsm94


    I am thinking, what is so great about ragnarok and why do we invest in this game so much. To be honest, I rather play maple story then ragnarok. What do you think? Not saying that I hate ragnarok but the way the game design is irratating and not user friendly. Don't you think so?
  12. Hello Good Morning, This project is similar with ink October where people draw every single day in ink until the months ends. This a modeling project. If anyone is familiar Autodesk 3D Max, Autodesk Maya, Blender, etc could join in this project. The project goal is to help RO in 3D models, and also your skills as a creator. You can model anything, monster, character, environment, etc. Up to you. The goals are: Completed 100 3D models of your choice that was referred from Ragnarok Online. Make it low poly if you wish to integrate it to RO.
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