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  1. its still the same i already restarted it but no chat and no menu
  2. yes i already restart it and use a load npc but its not working no chat box and no menu its already working on my offline but in my official server is not working bytheway my host is asurahosting
  3. Help us in this script http://rathena.org/board/topic/60571-a-working-mvp-room-rental-system/ i try the Private mvp but when i try it no chatbox and no menus please help to fix it
  4. Jhosef

    Anti bot

    http://rathena.org/board/topic/66834-antibot-botkiller-6/page__pid__131134__st__20#entry131134 i want this every 30 monster killed anti bot will appear even he is using skill every 30 kill monster anti bot will appear
  5. ask how many monster to kill to trigger the anti bot?? how to configure this? help about this script i dont know why it is not working
  6. Up this.. how about when i equip that then i will get a skill like in High Priest when i equip the 3rd Job Suit i will get the Astrodamus skill
  7. Jhosef

    Kafra NPC

    I can edit the map name, cords and stuff. Does anyone have/Can script me a kafra npc that does the following(that doesn't require me to edit the src): [*]Saves you at the cords that you are currently standing [*]Opens storage(put a password if possible) [*]Reset Stats/Skills (55k for each, and 100k for both) [*]Allows you to change GuildMaster of your guild [*]Heals you for a price(and 1000z for bless/agi) [*]Warps to pvp
  8. Jhosef

    Resu Kill Abuse

    how can i do that in all map?
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