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  1. hi, how do I deactivate the return to the save point after the second death? thank you.
  2. hi, I need to make this map: guild_vs5 so that there is only one click to continuously attack the monster, and not hold down the left mouse button. thank you.
  3. [Error]: buildin_instance_npcname: Invalid instance NPC (instance_id: 0, NPC name: "sfwarp#1".) hi!, pls help me for this error? in Sky Fortress.
  4. hi I'm looking for a npc that has sprite 1107 and muted audio sprite (ex: sounds that bark) thank you.
  5. hi can you tell me how to remove the birthdate field from the fluxcp registration page? maybe set the recording date directly. and how to change themes?
  6. hi, is there a command to change class sprite?
  7. done! your exe editor is perfect! I replaced 00 to / of who and w, with text mode in your editor now works perfectly. will never give me the right modification error? tnx!
  8. hi, I was wondering what the best patcher is: Neoncube or Thor? I was looking for a stable patcher that does not give problems. thank you!
  9. not work, this npc change even the job, not only sprite.
  10. not found bytes second
  11. hi there is a npc that allows you to return only the sprites of the 1rd and 2nd class (sin, monk etc), even when you get to the 3rd class? tnx!
  12. Search bytes: 00 2F 77 68 6F 00 Replace by: 00 00 77 68 6F 00 Search bytes: 00 2F 77 00 Replace by: 00 00 77 00 the fist is ok, the second: Search bytes: 00 2F 77 00 Replace by: 00 00 77 00 not found, but work also fist modified, /who invalid command ^^
  13. hi, could you help me with these errors please?
  14. you not insert: else: mes: is not good! close; ?