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  1. hi I would like to understand from this script what the value "21" has before the word LASTENTERTIME, and why in the table db mysql I get such a high value: 150035 LASTENTERTIME 0 1572792886 1572792886? mes "Is possible to enter once a day."; if (select("Yes!","No thanks.") == 2) close; if(LASTENTERTIME > gettimetick(2)){ mes "You can enter once every 24h!"; mes "Come back after " + gettimestr("%H:%M:%S",21,LASTENTERTIME); mes "of the " + gettimestr("%d/%m/%Y",21,LASTENTERTIME); end; } LASTENTERTIME = gettimetick(2) + (60*60*24); warp "xxxxx",xxx,xxx; end; } tnx!
  2. I need to render the maps of my dungeon in time, after the time has expired you are teleported to Prontera for example, logically you don't have to teleport all the players that are there at that moment, maybe 20 minutes for char.
  3. I tried to carcare but I can't find the right one for me. I need ke the map has a countdown to finish my personal dungeon, simple autowarp to Prontera for example or to the save point (in my dungeon there is the mapflag nosave :-P)
  4. Hi, I need a dungeon exit timer. Make a dungeon timed, like 1 hour, that affects the single char click to enter. Countdown for each separate player. Thanks!
  5. hello, what does the value "3" mean? in ---> if (strcharinfo (3)
  6. hi, I need a script that if char kill a specific mob id (also only effect in specific map if can), it teleports you into another map x y. tnx!
  7. perfect, work! tnx!!! just explain to me what is the value 21? in: ("% Y-% m /% d% H:% M:% S", 21, LASTENTERTIME) tnx!
  8. hi, I need the "variable if": if all the mobs on the current map are dead. ex: ---------------------------------------------------------------- mes: now I evoke the first 3 mobs: atcommand "@monster xxxx 3"; if (all mobs killed in current map) mes: now I evoke 4 more mobs: atcommand "@monster xxxx 4"; ---------------------------------------------------------------- thanks.
  9. hi, I would like a npc give you the possibility to enter a map every 24 hours, like: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mes: do you want to enter? choice: yes, quit yes: (if you have already entered and 24 hours have not passed) mes: you can't, 24 hours must pass! (if 24 hours have passed) mes: ok! (warp to xxx) quit: mes: bye! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- thanks!
  10. there is no error id item in db/re/item_stack.txt...
  11. help me with this error pls? itemdb_read_buyingstore: Non-stackable item id ***** cannot be enabled for buying store. tnx!
  12. hi, how can I make the items buyable? I tried to insert the id in item_buyingstore.txt but this error appears... Ex: [Warning]: itemdb_read_buyingstore: Non-stackable item id 32302 cannot be enabled for buying store. [Error]: sv_readdb: Could not process contents of line 1 of "db/re/item_buyingstore.txt". can it be solved without recompiling? I have also already modified the buyingstoreItemList.txt file on data.grf tnx!
  13. not work, when click, not error script but not work...