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  1. hi, I need a npc like this: _______________________________ if: str or vit or agi or int or dex or luk >166 (that is, if they have one of the following stat higher than 166) mes: ok! close; else: mes: is not good! close; ________________________________ tnx!
  2. does not say anything, does not use it by double clicking
  3. I uncommented with // the map: guild_vs1 mapflag nobranch in the file npc mapflag nobranch.txt but it doesn't let me use the items on the map .... how come?
  4. hi, is there an equip that activates its scripts only in pvp maps? I need that text variable.
  5. I need every char, not account, to receive item.
  6. I just want you to never get back to the item twice.
  7. Hi, I need a simple npc that gives an item only once, even if I restart the server. That to check if you already have item, it's based on the control of the equip, of the control of the inventory, control of the storage, control of the cart and guild storage. That is, if it already detects items in all these sections, it does not release items. thank you.
  8. thank you, I wanted to ask you: do many of the refining tickets already exist, for what have you created new ones? I refer to your 50xxx items.
  9. hi, how do I enter commands with # in this new groups? thank you. { id: 6 name: "Helper" inherit: ( "Player" ) level: 0 commands: { item: true item2: true warp: true who: true baselvl: true joblvl: true jobchange: true stpoint: true skpoint: true } },