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  1. It's just sad how you can vote multiple times through different browsers as well. They really should look into these problems and make it all fair haha. Did my share of voting =D! 42% RO to 58% Mab right now.
  2. Happy New Year to everyone! -From Canada
  3. There are also other Prontera Christmas versions in the download section. You can also refer to this thread here: http://rathena.org/board/topic/73389-christmas-maps/?hl=%2Bchristmas+%2Btown
  4. Olrox

    whats up :3

    1. Yuki


      Nothing much besides school :P

      How about you =D?

  5. It has been uploaded for a while: http://rathena.org/board/files/file/2991-green-fluxcp-theme/ Great job with the website!
  6. Hi :3

    1. Yuki


      Hi =D! How's your summer been so far?

  7. Though it seems that someone bought it for that price. Personally, it does seem too simple and bland for my taste, but you managed to code the site (I can't even do that) - Good job on that! You might want to switch up the colours a bit since it's mostly blue. Just saw that you switched the price for $80 XD.
  8. If no one is doing it, you probably should refer to a Paid Service thread. Some people offer to have a coded one for ~$15-20 while others cost higher.
  9. Yuki

    Hi Guise!

    I got Steam games just this late December, and ever since then, I'm a Steam player Got several games on sale - I mostly enjoy Borderlands 2 <3, Left 4 Dead 2, Trine 1/2, a bit of Torchlight 2, etc. As for console games, I stopped playing them D: though I guess I was pretty good at Super Smash Brothers (Gamecube and Wii), Mario Kart Double Dash (Gamecube), Left 4 Dead series (Xbox 360), Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360), and some others. I got Xbox 360 (and another with Kinect), PS3, Wii, Gamecube, PSP/GO/Vita, Nintendo DS/XL/Lite/3DS, Gameboy Advance/SP, and so on lol. But now, my sister is the one who plays with them haha. PC is much more convenient~ Better controls for me as well =D. PS. I really want Kingdom Hearts games <3! Waiting for 1.5~ I don't really want to get PS4... But Kingdom Hearts 3 is on it =/. Outside of gaming, I have to study of course . I also like to deal with websites, forums, etc. There's always volunteer work as well (helping at the senior home, my youth charity group [Registered as a government-recognized charity this year, yay!], my community group, and so forth). Okay, I guess that's enough of my life story~
  10. I guess this is more specific as you can talk to the people on your friend list and not everyone who joins the server's IRC in comparison~ Also, he's suggesting to have it as a cell phone app as well. It'll be interesting to have the program show all online friends from various servers (submit the same account information of this program for each game server account, like putting a registered code or something along that line), but that seems quite complicated to do XD.
  11. It can be similar to how Steam is (Well, it reminds me of the Steam friend chat system haha). It sounds like a very interesting idea, and if it's made possible, it will be a wonderful alternative for players as a means of communication (if players do not want to provide personal addresses, Skype, Facebook, etc to other players until they know each other better)~
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