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  1. Recently started adding garments and I can't overstate how awesome this patch would be. Great suggestion! I thought Gravity just messed up a patch (which happens a lot) and accidentally added the base sprite one folder above.
  2. Bro. is your rAmod in Ragnahosting is latest?

  3. Before anything else, I hope rAthena staff would let me answer stuff like this as it directly involves something I own. Alright, you ordered a server ($9.95) and got everything as stated on our website, automated 10-minute setup after successful payment. This included latest rAthena, 2015-11-04 Client, INSTALLERS (Lite / Essential / Full) which are updated to around May 2017 kRO, FREE subdomain, FluxCP Setup, and even a free opensource forum software on top of that. The reason that we work hard to make sure our automated setups are as hassle-free as possible, is to cut down on "Support" questions such as these; For those who are interested, here's a redacted screenshot of his service's welcome e-mail. (Huge image, please view Full Size) Everyone has to start somewhere, we understand that. And that's one of the reasons why we offer a ready-to-play solution WITHOUT any customization, we see it as a fair ground between "making it easier for the customer which is presumably a new and inexperienced RO Server owner" and "spawning a breed of servers with the exact same settings / custom items / themes, that dies within a month or two". For things involving hardware / network issues, we reply pretty quickly. If there are further questions I'm pretty sure you can reach me via PM / my website. Thanks for hearing my side of the story.
  4. can u please answer all my concerns i already sent almost 25 support ticket but no one answered. i will pay again my due on march 19 but still you dont answer any concern. please answer thanks

  5. Can you please contact me asap, I have issues with your hosting, and no one is contacting me back....I appreciate if someone message regarding several issues!

  6. I don't think an Abuse Notice from Hetzner is an "unreasonable reason" for me to suspend and subsequently terminate your server Stanley. AbuseMessage31009A14.txt Besides, everything seemed to be too conveniently timed for this to happen. Due to the following reasons; Your server was due in 4 days. (When the abuse happened) You were online during this whole thing, and amazingly, hopped on to LiveChat instantly after your server got suspended. You weren't as insistent about your denial on the issue (though of course you did deny it, just not at a level I expected). A network-level firewall blocks non-RO related ports, and surprisingly the perpetrator used a common RO port (Map Server Port in this case, 5121). We do not have an approved Paid Service on rAthena so I can't mention anything about our services other than for the intent of responding to your question, we support 2015-11-04 client right out of the box.
  7. Seems like I've missed this one, I'll be following it from now though. Great work curiosity!
  8. Hello. We haven't been quite active in documenting our changes and updates, but RagnaShield is in constant development. Here's a list of changes from 1.0.0 to 1.0.8; Version 1.0.1 Added shared encryption key. Added GRF file hashing. The RagnaShield logo on startup now closes once the client's main window shows up. Version 1.0.4 Fixed packet conflicts between RagnaShield and the packet obfuscation feature. This error would show up in your emulator's map-server console as "unsupported packet : 22 or 26 in length". Updated startup logo. Other minor bug fixes. Version 1.0.6 Improved RagnaShield's CPU usage down to almost 0%. The usage was already pretty low, except now it uses Windows' events to detect new process creation. This means it no longer needs to scan your process list at every specific interval of time. Fixed a bug regarding the third-party protection blocking false-positive process. Hidden processes are now detected. Version 1.0.7Fixed a bug regarding the GRF hashing process; this bug would crash your exe without any warning. The third-party protection module for Windows XP was unable to launch properly, this has been fixed. Improved overall customization : clientinfo.xml is no longer hidden within the game guard. To edit the content, you must open RagnaShield\RagnaShield.xml, then it's just like a regular clientinfo.xml. This was changed to allow admins to add more GM accounts without us having to rebuild your client files. You will notice that the IP fields are protected as well the port fields (so the security is still the same as before). The allowed IP tags are "#PRIMARY", "#FILTERED" and "#LOCALHOST". The last one allows you to test your server on a local network. DATA.INI is no longer embedded within the client. You can edit the content and add as many custom GRFs as you want. The first two entries are reserved for RagnaShield The data folder can be read safely without having an impact on our protected sprites (job sprites). This blocks no-delay skills while allowing you to test custom changes. Common errors are now displayed in a more friendly manner (replaced some of the 0xF#####87 errors). Introducing a new file signature protection. This fully blocks any unauthorized processes from being executed at the same time as your client. Version 1.0.8 Added file version to the game guard to track down further issues. Added a custom crash report to help track down further issues and which will quite possibly help you solve other issues. The file is stored in ClientCrash.log Huge update on RagnaShield's third-party protection. It is planned to be improved, but newer cheat softwares should have a harder time to work. WMI errors will now show up in hexadecimal, this will be easier to track them down as well. Pressing Ctrl-Del ingame will crash the client and generate a crash log on purpose. Security upgrade regarding macro'ing softwares. Updated third-party definitions and rules.
  9. Ah wow. The scripts you create are amazing. May it be for the good and bad reasons. I'm afraid we'll start seeing alot of servers with 1k+ players. Or maybe even 10k
  10. I just had to chime in after reading through all that. I'm quite positive it's related to the New Prontera. If so this link might help you; http://www.mediafire.com/download/7hcz6u9vl4vjhb4/newprontera.grf(Credits to Tokeiburu) The whole post is on Hercules, you can search for it there, "What do you think about the new Prontera?" topic. If that fails, I could provide you an automated client setup using 2013-08-07 for free, just send me a PM. So yeah, I totally don't think Client Setup is all that confusing. With all the tools that are currently available (NEMO), it's actually pretty easy. I understand that it can be frustrating at times, but to keep flaunting your "10 years of RO experience" doesn't help you one bit.
  11. I actually had the same idea not long ago. However I decided to postpone it due to other work. This wouldn't belong to Web Releases forum as there isn't any actual release. Unfortunately I don't have enough permissions to move it. Anyway, this is pretty good. You've got a really promising Feature Plan there. Mind putting some screenshots of this CP? Perhaps that would motivate people to donate for your cause.
  12. You're awesome! I could definitely use these.
  13. I think that should be; bonus bAllStats,5;
  14. You need to check your Item #4205 (Mimic Card), I think that's whats causing you these warnings.
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