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  1. Published v286. Fixed some bugs, solved some issues with sd card directory permissions (like chatterboy's). Pls test. http://roworkshop.com/andro/main/index.html Also updated the clientinfo settings list to latest
  2. free version asks you to specify ro folder at startup paid version allows you to change ro folder in login screen settings check if you included <iteminfo>itemInfo.lua</iteminfo> tag in your clientinfo may also be an encoding problem, make sure you use the right langtype try <enforce_login_address_on_char_and_map>true</enforce_login_address_on_char_and_map> tag in your clientinfo
  3. <iteminfo>itemInfo.lua</iteminfo> or whatever it's named in your client
  4. uploaded v260 (Token of Siegfried support, RODEX bugfixes)
  5. When you launch the free version APK, it allows you to specify the client directory. AndRO will use clientinfo.xml from that directory.
  6. @Frost Diver It's a known but, maybe will be fixed in the later versions @mazvi Making AndRO support packet obfuscation is useless, because all the server config is available at your clientinfo.xml, which will make players easily read the packet keys and bot. @Mister Midnight Ask your GM to add them to client, or to remove corresponding entries from weapontable lua file. @BFPkiller you don't need to edit apk, only your client's clientinfo.xml. I didn't really test free version with external file server, but you can try to specify in your server config: <fileserver_filelist_url>http://your.server/path/to/client/list.txt</fileserver_filelist_url> <fileserver_url>http://your.server/path/to/client</fileserver_url>
  7. Updated to latest version. What's new: LZMA GRF packing support Better support for new packet versions Bug fixes
  8. Updated to latest version What's new: Quick navigation to items/mobs/skills with Ctrl+T NPC labels in symbols outline Ability to navigate to item description in itemInfo.lub (through command list) Show NPC sprite when hovering over NPC viewid in scripts Syntax highlighting and formatting in item script preview Copy embed HTML when hovering on item AegisName/skill idname/mob spritename through right click menu DB entry preview window (through command list) Mob skills in mob preview window Easier configuration (only one checkbox for rAthena mode and one setting for rAthena directory path) Bug fixes
  9. I decided to share my VSCode plugin which I use to edit scripts and DB. This is my first experience with VSCode plugins, so many things may be done wrong. GitHub: https://github.com/Bynsu/eAthena-VSCode-Syntax You can read the readme for installation instructions. Features: Script files syntax highlighting and NPCs outlining/navigation Quest information when hovering over QuestID DB hover information and column help DB column highlighting and hinting Screenshots:
  10. Just walked by and fixed some bugs: http://roworkshop.com/Browedit.rar You need to put this EXE into the latest BrowEdit from github's "vs2015" subfolder. And don't forget to download "blib" git repository contents into the "blib" subfolder of BrowEdit, or you will experience a gray square bug like @vBrenth did Bugs fixed: - data directory is now read with higher priority than GRF files which fixes the bug when BrowEdit loaded an unmodified map after modification and saving into data folder - implemented a (custom and basic) colors support when generating light map from light objects - fixed not reading / not saving light objects "range" param - fixed not saving light object "color" param after object edit - fixed crash when selecting any light in object edit mode - note: custom light intensity parameter is now ignored Source code: https://github.com/Bynsu/browedit https://github.com/Bynsu/blib Fixed some more bugs: - Fixed lightmap calculation Z being a bit more offset than light position - (texture edit) Can now add tiles with mouse drag - (object edit) Can now select lights with mouse - (object edit) Presing P will now open selected objects properties Full: http://roworkshop.com/BrowEdit_full.rar EXE only: http://roworkshop.com/Browedit.rar
  11. v222 will be released a bit later, clientinfo setting name is <shared_body_palettes_type2> Remote file server setting in free build is not yet tested well but if it works, its files are least prioritized over local GRF files (and therefore, over patched content as well). If file server is specified, AndRO will request a patch information file from file server (that is, .dat StatusFile for Thor patcher) and will make its decision about which patches to download based on its information. If new files appear on file server, client does not replace old files with new files automatically, so you need to patch these new files using patch server or ask users to clear app cache.
  12. Compatible for all known clients
  13. Sorry, my schedule is very tight. I will answer emails and facebook messages when I become available. Btw, I uploaded version 220 with improved Doram support. It addresses some Doram sprite display issues and also enables Doram character creation
  14. Paid version supports Gepard Doram support will be implemented soon
  15. You need to insert <patcherver> tag into clientinfo.xml inside your GRF like I decribed above - Updated free version to v213. - Added change log link on homepage Some more useful clientinfo tags for server config customization (all tags need to be inserted inside your <connection> block Custom itemInfo name: <iteminfo>myitemInfo.lua</iteminfo> Read lua before lub: <read_lua_before_lub>true</read_lua_before_lub> Increase max. hairstyles/haircolors: <increase_max_hairstyles>500</increase_max_hairstyles> <increase_max_haircolors>600</increase_max_haircolors> Enforce login-server address on char-server and map-server (also known as "proxy support): <enforce_login_address_on_char_and_map>true</enforce_login_address_on_char_and_map> For some servers with increased hairstyles hex which have hair palette problems: <strict_server2client_hairstyle>true</strict_server2client_hairstyle> Force show tilde for MATK in profile: <matk_with_tilde>true</matk_with_tilde> Read data directory first: <read_data_directory_first>true</read_data_directory_first> Hide quickcashshop button: <hide_quickcashshop_button>true</hide_quickcashshop_button> For servers with modified MAX_GUILDPOSITION <max_guildpositions>30</max_guildpositions> For using custom file server. Did not test this one for local client tho, you can use this guide: http://roworkshop.com/andro/main/own-fileserver.html <fileserver_url>http://my.file.server/path/to/client/</fileserver_url> For file servers with latin1 codepage rather than unicode codepage: <fileserver_is_latin1>true</fileserver_is_latin1>
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