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  1. Rebel

    MVP Board

    does anyone still have this? ty
  2. Rebel

    Disable Miracle

    Just put 0 and you're all set!
  3. Try this.. In skill.cpp add below: case WM_SATURDAY_NIGHT_FEVER: if( !mapdata_flag_vs(mapdata) ) { clif_skill_teleportmessage(sd,2); // This skill uses this msg instead of skill fails. return true; } break; this case TF_BACKSLIDING: case MO_BODYRELOCATION: if( sd && ( sd->sc.data[SC_RG_CCONFINE_S] || sd->sc.data[SC_ANKLESNARE] || sd->sc.data[SC_SPIDERWEB] ) ) { clif_skill_fail(sd,skill_id,USESKILL_FAIL_LEVEL,0); return true; } break; just add the Charge attack, Flying side kick, High jump and Shadow jump..
  4. skill.c? how outdated is your rathena?
  5. I have used this Git Hash: 3e1105b0cf8380b4e4646800305b59c3de0f96ea and its not working.. even the SG Parry dont work.
  6. Add the map that you want to disable in npc/mapflag/nowarp.txt
  7. What git hash of rathena are you using?
  8. Any working mod for this???
  9. Okay thank you. Will wait for it. BUMP! Any dev that can help? @vBrenth Not working. Still cant use 1 hand sword when soul linked..
  10. Requesting for a working Lord Knight Soul Link Modification.. If linked, LK_PARRYING skill can be used with One Handed Sword also. Tested all the available src mods here in forums but its not working.
  11. You sure you are the real Zephyrus?
  12. Pwede mo naman magawa yan manually. PM if need mo pa ng help.
  13. If killed by player: [Error]: buildin_getmonsterinfo: Wrong Monster ID: 2000000 [Debug]: Source (NPC): auto_ress_mvp (invisible/not on a map) If killed by monster: [Error]: buildin_getmonsterinfo: Wrong Monster ID: 110009749 [Debug]: Source (NPC): auto_ress_mvp (invisible/not on a map) But the player is resurrected after 5 seconds when apple is on inventory. (512 = Apple)
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