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  1. That should be relatively simple to do, the auto-spell bonuses have a 'bf' option, I could add a new option for BF_CRITICAL which would signal that only critical hits will affect the chance.
  2. Some great ideas there! I'll come up with some bonus names and pop them on the list. I'd say that the temporary stats/status effects/skills can probably already be achieved through the use of autobonus, and the X bonus when Y conditions met is already possible by looking at the player variables when the item bonus executes. If you mean these happening passively, it would require more work than just implementing a new bonus command (something I may be working on separately) Thanks!
  3. Interesting idea, but again I think this falls out of scope of the project. The intention is for these to be item bonuses, not additions or changes to configuration files. Please see the examples under the Pending section of the original post That's the same place I managed to dig up the original, obviously it needs bringing up-to-date (the last past on that topic was 2013, ouch) and I'm sure there's room for more bonuses now. I have a few new ideas I'd like to throw in the mix. As for the plugin, that's an interesting suggestion. I think I might get the initial development done using the usual method, and then perhaps look at the plugin mechanism. The only problem there is I'll need to learn the new system just to support the new bonuses, so it'll probably come last. The reason I was thinking about creating a separate branch in a separate fork is just to make merging easier. Granted I'm fairly new to properly leveraging GIT to it's fullest extent, I'll have a poke around and see if I can dig up a good reason to have it all on the master branch. PS: Long time no see!
  4. This project would be for item bonuses only, so I wouldn't be adding new script commands. I do remember developing some basic script commands (itemselect, addslot, removeslot) back in the original pack, but then I'm not sure if there's a need for a kick command when you can run the at-command from an NPC? It would be server side only. I can't remember exactly what my previous bonuses were (still looking up the old patch/topic) but it would be specialist/bespoke features you can apply to equipment which otherwise don't currently exist in rAthena. For example, a bonus which increases the chances of inflicting a status by an overall percentage (ie. improve chance of inflicting Freeze by 50% which would cause all bAddEff,Eff_Freeze,x; bonuses to increase by 50%)
  5. Bonus Expansion Pack Introduction As some of you may know, a long time ago I made a patch for eAthena which included an expanded collection of bonus script commands which could be used on items. I'm guessing this was somewhere in the region of 10 years ago now, so I think it's probably fitting that a newer version be developed. So, development hasn't started yet as I need to dig up the old list and identify which ones haven't already been implemented/which ones can actually be implemented against the new code base. Requests This topic will serve as the base for any and all requests. The purpose of this project is to develop new bonus script commands, or augment existing ones by adding more specific or extra versions. I'm open to the community for any suggestions and requests for the bonuses which will be introduced. Please don't request things like new at-commands or new script commands as I'd like to keep this project specific to bonuses, however I might end up developing some script commands if I find that they're necessary to accomplish a bonus. Pending Implemented Usage The development will take place on a fork of rAthena under a separate branch. Once the initial version is complete I will generate a patch file which can be applied against the master branch of an rAthena repository. Please be advised that I won't be providing support for previous revisions (for example, if you're running a version of rAthena which was available 4 months prior to my patch.) My intention is to keep the forked branch up-to-date with periodic merges of the master branch, and produce new patch files whenever this takes place (and keep historical patches) Thanks
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    Count to a Million

    It's been a while 0x1120
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    Count to a Million

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    Hiya :D

    Welcome! - from a fellow UK citizen
  9. Epoque

    Fortress Map

    Thanks it took a lot of time to get things right, it was originally designed for a Invasion type event, but I lost the code a long time ago, so instead I thought I'd release the map and let the fellow scripts and programmers have a bash at creating their own events!
  10. File Name: Fortress Map File Submitter: Epoque File Submitted: 30 Mar 2013 File Category: Maps & 3D Resources Video: Content Author: Epoque Fortress Map Created by and copyright to Epoque; for you. The Fortress Map is a special area designed for player to player combat at the forefront of usage, while maintaining the beautiful Gravity nature of design, lighting and texture detail. The map contains multiple special areas that players can congregate at, and has been specifically designed for maximum battling effectiveness. The Fortress itself has several areas of penetration. Each section of the Fortress has been designed so that a player base (party, guild or other) can defend a specific point, while an attacking base can try and break through. The map opens up the possibility to hundreds of different outcomes, and offers plenty of room for expansion and customisation. However, my own words will not describe the potentials of the map. Instead, view through the screenshots or watch the video for more information on the dimensions of the map. Click here to download this file
  11. Epoque

    InnoDB on selected tables

    Correct, it's useful for tables which harbour large amounts of data, and are read from/written to frequently. The major advantage, or usage, of converting the tables to InnoDB is for when external applications attempt to access the tables at the same time as the server executables are active. Otherwise, because the executables are non-threaded and all commands are executed linearly, there's not much reason to convert them to InnoDB by default since our executables don't require them to be so (there's not really any instances where table-level locking interferes with the flow of the executables, without external applications accessing the data.) It's recommended for when a server is accessing the logs frequently (control panels, custom administration searches etc.) but not much benefit for the executables alone.
  12. Epoque

    "#" command (char_id)

    Agreed, I can potentially see the use of allowing a character ID property in the # command, but implementing a new command altogether seems a bit of overkill. It'd be more efficient to allow integers (such as #item 123456 501 1) in-place of character IDs, and when the character has a name of explicitly numeric values, detect whether the entered integer has quotation marks around it. IE: character named 1234, #item 1234 501 1 would fail, however #item "1234" 501 1 would work.
  13. Epoque

    getcharip script command

    Recommended for a public download, it's useful for retrieving the IP address without the need of an SQL table look-up (given a lot of servers probably run on MyISAM tables, SQL table look-ups would probably be extremely resource intensive), however it's probably not relevant enough to commit as an official script command though. Nice command though.
  14. Epoque

    how ?

    Um, why would you want to disable msg_athena.conf? It stores a large majority of source messages in there. I would have to say, just, no, don't do it.