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  1. i know it is and im a paid member of the file
  2. i try to access the files and it says unavailable.
  3. hello if you want pets to help master at lower intimacy, then u should modify these: // Minimum intimacy necessary for a pet to support their master. Default is 900 // (intimacy goes from 0 to 1000). At this minimum, support rate is 50% of pet's normal value. // At max (1000) support rate is 150%. pet_support_min_friendly: 900 // Whether or not the pet's will use skills. (Note 1) // Note: Offensive pet skills need at least pet_attack_support or // pet_damage_support to work (they trigger while the pet is attacking). pet_status_support: yes pet_support_min_friendly: 900 <------should be 100 for shy cause at 900 it will only support the user at loyal
  4. I took this from another post but i want to add to it. - script refresh_pvp -1,{ OnInit: bindatcmd "refresh",strnpcinfo(0) +"::OnRefresh"; end; OnRefresh: if( getmapflag( strcharinfo(3),mf_pvp ) ) message strcharinfo(0),"@refresh is not allowed in pvp map."; end; } i would like to be able to limit the ability to use this @command once every 4 sec in any map. In addition to disabling it in pvp. Who would i be able to do that. Thanks
  5. i already do that, but sometimes if the changes are to big it wont pop back and you get conflicts
  6. This may be a client issue and not src but i already modified the client files and it seem like this is some sort of hard coded restriction so it may be src ? So i was messing around with NPC And i notice when i Use a mob as a npc ID the Character in game walks up to the npc as if it was going to attack it before it interact with it. With a normal npc you can walk to it and click it without trying to attack it. I was trying to add a new npc and i notice that it also tries to attack it. So question is: Is there some place in the svn that npc id and monster id is defined? And if not Why does this happen? Edit: I also notice that npc in the 400 range are not attached to a mob ID so if i add the npc to the .lubs and not to the mob_db, why do i get a mapserver error that its not a define npc. So i assume there is a section of the code that defines npc.
  7. thanks, i basically wanted a way that didnt require crazy src edit, i should have mentions it my bad . now this one i haven't seen before. lets say i wanted to use that. is there a onlogon event i can use to make the npc hidden to a player with a variable or quest complete? thanks
  8. how is this a source mod when im asking how to do it script wise? there is hide npc commands. IM asking how to be able to hide a npc from a player when quest complete.
  9. Hello, i want to be able to make a npc invisible so they cant see it once they complete the quest.
  10. thats what i just did based on iro wiki, but thee drop rates seem a bit off. Would be nice to have it in the svn
  11. Hello, i was wondering i notice that dorma equipment is in game but seem to be missing from mob drops. Is there some sort of pull request that i need?
  12. well i just tested on a clean version and the error went away, so I'm going to have to look at my customs src edits. Annoying part is that there was no warning or error on compile. It seem to affect any npc that open a dialog when you get close to it. example : prontera,164,304,3 duplicate(ConMessenger) Continental Messenger#01 997,3,3 There a couple others in prontera that when you walk close, it stop you with a dialog. This is why a plugin system for src would be awesome:) Hopefully i can figure out what went wrong thanks.
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