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  1. Good day! I have an item effect of vanish like bonus2 bHPVanishRate,x,n; = a chance to success vanish HP when doing normal attacks. if ever is there an source code to have anti-vanish effect like 'theres % to block vanish attacks?'
  2. some of the High rate server has more than max hp of 50m. ? How did they do it?
  3. Can you help me what to do? so i can be over more 21m+?
  4. Can someone help me regarding setting up the max hp to max of 21m. When i set the max HP to 21m or more the Ingame HP gauge or HP BAR ingame turns RED. Also when clicking healer it nothing happens Similar to this issue : https://rathena.org/board/topic/105002-hp-bar-bug/
  5. i can see a lot of server has a top pvp character statues? is there a way or any script it the top 5 mvp rankers?
  6. i am interesting on auto hp script hahaha are these available to share?
  7. any updates on this? is this totally working? Fixed it my by self, thansk for this
  8. search an hourly script then change it to give points every minute.
  9. hi can i request an working script for ITEM CONTRIBUTION. NPC will collect for example ID NUMBER #607 YGGBERRY NPC Need 25,520 pcs of Yggberry to activate 1day x2 DROP RATE All player can contribute the required items. Thanks in advance.. NPC doesnt work if still the x2 is ongoing..
  10. Also theres no error on putty. PACKETVER >= 20180124
  11. i guys. im encountering errors or auto close when entering to server after character select and reaching 100% on loading screen. hmm i think for an 10 logins theres 5 error and 5 success login. sorry for my bad english,.
  12. baka po may maka help sa aken may IP na kasi ako galing OVH pinasa na sa email ko tapos back up ng trunk,and phpmyadmin galing sa old host ko. Kaso di ko alam pano i set up?? Pa help naman po... pa pm nalang po ako dito sa forum salamat po ?
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