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  1. its character statues on pvp.
  2. i think you missed pvpladder script
  3. Hi good day, Im Planning to make a 99/70 server with classic style, i was looking for the floating rates npc with player contributions. 1. NPC Name Floating contribution and located @ prontera 169 125 2. You need to contribute or give item to npc sample like 15,500 pcs of apples or unripe apples 3. all player can cantribute on npc. 4. once the npc click some notice that for example i got 12,500 apples i need more 3,500 apples to activate 24hours x2 DROP RATES x2 EXP x2 JOB EXP. 5, once all player completing donating apples or item requiremetns to activate the npc theres a message "x2 DROP RATE ACTIVATED Until "DATE of expiration" Thank you.!
  4. try to use the older version of woe controller.
  5. meron bang tagalog guide or pedeng developer na makaka help sa aken how to transfer my existing VPS or other host to DIGITAL Hosting ? Problem kasi pag nag order ka sa digital host, ip lang bibigay sayo, pano ung phpmyadmin nya? sana ung may FB para makapag usap ng maayos salamat po ^_^
  6. Hello Can someone help me regarding this error i saw on putty. Thanks in advance
  7. yeah but i still want this one Please
  8. hello there guys! can i request an script??? Like Map killmonsterall ? sample prt_fild08 all monster on prt_fild08 will be killed no drop. its okay if via commands @mapkiller or via script but only gm can click the npc?
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