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Stormbreaker is a large modification system which adds a collection of new features, bonuses and script commands to your own rAthena server. This package is designed to augment your server with new features which can breathe new life into your gameplay, and comes with a getting started guide, a Git patch file, and some optional client resources. Stormbreaker is developed against the latest version of rAthena, and will be continually updated to the latest on a weekly basis. (Videos will be coming soon highlighting each feature.)


This package includes the following:

  • New item bonuses (83)
  • New script commands (10)
  • New GM commands (9)
  • Item Bazaar Shop system
  • Item Durability system
  • Item Craft system
  • Item Enchantment system
  • Item Passive Script system
  • Item Passive Status system

More features are actively being developed and will be released in the near future.

Item Bonuses

All item bonuses are the same as those found on the Bonus Expansion Pack thread. If you're looking to acquire this package solely for the item bonuses, please be advised that these will be released soon for free on that thread. Stormbreaker will be updated with newer item bonuses as more are recommended.

Script Commands

image.png.8b2d3755d0d27ebac3992033d3724deb.png image.png.ffb606c5ea5b421e543cbb11bda1ec3b.png


Opens a prompt window which displays a configurable list of items which may be selected (as shown in the screenshots).

Opens a prompt window which displays a configurable list of skills which may be selected (as shown in the screenshots.)

Gets an item identifier of an item in the player's inventory which has a durability of less than 100% (used when repairing items)

Gets the durability of the current equipment (used in item scripts to allow durability to affect item bonuses), or an item with a provided identifier.

Gets the durability of an equipment at a provided location.

Sets the durability of an equipment with a provided identifier to a provided level (used when repairing items)

Opens the new refine interface (requires client version 2015-02-25aRagexeRE or later)

Opens the new crafting interface (requires client version 2015-02-25aRagexeRE or later)

Opens the new enchanting interface (requires client version 2015-02-25aRagexeRE or later)

Opens a shop buying window with a provided list of items. This functions as a shop completely unique and bespoke to the player, and cannot be accessed by other players. This can be used to build and open dynamic shops with player-specific items.

Summons a monster similar to the monster; script command, except the monster is bound to the player (and their party)

Allows for an additional bonus script to run while a status is active (ie. statusbonus SC_BLIND,"{ bonus bFlee,-20; }"; and statusbonus SC_BLESSING,"{ bonus bStr,10; }";)

Item Bazaar Shop

The bazaar shop system functions similar to that featured in Final Fantasy XII. As a player accumulates and sells items to shops, you can configure items which become available for purchase at specialist bazaar shops by the sale of certain combinations of items. These can be items which become permanently unlocked, can be unlocked multiple times, or those which can only be purchased the once and can never be unlocked again. This feature provides a great way to reward players for farming and killing monsters, and unlocks great potential for introducing unique items and equipment available only after acquiring and selling combinations of materials.

Item Durability


The item durability system works much like the Witcher 3 durability for equipment. All equipment has a durability score (a percentage) which determines how much more stress it can take before breaking. As players engage in battle, their equipment will slowly degrade (completely configurable), which can lead to weakened bonuses, weakened ATK and DEF modifiers, and chances of breaking. All equipment can be repaired through special NPCs (using new script commands described above) and can also receive protection with the Chemical Protect skills (configurable.) Item durability can be configured to decrease on a fixed percentage per attack (a denomination as low as 0.0001%) or based on the amount of damage dealt/received.

Note: For the item durability percentage to be visible as in the screenshot, this requires client version 2015-02-25aRagexeRE or later.

Item Craft


The item craft system uses the new refine user interface with a completely custom crafting database. Players can drag a source material and catalyst material into the refine window to be given the opportunity to craft something new. This feature isn't restricted to just equipment, but any other sort of item too! Your players could be upgrading their basic Red Potions to Orange Potions using Jellopies or Grapes, or could be upgrading their Knife[3] to a Knife[4] by combining it with a special material. The crafting database allows for a lot of flexibility, including key features like equipment being able to retain their refine level, cards, random options, and even item durability!

Note: For the new refine interface and the crafting system, this requires client version 2016-10-12aRagexeRE or later.

Item Enchantment

The enchantment system similarly uses the new refine user interface to provide a beautiful and unique point for being able to upgrade equipment with random options! The custom enchantment database lets you build your own system for allowing players to add unique or powerful random options to their equipment, restricted at a per-item level. Every item supports up to a maximum of 4 different enchantment types, and can be configured with custom chance rates and costs, which can further be configured depending on the current number of enchantments already on the equipment! New server configurations let you control how many enchantments can be added to each type of equipment to add finer control. With this system, players could enchant their boring Knife with ATK + 10% by using some rare or valuable material.

Note: For the new refine interface and the enchanting system, this requires client version 2016-10-12aRagexeRE or later.

Item Passive Script

The passive script system is designed to augment and empower the already powerful item database. The bespoke item passive script file lets you add new "equipment" scripts which are active while an item is stored in the players inventory! A player holding a rare coin in their miscellaneous item tab might find themselves with a constantly active HP + 5%, or perhaps they have acquired a sword which provides a permanent HIT - 30 while the item is held by the player. The system could also be used to reward players with EXP or Zeny increasing items. This system works with any existing or new items, and just needs a line adding to the file!

Item Passive Status

The passive status system works similar to the passive script system, except that the player receives a permanent (cannot be dispelled nor removed by death, nor cured from healing items) status effect while an item is held in their inventory. You could grant players a permanent Increase Agility effect while holding a magic feather, or perhaps afflict them with Poison while they carry some cursed tome. The passive status system is designed to improve on existing mechanics where equipments can provide permanent bonuses, with special flags indicating whether equipment provides the status only when equipped or when in the inventory.


I intend to provide continual support with Stormbreaker by keeping the files up-to-date, on a weekly basis, with the latest hash of rAthena. Each week I will upload a new version of the Stormbreaker archive, along with any new augmentations (such as item bonuses, script commands) and bug fixes. If you encounter problems when running or using the new Stormbreaker features, please feel free to contact me directly on here, to my email address [email protected], or on our Discord server, and I will respond as soon as I am able (usually on the day, otherwise within 1-2 days.) For support on applying the Stormbreaker project to an older version of rAthena, again please contact me directly on here or on the Discord server.

Click here to join the Discord server.


Stormbreaker © Chris Copeland 2019. All rights reserved. By purchasing this package you agree that you will not share or redistribute any and all files included in the package without the express written consent of myself (Epoque, Chris Copeland), and that you will not upload this package onto any secure or unsecure file sharing websites.

What's New in Version 1.0.9   See changelog


The latest version of Stormbreaker has been released and targets rAthena hash 4a3dac6c93cb015bccee7bfe361fa4d7b5b6004c. The changes included in this version:

  • Updated to latest version of rAthena

The latest version includes 1.0.3, 1.0.4, 1.0.5, and 1.0.9 patches, as well as the upgrade patches, including all rAthena changes between. If you experience any problems with this new version, please let me know.


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