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    Currently we need a scripter that has the knowledge to create custom scripts such as instance and other types of scripts. Payments to be arranged in USD. DM Discord: Loki - Badarosk0#1573
  2. @grenat50 Very good! I would like to suggest to add verification by gepard's unique id to avoid abuse of double accounts. bomberman erro [Error]: buildin_delwall: wall "BBM1_29-38" does not exist. [Debug]: Source (NPC): 1Bomb#1 at bomberman (29,38) After finishing some BG, the message "Duplicate application" always appears when trying to enter another bg mode.
  3. Good Thank you! Is there any way to work in instance? I want to use this system to block entry in instance with dual. If any player is in instance, gepard check does not work.
  4. Good work! The problem is that when time runs out it keeps counting negatively. @Zell
  5. Yes, what I did just allowed him to click if he didn't get another account on the day. But the next day the sql table was deleted. I think what I did has nothing to do with this problem.
  6. @sader1992 I am testing your script and sometimes it says the player has already redeemed the reward without redeeming it. I tested for 20 days and it occurred sometimes. Did you realize that? "You have already collected your reward today." < The message appears a few times without the player redeeming it. I created an extra check for Unique_ID when the player logs in: OnPCLoginEvent: [email protected] = 0; query_sql("SELECT `last_unique_id` FROM `login` WHERE `account_id` = '"+getcharid(3)+"'", [email protected]_unique_id$); query_sql("SELECT `char_id` FROM `Attendance_unique_id` WHERE `unique_id` = '"[email protected]_unique_id$+"'", [email protected]); if([email protected] != 0) { //dispbottom "Attendance has already been collected."; } else { //dispbottom "Attendance ready to be collected."; query_sql("delete from `Attendance_unique_id` where `unique_id` = '"[email protected]_unique_id$+"'"); query_sql("INSERT INTO `Attendance_unique_id` (`unique_id`,`char_id`) VALUES ('"[email protected]_unique_id$+"', '"+getcharid(0)+"')"); set_attendance_requirement(); } end; OnClock0001: query_sql "TRUNCATE TABLE `Attendance_unique_id`"; end;
  7. I noticed a problem in this script. When the player relog the character, all monsters are disappearing. @Aeclis The kill count is reset to zero (0)
  8. Thank you! @Break For that part, what should I do? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Open ../src/login/account_sql.c Search: "SELECT `account_id`,`userid`,`user_pass`,`sex`,`email`,`level`,`state`,`unban_time`,`expiration_time`,`logincount`,`lastlogin`,`last_ip`,`birthdate` FROM `%s` WHERE `account_id` = %d", Change to: "SELECT `account_id`,`userid`,`user_pass`,`sex`,`email`,`level`,`state`,`unban_time`,`expiration_time`,`logincount`,`lastlogin`,`last_ip`,`birthdate`,`lock_id` FROM `%s` WHERE `account_id` = %d", Search: Sql_GetData(sql_handle, 12, &data, NULL); safestrncpy(acc->birthdate, data, sizeof(acc->birthdate)); Adding below: Sql_GetData(sql_handle, 13, &data, NULL); acc->lock_id = strtoul(data, NULL, 10); ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Open ../src/login/account.h Search: struct global_reg account_reg2[ACCOUNT_REG2_NUM]; The above line of code no longer exists in the file. Could help? Even if you do manual the instructions are outdated with the version of rAthena. @Break
  10. Could you upgrade to the latest version of rAthena? @Break There is something incompatible with src. If possible, generate a .patch. I made the purchase but could not use it. Thank you.
  11. Hello, your script is very good! There is a BUG in it. I've created a video showing the problem. Can not continue in the instance. @Alayne
  12. This system is very interesting, but there are some problems. - If the player is in alternate clothing and changes to 2rd clothing will give spr error. - I also noticed problems in the skill tree. It happened that players were no longer able to distribute skill points after resetting the character. I also noticed reports of points disappearing. It was enough to remove this system that everything has normalized and this problems are over. - If the players use nodelay it will remove any delay with the clothes of 2rd. As I said, the system is very good, they are just details.
  13. What did you have to do to adjust? I'm having the same problem = /
  14. I have the same problem. Homunculos stopped working from this client. I've already tried using the latest kRO AI version and the problem continues. I realized that if you enable the diff in the nemo for custom homuncles the client does not open anymore. It seems to generate some crash.
  15. This warsaw software problem is real. The solution I give to people is to remove this program that will work.
  16. I've checked that there are servers using, I'm interested in acquiring, does anyone sell this system? They could create something that encourages them financially to develop. I would be willing to.
  17. I am also interested to buy if someone sells.
  18. I use CentOS and I decided to do this: scl enable devtoolset-4 bash which gcc gcc --version ./configure --enable-debug=gdb ulimit -c unlimited make server Now one problem I'm having is when to turn on gdb. I am doing this: gdb map-server run The problem is that it seems to me that it only binds the map-server and does not connect char and login. I get the error at the end of the build: [Error]: make_connection: connect failed (socket #11, error 111: Connection refused)! Is there any way to connect all 3 at once? How do I enable debug gdb? I searched everywhere and did not find anything.
  19. I performed the rAthena upgrade to the latest version, so I realized that I would need to upgrade my gcc from 4.8 to 5+. I upgraded to gcc 5.4 and compiled the emulator without any problems. But from now on he does not care anymore. The map server does not start. I use centos 7. When I connect the map-server the following message appears and it hangs: [Warning]: You are running rAthena with root privileges, it is not necessary. ./map-server: /lib64/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.20' not found (required by ./map-server) ./map-server: /lib64/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.21' not found (required by ./map-server) Does anyone know how to solve this problem? EDIT: sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/gcc gcc /usr/bin/gcc-5 1 sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/g++ g++ /usr/bin/g++-5 1 Solved.*
  20. A very good, I am waiting for the new version to be approved. Very good event! Thank you! EDIT: Hello, I'm trying to use your fishing event, however it's not working. Clicking on the Spot Test does not happen. I'm using the new version. Does the setVariable and getVariable functions exist in rAthena? Resolved when I did this: //if(is_function("aimode")){ // aimode([email protected],"aggro"); //}
  21. Hi, I'm having trouble running the event. When I click on the Spot Test nothing happens and I get the following error: [Debug]: script debug : 0 110150052 : Monster Controller: Not Found [Debug]: script debug : 0 110150481 : Monster Controller: Not Found [Info]: npc_parse_function: Overwriting user function [arrfind_fishdb] (npc/realro/eventos/disguise.txt:588) [Info]: npc_parse_function: Overwriting user function [arrget_fishdb] (npc/realro/eventos/disguise.txt:598)
  22. Lai this is actually taking place in 2017+ clients. For me a cooldown appears on the client side. There is nothing to do with skill_cast_db. I really do not understand yet how this might be influencing.
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