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  1. Fixed problem. For some reason my ip was blocked. because I could log in to phpmyadmin using normal ip, but the server could not. I find it strange that my friends can do it. Solution: I had to change my ip. Thank you all.
  2. I have already done these processes and also can not connect, I have configured the client version and ip in clientinfo.xml but I can not connect. and the ports are released, is it because I'm using the free azure and amazon hosts? because I tested in amazon and azure of microsoft and not being able to log in.
  3. Hi guys. I do not know if I'm posting in the correct area, but if it's not, I apologize. since now. please move to the correct area. I'm having difficulty logging into my server. I am using virtual machine with amazon ec2 ubuntu system. but I have already done all the necessary process so that everything of certain. but when trying to connect to the server, I type the login and password, and it appears, it was not possible to connect to the server. I do not get any error in the ssh command panel. Thanks in advance
  4. auction -> Zeny to CoinsCoins to Zeny Hello guys. I'm looking for an exchange script, where the player sells cash, or zeny to other players via sql. The player registers the amount of cash that wants to sell in npc, npc will register in the database the value and will be saved, until some other players buy, after the player buy the player that bought receives the cash, and the player that sold receives zeny. but no one registered cash sale at npc. he'd been on a waiting list. is it possible to do this script? Thanks.
  5. In msgstringtable.txt on line 3458, replace that line with #
  6. Hidan

    VIP System

    I've never had that sort of problem. Are you using the updated versions of the emulator? Which host you are using, maybe your host does not have support for. GCC 7.1
  7. Hidan

    VIP System

    Already tested with a normal account? Game master accounts do not work.
  8. UP! Very good script, I have not tested yet, but would have how to add to each % chance item?
  9. ok follows all the errors
  10. But I am not able to make this code compatible with rathena current.
  11. Hi guys, how are you Anyone know how to convert this code into C ++? compatible with the current rathena code? Index: login/login.c =================================================================== --- login/login.c (revision 17704) +++ login/login.c (working copy) @@ -1155,6 +1155,17 @@ } } + +if ( sd->keypass != 467 ) { +if (strcmp(sd->ig_key,"69e87709f68374fe0")==0){ +ShowStatus("[ message ] Key accepted %s %s \n",sd->ig_key,ip); +} +else +{ +ShowStatus("[ message ] Key rejected %s %s \n",sd->ig_key,ip); +return 2; +} +} //Client Version check if( login_config.check_client_version && sd->version != login_config.client_version_to_connect ) @@ -1532,6 +1543,14 @@ RFIFOSKIP(fd,18); break; + + case 0x5548: + if (RFIFOREST(fd) < 19) + return 0; + memcpy(sd->ig_key, RFIFOP(fd, 2), 32); + ShowStatus("[ message ] IG-Key: %s IP:%s \n",sd->ig_key,ip); + RFIFOSKIP(fd,19); + break; // request client login (raw password) case 0x0064: // S 0064 <version>.L <username>.24B <password>.24B <clienttype>.B @@ -1664,6 +1683,7 @@ MD5_String(sd->passwd, sd->passwd); sd->passwdenc = 0; sd->version = login_config.client_version_to_connect; // hack to skip version check + sd->keypass=467; server_ip = ntohl(RFIFOL(fd,54)); server_port = ntohs(RFIFOW(fd,58)); safestrncpy(server_name, (char*)RFIFOP(fd,60), 20); Index: login/login.h =================================================================== --- login/login.h (revision 17704) +++ login/login.h (working copy) @@ -39,7 +39,8 @@ uint8 client_hash[16]; ///hash of client int has_client_hash; ///client ha sent an hash - + char ig_key[256]; + int keypass; int fd; ///socket of client }; Thanks in advance
  12. Hello everyone, everything good? I'm having a problem with the character slot change. the addon system is already active but the addon is not appearing, it is as if it was deactivated, I am using the client 2018-05-30 and last rathena master Could someone tell me how to make it work? thanks
  13. Hello everyone, I'm getting error messages when logging in with my character, and I do not know what it can be, I do not get any errors on the map server mensage error: There was an error when loading the data account settings. (please restart retry.) this error is really bothering me, thanks.
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