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  1. Good Thank you! Is there any way to work in instance? I want to use this system to block entry in instance with dual. If any player is in instance, gepard check does not work.
  2. Badarosk0


    I'm looking for a src developer for modifications and creating skills. Service paid in USD. Contact by PM here or on the discord: Loki - Badarosk0#1573
  3. Badarosk0


    I recruit advanced scripter for custom instance development. Instructions like: unitskill, unitdata will be used in scripts among others. The work will be to develop custom instance as described by me. Interested, please contact me via forum or discord: Loki - Badarosk0#1573 Value to be combined by developed script.
  4. Good work! The problem is that when time runs out it keeps counting negatively. @Zell
  5. Yes, what I did just allowed him to click if he didn't get another account on the day. But the next day the sql table was deleted. I think what I did has nothing to do with this problem.
  6. @sader1992 I am testing your script and sometimes it says the player has already redeemed the reward without redeeming it. I tested for 20 days and it occurred sometimes. Did you realize that? "You have already collected your reward today." < The message appears a few times without the player redeeming it. I created an extra check for Unique_ID when the player logs in: OnPCLoginEvent: [email protected] = 0; query_sql("SELECT `last_unique_id` FROM `login` WHERE `account_id` = '"+getcharid(3)+"'", [email protected]_unique_id$); query_sql("SELECT `char_id` FROM `Attendance_unique_id` WHERE `unique_id` = '"[email protected]_unique_id$+"'", [email protected]); if([email protected] != 0) { //dispbottom "Attendance has already been collected."; } else { //dispbottom "Attendance ready to be collected."; query_sql("delete from `Attendance_unique_id` where `unique_id` = '"[email protected]_unique_id$+"'"); query_sql("INSERT INTO `Attendance_unique_id` (`unique_id`,`char_id`) VALUES ('"[email protected]_unique_id$+"', '"+getcharid(0)+"')"); set_attendance_requirement(); } end; OnClock0001: query_sql "TRUNCATE TABLE `Attendance_unique_id`"; end;
  7. I noticed a problem in this script. When the player relog the character, all monsters are disappearing. @Aeclis The kill count is reset to zero (0)
  8. Thank you! @Break For that part, what should I do? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Open ../src/login/account_sql.c Search: "SELECT `account_id`,`userid`,`user_pass`,`sex`,`email`,`level`,`state`,`unban_time`,`expiration_time`,`logincount`,`lastlogin`,`last_ip`,`birthdate` FROM `%s` WHERE `account_id` = %d", Change to: "SELECT `account_id`,`userid`,`user_pass`,`sex`,`email`,`level`,`state`,`unban_time`,`expiration_time`,`logincount`,`lastlogin`,`last_ip`,`birthdate`,`lock_id` FROM `%s` WHERE `account_id` = %d", Search: Sql_GetData(sql_handle, 12, &data, NULL); safestrncpy(acc->birthdate, data, sizeof(acc->birthdate)); Adding below: Sql_GetData(sql_handle, 13, &data, NULL); acc->lock_id = strtoul(data, NULL, 10); ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Open ../src/login/account.h Search: struct global_reg account_reg2[ACCOUNT_REG2_NUM]; The above line of code no longer exists in the file. Could help? Even if you do manual the instructions are outdated with the version of rAthena. @Break
  10. Could you upgrade to the latest version of rAthena? @Break There is something incompatible with src. If possible, generate a .patch. I made the purchase but could not use it. Thank you.
  11. Hello, your script is very good! There is a BUG in it. I've created a video showing the problem. Can not continue in the instance. @Alayne
  12. This system is very interesting, but there are some problems. - If the player is in alternate clothing and changes to 2rd clothing will give spr error. - I also noticed problems in the skill tree. It happened that players were no longer able to distribute skill points after resetting the character. I also noticed reports of points disappearing. It was enough to remove this system that everything has normalized and this problems are over. - If the players use nodelay it will remove any delay with the clothes of 2rd. As I said, the system is very good, they are just details.
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