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  1. Try... @somer14 Open ../src/common/mmo.hpp Search: struct mmo_charstatus { After add: unsigned int lock_id;
  2. I do not know my version of rathena, I downloaded it in an archive in December 2018 and I still make all the changes myself. Server crashed due to getmapxy script command. Need to replace BL_PC on UNITTYPE_PC. And remove lines from convertpcinfo. After these manipulations, the event works.
  3. (12/18/2020 00:34:28) [ Error ] : npc_enable: Attempted to hide a non-existing NPC 'ticO1' (flag=4). (12/18/2020 00:34:28) [ Error ] : npc_enable: Attempted to hide a non-existing NPC 'ticX1' (flag=4). (12/18/2020 00:35:28) [ Error ] : Server received crash signal! Attempting to save all online characters!
  4. Only for eAmod/rAmod or you can add this mod https://github.com/sanasol/sanasol/tree/master/paid_addons/woe_stats_rev2
  5. Server status not working, please fix it
  6. Break

    Disable rodex

    How to disable RODEX for example in GvG / PvP maps?
  7. Pending approval updates, please wait.
  8. Can you make a command that hides messages from @autostore?
  9. If the slot occupied, then you can replace it with another option
  10. We need a function so that when using an item, you can select a equip, select an option from the array and specify the occupied slot. Who can help with this?
  11. If you use an item Magnifer or the skill Item Аppraisal, then if you knock out any item from the monster (undefined), we can get a thing with random options. How to fix this? Please help.
  12. It is possible to add Event RFYL in the new version?
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