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  1. Can you help fix the event RFYL? When 1 player remains, the event does not end. - script Event_RFYL -1,{ OnStart: [email protected]_event = true; mapwarp "rfylmap3","prontera",rand(148,163),rand(167,186); announce "The Run from the RFYL event will soon begin.",bc_all,0xEE0C14; sleep 2000; announce "If you want to join use the @event command.",bc_all,0xEE0C14; sleep 2000; announce "The entry will be open for 1 minute.",bc_all,0xEE0C14; sleep 30000; announce "30 seconds left to register to Run from the RFYL event.",bc_all,0xEE0C14; sleep 30000; announce "The entry to the event has been closed.",bc_all,0xEE0C14; [email protected]_event = false; sleep 3500; [email protected] = getmapusers("rfylmap3"); if([email protected] < 3) { announce "The event has been cancelled due to a low amount of players.",bc_all,0xEE0C14; killmonsterall "rfylmap3"; [email protected] = true; donpcevent "Events::OnEndEvent"; end; } mapannounce "rfylmap3","We're about to begin the event.",bc_all,0xEE0C14; sleep 2500; mapannounce "rfylmap3","There will be RFYL everywhere.",bc_all,0xEE0C14; sleep 2500; mapannounce "rfylmap3","And every sigle one of them will explode, so be careful.",bc_all,0xEE0C14; sleep 2500; mapannounce "rfylmap3","As time goes, more RFYL will appear.",bc_all,0xEE0C14; sleep 2500; mapannounce "rfylmap3","So be prepared! Because they will come even if you're not!",bc_all,0xEE0C14; sleep 2500; monster "rfylmap3",51,51,"Crazy Poring",1847,1,"Event_RFYL::OnRFYLMobDead"; sleep 60000; monster "rfylmap3",51,34,"Crazy Poring",1847,1,"Event_RFYL::OnRFYLMobDead"; end; OnPCDieEvent: [email protected] = getmapusers("rfylmap3"); if( [email protected] == 1 && [email protected]_event) { killmonsterall "rfylmap3"; [email protected] = true; [email protected] = getmapunits(BL_PC,"rfylmap3",[email protected]); for([email protected] = 0;[email protected] < [email protected];[email protected]++) { attachrid [email protected][[email protected]]; announce strcharinfo(0)+" has won the Run from the RFYL event!",bc_all,0xEE0C14; @event_prize = 6; doevent "Events::OnPrize"; warp "prontera",rand(148,163),rand(167,186); } } donpcevent "Events::OnEndEvent"; end; }
  2. Fix from double login: battleground.cpp After if (qd->min_level && sd->status.base_level < qd->min_level) { sprintf(output, "You cannot join %s queue. Required min level is %d.", qd->queue_name, qd->min_level); clif_displaymessage(sd->fd, output); return 0; } Add if( bg_countlogin(sd,false) > 0 ) { sprintf(output,"You cannot join %s queue. Double Login detected.", qd->queue_name); clif_displaymessage(sd->fd,output); return 0; }
  3. It is possible to add Event RFYL in the new version?
  4. Break


    I'm using pre-renewal mechanics. I know that there is a setting /conf/battle/status.conf // Adjustment for the natural rate of resistance from status changes. // If 50, status defense is halved, and you need twice as much stats to block // them (eg: 200 vit to completely block stun) pc_status_def_rate: 100 But why does it work only with the parameters of vit and luk. If we specify a value for example 25, then at 300 luk (300 vit) we will have antistatus?
  5. Break


    How to make immunity to all statuses, if all values of Str / Agi / Vit / Int / Dex / Luk is 300 for example?
  6. If a player enters the arena and leaves it, then Waitingroom with player count not change.
  7. [Warning]: script: buildin_getmapxy: Invalid type 128. [Debug]: Source (NPC): Clucker at prontera (163,226) [Debug]: (map_mapname2mapid) mapindex_name2id: Map "" not found in index list!
  8. [Debug]: NPCEvent 'Eventos::OnEndEvent' not found! (source: Event_DevilSquare)
  9. I am just using But the solution was: Official status change ids (number) in file status.cpp do not match with efstids.lub
  10. When I use items, the buff icons are displayed differently and do not meet the requirements. For example, the Buble Gum icon is displayed like this and the description is How to fix this? Thanks. Client 2015-09-16aRagexe.
  11. This release does not require changes to the source code.
  12. I will try to update in the near future for the latest version of the rAthena. Open ../src/login/account.cpp Search: "SELECT `account_id`,`userid`,`user_pass`,`sex`,`email`,`group_id`,`state`,`unban_time`,`expiration_time`,`logincount`,`lastlogin`,`last_ip`,`birthdate`,`character_slots`,`pincode`, `pincode_change`, `vip_time`, `old_group` FROM `%s` WHERE `account_id` = %d", Change to: "SELECT `account_id`,`userid`,`user_pass`,`sex`,`email`,`group_id`,`state`,`unban_time`,`expiration_time`,`logincount`,`lastlogin`,`last_ip`,`birthdate`,`character_slots`,`pincode`, `pincode_change`, `vip_time`, `old_group`,`lock_id` FROM `%s` WHERE `account_id` = %d", Search: "SELECT `account_id`,`userid`,`user_pass`,`sex`,`email`,`group_id`,`state`,`unban_time`,`expiration_time`,`logincount`,`lastlogin`,`last_ip`,`birthdate`,`character_slots`,`pincode`, `pincode_change` FROM `%s` WHERE `account_id` = %d", Change to: "SELECT `account_id`,`userid`,`user_pass`,`sex`,`email`,`group_id`,`state`,`unban_time`,`expiration_time`,`logincount`,`lastlogin`,`last_ip`,`birthdate`,`character_slots`,`pincode`, `pincode_change`, `lock_id` FROM `%s` WHERE `account_id` = %d", Search: #ifdef VIP_ENABLE Sql_GetData(sql_handle, 16, &data, NULL); acc->vip_time = atol(data); Sql_GetData(sql_handle, 17, &data, NULL); acc->old_group = atoi(data); #endif After add: Sql_GetData(sql_handle, 18, &data, NULL); acc->lock_id = strtoul(data, NULL, 10);
  13. Open ../src/login/account.hpp After: #ifdef VIP_ENABLE int old_group; time_t vip_time; #endif Add: unsigned int lock_id;