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  1. asg43tgfsa

    [BUG] Report a source error

    But yet There is still a bug in the source. I can solve but I have no authority.
  2. asg43tgfsa

    [BUG] Report a source error

    status.cpp file // Zero up structures... memset(&sd->hp_loss, 0, sizeof(sd->sp_loss) + sizeof(sd->hp_loss) //insert code + sizeof(sd->hp_regen) + sizeof(sd->sp_regen) + sizeof(sd->percent_hp_regen) + sizeof(sd->percent_sp_regen) + sizeof(sd->def_set_race) + sizeof(sd->mdef_set_race) + sizeof(sd->norecover_state_race) + sizeof(sd->hp_vanish_race) + sizeof(sd->sp_vanish_race) + sizeof(sd->bonus) ); memset mistake
  3. asg43tgfsa

    pet evolution menu?

    Is client hex modification?
  4. asg43tgfsa

    pet evolution menu?

    To get the Evolution menu from the Pet Status window What should I do? I want to look Pet Evolution menu
  5. asg43tgfsa

    about disable rodex on certain map

    It's not a good idea, but it's simple. In the clif.c file, void clif_parse_Mail_refreshinbox (int fd, struct map_session_data * sd) { //---------------------------------- //add code //payon map disable rodex if(sd->bl.m==776) return ; //prontera map disable rodex if(sd->bl.m==780) return ; ...
  6. asg43tgfsa

    about disable rodex on certain map

    it possible but you need server source edit