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  1. Hello, I'm trying to login a character without the client. Here's the script/source i used: The map-server shows the character logging in (also shows in @who), but the problem is the character won't show on the map. The character stays hidden/invisible. What seems to be the problem here? Pls send halp I really need to make this work
  2. Hello here's my problem: Whenever I warp/recall players in autotrade state, the player goes missing/hidden from the map. However, the autotrade player still shows in @who & counts as online. Also I can use @goto onto the player but I cannot see them. I would like the players in autotrade state to still show in the map after warping them. Thank you
  3. @autotrade characters goes invisible when warped/recalled. Is there any way to fix this?
  4. Does anyone know how to login a character by script only? I am trying make a simple bot.. Somehow works like this: But I can't get it working.
  5. Can anyone fix this please? Or does anyone know a simpler way to login a character by using only a script & without using the client? I am trying to make a bot..
  6. @tiagofm94 Man you're a life saver SOLVED!!!
  7. I followed every step in this guide: https://rathena.org/board/topic/72734-guide-custom-wings-at-robe-place/ The wing still won't show properly on the character. It only shows on the EQUIP window. I tinkered on spriterobeid.lub & spriterobename.lub all day. Anybody halp plz! :c
  8. a. How do I add custom specialeffects (@effect) using .spr & .act files? b. Spr & act files are used in status effects am i right? c. If B is right, is it possible to just add status effects? And how
  9. Does anybody know where can I get the sprites of these wings/items? I need them badly
  10. sir do u have update on the official wings sprite? tnx a lot @Slammer
  11. How can I remove the label "Eden Warper"?
  12. Thank you it is exactly what I need!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  13. How can I check if a player has 5 spirit balls? Or soul collect is active?
  14. So I wanna create an @atcommand that when is enabled, the character uses Dangerous Soul Collect if spiritball = 0, then uses Critical Explosion when spiritball = 5, then does nothing when Critical Explosion && spiritball = 5. Pls help anyone
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