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  1. i encountered this error before. try to search more about LNK1120 na error. nakalimutan ko kasi yung site eh
  2. I already fixed the MvP card drop and the normal monster card drop. the problem now is the other drop rates which is always in 100%, I want the mvp equip drop to be 50% and the nomal equip and other drop rate to be 50% Here is my config // Item drop rates (Note 2) // The rate the common items are dropped (Items that are in the ETC tab, besides card) item_rate_common: 50000 item_rate_common_boss: 10000 item_rate_common_mvp: 100 item_drop_common_min: 1 item_drop_common_max: 10000 // The rate healing items are dropped (items that restore HP or SP) item_rate_heal: 500000 item_rate_heal_boss: 10000 item_rate_heal_mvp: 100 item_drop_heal_min: 1 item_drop_heal_max: 10000 // The rate at which usable items (in the item tab) other then healing items are dropped. item_rate_use: 500000 item_rate_use_boss: 10000 item_rate_use_mvp: 100 item_drop_use_min: 1 item_drop_use_max: 10000 // The rate at which equipment is dropped. item_rate_equip: 500000 item_rate_equip_boss: 10000 item_rate_equip_mvp: 100 item_drop_equip_min: 1 item_drop_equip_max: 10000 // The rate at which cards are dropped item_rate_card: 500000 item_rate_card_boss: 10000 item_rate_card_mvp: 100 item_drop_card_min: 1 item_drop_card_max: 10000 // The rate adjustment for the MVP items that the MVP gets directly in their inventory // Mode: 0 - official order, 1 - random order, 2 - all items item_rate_mvp: 100 item_drop_mvp_min: 1 item_drop_mvp_max: 10000 item_drop_mvp_mode: 0 // The rate adjustment for card-granted item drops. item_rate_adddrop: 100 item_drop_add_min: 1 item_drop_add_max: 10000 // Rate adjustment for Treasure Box drops (these override all other modifiers) item_rate_treasure: 100 item_drop_treasure_min: 1 item_drop_treasure_max: 10000
  3. Hello there! can someone please help me how to set the following drop rates for my drops.conf Normal Card: 50% Normal Item: 50% Mvp Card : 10% Rare MVP Card: 3% Thana and LHZ: 1% Rare item Drop: 15% I've searched every topics here in rAthena but i still don't get it. Looking forward for your help thanks
  4. Nice script sir! but btw what if the guild are playing in a computer shop. can they avail the guild package using this script? thanks
  5. is this script compatible with the latest version?
  6. This kinda reminds me of the movie divergent haha! anyway nice work
  7. this is so great. nice design!
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