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  1. View File Gravity Themed Style Thor Patcher I tried to copy Gravity's style of skinning their patchers. If you are going to use this patcher please, don't remove the cute little credit on the bottom right of the skin. Thank you. (Even if I did not draw the clown. Come on.) This .rar file doesn't just contain images or a PSD, it's configured already, all you have to do is change some URLs and probably make the notice page more pretty. Yeah, MORE PRETTY. Edit: I'm so sorry about the multiple versions of backImage and frontImage. I forgot to remove them. I'm using the bmp version so if you don't mind deleting those unwanted stuffy, thank you. Submitter Hyvraine Submitted 12/29/2012 Category Patcher Skins Content Author  
  2. Uhh, were you reading? Obviously, the final word would be coming from the moderator. You misunderstand some things here, re-reading would definitely help. (Because I'm kinda tired of repeating it and you might misinterpret it again.) I was trying to get opinions from the community about this tiny matter, but it's either the community's dying/dead or no one just cares. It's either the latter or both. The administrator is busy (I just got a reply a few days ago) and it wouldn't really help since the only administration around here is Aleos and Emistry if I'm not mistaken. Who wouldn't? I'm lucky in a way, yes, but even before the major administration changes my topic was still alive Either low manpower or just not a priority. No, I was just stating facts I didn't say that I did not like it. (P.s. I don't think my most recent clients found me on rAthena or Herc) That's really obvious you know...
  3. Lmao Emistry, there goes your attitude/personality/whatever you call it. Stop contradicting yourself though, do better Global Moderator! You got that title for a reason. Why are you putting these in a spoiler? You're the one jumping to conclusions again, and I don't really care so long as it doesn't affect your judgement. But seriously, what are you talking about? It's like you went mental. Earlier you claim one thing and now you're denying it. You're the one who said that you're going through each of the pages of the topic, why ask me? You seem to assume that I've never done it before. Great, all we need is another person who keeps on jumping to conclusions each and every time. CAPS LOCK POWARRR + font size + font color for intensity So it still depends on the judgement of the Moderator, or you I mean, since you're the only moderator around. A global one. So much for rules only to be downgraded to guidelines. So finally we're back to my concern (with the other one being a side concern lol), don't you think it's time to update again the Paid Services rules? You know, to make it official. They're called loopholes for a reason. If you meant your comments, you're the one who's taking them seriously and in a different degree.
  4. Quoting from the Board Rules, I see. Earlier, you said you never did. But, okay, understood. So basically this is how loose you evaluate the topics. And then it all goes down to your judgement. Tell me, of all the topics that you've rejected, which ones has its first post recently been edited? Or whose first post had an edit activity and its last date of revision was still within the 6-month rule? Say there's only one, what else could that possibly mean? Making an effortless job of removing out the whole content leaving a "Soon"-like remark, the intentions were totally not for the well being of the topic. Yeap, totally. Tell me, what would you do to this topic? https://rathena.org/board/topic/103901-greenmagic469s-scripting-services/ If the person hasn't posted anything, and the 6-month rules has passed. It automatically gets rejected right? Cool. Well, that was part of the rules anyway. Now, you evaluate the topics by seeing the date of the last post. And thanks to your cleanup job, I found someone who has been actually inactive (https://rathena.org/board/topic/103204-truly-mapping-service/) [His 6th month would be in after 8 days, this is totally okay in case you misinterpret things again. But then I'm giving you an idea here, I hope you get it.]- but wait! Somebody posted saying that they're interested in their services! Now are you saying that simple replies like those are what you can call an activity? Why not consider an edit instead? Regardless of what is left with the edited post. You see, not everyone posts on the topic for the matter of secrecy. This could've been a huge mess if somebody just replied to each and every topic just before you went to do your job. It has clearly shown the intent of adding/renewing the post. Such activity was still safe from the 6-month rule. People who are actually serious and interested in the service. And people who thoroughly evaluate things. You guys need more hands and probably a new perspective on how you evaluate things. There are no rules about removing content on the first post, now that's just etiquette. But there is something about your post needing to be up-to-date, but still it does not warrant your post for removal. You're contradicting yourself to what you said earlier. Doing these simple tasks is not time consuming if actually planned out wisely, but I'm wondering why there is a need to check each of the pages of the topic? Really? Could you be more elaborate on this matter. If you find yourself stressed out with the amount of topics you need to check on then why do it on a single day? Now that I'm totally assuming. Limiting to the Paid Services section, do tell if within the 3 months after the administrative changes the amount of rejected + the current topics on the Paid Services amount to a hundred. Don't stoop down to this level, but you did when you asked me that I should be grateful because you missed my topic for more than a year. [or 3-4 months if we only take after the changes in the administration (September, 2015)] I have told you about this on our second conversation, but you ended it with asking for new contributions so that you may help me when you wouldn't be if you hadn't done that mistake. Rules are rules. Was an edit activity on the topic still safe from the 6-month rule which imposes on removal of the said topic? Yes. BUT it doesn't look like an active topic to me!! *reject hammer* Oh so this is the part where you said that I questioned my own contributions. But my Paid Services request was accepted anyway, oops. (I don't even know why you're bringing this up when all I said in the first post was that I didn't know that there was the "must not be older than 3 months" rule.) Now if it wasn't obvious, even before I started a Paid Services topic I have at least contributed without anyone asking me to. I don't understand why you're still saying that I see that contributing again is something that is too much. As I have said from the first and second post that I will, and again on this post; I am going to. Obviously I'm trying to get my thread up again through the loophole although I could just simply contribute something now and have it up probably within the week. The latter is pretty much the easiest way. Technically though, wouldn't you say that you had actually made the mistake of treating a topic inactive despite the edit activity on the first post? Moreover, what would the topic starter get if he doesn't have any information on the first post? And can you actually tell what these 50% of the members have done that made rAthena's board rules not so strict? Again, all I want is proper and clear revisions to the Paid Services rules to prevent any minor cases such as this to show up again in the future.
  5. Thank you for being clear again, Emistry. So the rules was updated around end of January or was it weeks after my post was rejected? Indeed. I saw your footprint there. Chill. You were promoted on 2014 with the last post on my topic dated November 2014. If you could tell me when the 6-month rule was added, that would be nice. But I will be assuming that it has been there since forever. So it wasn't your job but I've noticed that there's only one admin now as others have retired to supporting admins around September 2015 if I'm not mistaken. Help was obviously needed. And help was given just early this year. [it's not really even that important; it wasn't given priority, so obviously the rules for this part of the forums are loose. ] I get that, you guys are lacking manpower when it comes to forum moderation. But how exactly do you evaluate topics in the Paid Services area when all you do is check out the last post? Considering that you browse hundred or thousands of topics per day. That's awesome, really. I just don't know what these topics you're talking about as I certainly don't remember the Paid Services (let's say it's limited to this forum) section being over a hundred. You could've distributed the threads over days, as who could possibly think that they could review a lot in one day without making errors. If I'm wrong, do give proof. It's much appreciated that way. Why do you think so highly of yourself? Why should I be grateful? To you? You did not give my inactive topic a chance to be there for more than a year, because if so, you are actually claiming that you've seen my topic before with its last post dated November 2014 and more than 6 months have passed and there still was no change yet you did not conform to the rules of the Paid Services section. Great judgement there, Global Moderator. Could've save you time and mistake from writing down the wrong part of the rules when you rejected it. On the other hand, it's like your saying that you've done nothing for the past year and only taking action now. Like, you know, actually doing what a global moderator should be doing. This is where the loophole lies. By your judgement, no additional posts (which is the only thing you consider as an activity, tell me if I'm wrong and again, proof.) shall be subjected to removal from the Paid Services forum. The problem about me is that I never ask my clients to leave a feedback on my paid services thread, hence: no new posts. And I've also stopped bumping my own topic from stating that "I'm Available!" because I find that annoying. But after this mess, I've decided to be that annoying guy. Now, tell me, is an edit to your eyes an activity or not? I could've edited that first post again or replied to that topic a minute or a second before you took it down. Ah. There you go. So you never, not even once did you check their thread's first posts as you see it as time consuming. Do tell me how is opening two pages of the post time consuming? Like, how much time is it actually taken away from you? I see it like this, you can check the date of the latest post on the right part of the thread so you wouldn't have to open that last part of the thread unless it's for posting that you've rejected it right? That takes at least 5-15 seconds for you to do (loading the page + posting a reply). Hmm, let's make it 15-30 seconds to be safe. (If it takes you more than a minute to load a page, that's more reason for you to not check all of them in a single day right?) So if it takes 30 seconds for you to reject a topic and there's a hundred of them at least. That's around 3000 seconds or 50 minutes to load a page and posting a reply for every 100 topics. That doesn't sound really too bad for me, especially if this was distributed over a week, or a month. So let's double it if we were to check the first posts of the topic, that's 1 hour and 40 minutes per 100 topics. Say distributed evenly over a week, that's ~15 minutes of your time taken from your day. It must have been really time consuming if we were to include other forums that you moderate. Do link this General Board Rules that you've mentioned. And also do tell if it says that if it's removed or changed otherwise with a "Will be updated again soon!" that it's bound to the removal of the said topic. It seems like you do not respect the fact that there was an edit and a note saying that it will be updated again, because what else could the topic starter's intentions be if after a long time he decided to edit the topic and leaving that note. Must be to say later on that he'll no longer provide any kind of services soon! Rules are rules. An edit is an activity. It was your judgement that it was inactive to your eyes that's why you rejected the topic. Being not up-to-date should just end with a warning, don't you think? It also does not suggest that your topic will be immediately removed. But, there is an obvious possibility that it could be. ================================= I did not question myself whether the contributions that I've submitted are too old to be accepted as useful. Where the hell are you getting that? They were at least useful before, otherwise I wouldn't have a topic on the Paid Services section. Also I'm pretty sure that what I said is that I didn't know that contributions must not be more than 3 months old. I actually wouldn't mind contributing some stuff now that I have more time right now, and as said in the first topic if you read it that I will. But you see, you've done me wrong. And before any other minor case like this pops up again in the future, I would like this loophole to be resolved. Nope. Never my intention. Plus it's actually been over 3 months already since you rejected my thread. It's impossible for you to have skipped someone. And no, you're not abusing your right as a global moderator. How again did you come up with that conclusion, I would've named this thread "EMISTRY ABUSING RIGHTS" then. You just made a mistake, that's it. ==================== Since you took this thread as something that is only against you then you are very, very wrong.You were just the person who handled my topic and there were rules that has loopholes or questionable. Since it wasn't obvious enough, all I'm saying is that I think the rules of the Paid Services needs to be more specific about certain things. As seriously, how could an edit not be considered as an activity?
  6. I thought they were Bomb Porings? I don't remember them being a squid though. Here are some things that I've found over Google: https://rathena.org/board/topic/73328-run-for-your-live-event/ http://upaste.me/raw/8e781209104c2332
  7. Am I in the wrong forum? Do tell. I'm posting here because I tried to get the attention of an Administrator before (Is there only one Administrator here?), but no reply. And apparently Emistry is the only Global Moderator. (Your name was the only one there.) This is the current, and the latest (As of April 15, 2016) Paid Services Rules: You see, I've had a Paid Services topic here before, started around April 2013. And 3 months ago, it was taken down due to Emistry seeing it as inactive. Here's the loophole: It is said in the Paid Services section that: Posts with no activity after 6 months will be removed ​Funny thing is, my thread survived for more than a year having no posts, no edit to the original post. It was totally inactive. Yet, around December 2015 and/or last January 2016, there was activity. Yes, I was editing the first post. This was the last date of edit: Now, that is an activity. (Note: During this time I didn't realize that I could use this to argue reopening the thread.) However, weeks later it got rejected/removed. And here's the reason: So I talked to Emistry about it, and was confused with the reason that he took down the thread. Here's the first conversation that we had: So I was like, okay, fine. Thanks for that auto reply. Really deserved it. But an edit on the first post is an activity, if posting/bumping your own thread saying "I've updated my info!" or "I'm still available!" is considered an activity how come an edit isn't? Anyway, I'll just make a new thread again. So I did, a week ago. But I didn't know that there had to be new contribution (something that isn't over 3 months old) or "shall not older than 3 months" for the new thread to be accepted. This is the part where I used the argument of the edit activity on the first post counter the inactivity that he claimed. Here was our next conversation: Apparently, the "Will be updated again soon!" isn't a sign to him that there is or will be an activity. So it's all down to you judging whether a topic is inactive or not? Or whether it will be? tl;dr There's a problem on this part of the rules. This does not say that if it has "Under Construction" or something similar, the topic will be removed/rejected. Also, it's not said here that it will be removed if it wasn't up to date. It's just that it will be removed after 6 months of inactivity. Mine was able to live for more than a year. But even after editing the first post which should be considered an activity, weeks later the topic of mine was removed/rejected. I would like to hear other people's opinion regarding this matter, I honestly believe that Emistry should reverse (if he has the powers) the rejection/removal of the thread. To people that will be saying "Just contribute something and get over it", I will. In due time.
  8. That's weird. Mine's working: case SC_RUWACH: /* Reveal hidden target and deal little dammages if ennemy */ if (tsc && (tsc->data[SC_HIDING] || tsc->data[SC_CLOAKING] || tsc->data[SC_CAMOUFLAGE] || tsc->data[SC_CLOAKINGEXCEED] || tsc->data[SC__INVISIBILITY])) { //this sc should hit only status_change_end(bl, SC_HIDING, INVALID_TIMER); status_change_end(bl, SC_CLOAKING, INVALID_TIMER); status_change_end(bl, SC_CAMOUFLAGE, INVALID_TIMER); status_change_end(bl, SC_CLOAKINGEXCEED, INVALID_TIMER); } if(battle_check_target( src, bl, BCT_ENEMY ) > 0) skill_attack(BF_MAGIC,src,src,bl,AL_RUWACH,1,tick,0); if( tsc && tsc->data[SC__SHADOWFORM] && (sce && sce->val4 >0 && sce->val4%2000 == 0) && // for every 2 seconds do the checking rnd()%100 < 100-tsc->data[SC__SHADOWFORM]->val1*10 ) // [100 - (Skill Level x 10)] % status_change_end(bl, SC__SHADOWFORM, INVALID_TIMER); break;
  9. I'm not a coder, but shouldn't you just remove the if portion of the case SC_RUWACH in map/status.c? This one? if (tsc && (tsc->data[SC_HIDING] || tsc->data[SC_CLOAKING] || tsc->data[SC_CAMOUFLAGE] || tsc->data[SC_CLOAKINGEXCEED] || tsc->data[SC__INVISIBILITY])) { Or you could just maybe put this code outside the checking? if(battle_check_target( src, bl, BCT_ENEMY ) > 0) skill_attack(BF_MAGIC,src,src,bl,AL_RUWACH,1,tick,0);
  10. Sorry for the title. So, is this ideal? Or do server owners/players prefer designs that are fixed; with overused effects/c4d/etc. http://i.imgur.com/uoQhH5l.png
  11. Version 1


    3 Free Loading Screens --- PSD Included.
  12. Does it have to be latest..? I mean I have these files... http://rathena.org/board/files/file/2752-gravity-themed-style-thor-patcher/ http://rathena.org/board/files/file/2750-fluxcp-woe-countdown-timer-eathena-rathena/ http://rathena.org/board/files/file/2734-garden-keeper-rucksack/ ...2 years old, although I'm starting to think that it wasn't that useful
  13. How about changing the debugMode thingy in the application.php?
  14. I probably have an outdated/old version of rAthena, I only edited the database name and charserv-sql is defaulting to a different IP instead of and causing char-serv and mapserv to fail EDIT: Probably just an Windows 8.1 issue, it's now suddenly working ;o after accepting some firewall thingy
  15. Try enabling debug in applications.php and error.php
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