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sader's hunting quest 5.2

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About This File

This system is simple

the player choose the categories, he gets a hunting quest to kill a monster (random monster from the list that you put in the config)

when he complete the quest , he will get a exp/job exp and if you want you can add items to the reward too

and he will get cooldown , he can do more then 1 categories at the time

you can add as much as you want categories/monsters

the quest are ether account base or character based , it's up to you (seethe config at the end of the script)

the quests not for party , if you want it to work with parties , you need to edit it your self



in version 5 of the script , a full rewrite what changed the configuration completely 

you can now add as much as you want categories following this example:

AddCata(<"name">,<.var>,<mini level>,<max level>,<cooldown in hours>,<base exp reward>,<job exp reward>,<point reward>,<ITEM ID>,<COUNT>{,<ITEM ID>,<COUNT>{,<ITEM ID>,<COUNT>}})

you can add as much as you want monsters in each categories following this example:

AddMob(<.var>,<mob id>,<min count>,<max count>);


What's New in Version 5.2   See changelog


fix an exploit thanks to @aferny for his report

Move the main variable to the config


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