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  1. View File Abyss F4 & Past Odin Mobs Mobs from the Abyss Dungeon F4 and "Past" Odin Temple updates. Submitter Ciar Submitted 01/14/2019 Category Monster Sprites Video Content Author Gravity  
  2. Uploaded it to rAthena just now for you, waiting on approval. My first time uploading anything here I think, so hopefully I didn't screw up or forget a mob. ;o Edit: Here it is
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Mobs from the Abyss Dungeon F4 and "Past" Odin Temple updates.


  4. Ciar

    EffectTool Editing

    Damn, was hoping there was just some easy trick to it. :< And yeah, I already use Browedit to add effects, I just wanted to use ones only available with the lua files (Like the shiny lasagna dun crystal effect).
  5. Heyo. I want to add effects to maps such as the ones seen in Lasagna Dungeon. These are controlled by EffectTool files, IE: data\luafiles514\lua files\effecttool\lasa_dun01.lub Anyone know how these work, and maybe how to edit 'em too? Simply renaming the map names didn't work last time I tried (which was long ago anyway). Thanks in advance.
  6.;qq=search I've downloaded kRO and jRO but can't seem to find the adorable ball of flame from the link above. Anyone happen to know where it can be found, or happen to have the act/spr to share if you don't mind? Thanks! If this is in the wrong section, let me know please!