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  1. Free

    RSW/GND/RSM To FBX Converter by Xarple

    This tool could convert RSW, RSM, GND to Autodesk FBX format, therefore you can import this FBX to 3ds Max or Maya.
    Animation Support Model Smoothing Groups Ground Smoothing Modify res.txt with  your grf data files to make it run. Video tutorial on description.
    Credits to Xarple



  2. Free

    browedit textures and models update 1.0

    Well i have uploaded a little my BrowEdit(is not full uploaded i dont add all the textures or the models)
    So if you like mapping but for some reason cant update by yourself here is a little help to have some new models.



  3. Free

    Textureless Map Tool (RoDataMaintenance810)

    Source: http://ameblo.jp/dpr...0002204240.html
    This free released tool will allow you to remove the textures off a map so it looks something like this below:
    Note: Follow the picture tutorial guide within the archive. All credits to Mr. (tentative) (See source provided above)



  4. Free

    Water Texture & Caustics Generator

    If you wish to create your own water texture sequence you can certainly do so with the program I've been using called "Caustics Generator". Make sure you when you export your water it must be 33 frames long therefore the number of animation frame configured in the software must be 33 since it starts at 1. Name your water output "waterXXXX" based on the water series you want. The exported images must be converted to .jpeg with a resolution of 128x128. If you wanted a water type to be 22 then you would label your output 33 frames "water2200" to "water2232".
    Caustics Generator:
    This tool allows you to generate a sequence of seamless tile water simulations. Caustics can be described as the light pattern you see at the bottom of a pool
    on a sunny day. This tool will let you render such caustics patterns. The rendered images can be animated and used for realtime graphics and are tile-able in both space and time.
    For information to use the tool see: http://www.dualheights.se/caustics/

    This tool also allows you to create water animations with specific frame sequences.
    Various settings
    Calm or wild
    Still or flowing
    Flow direction
    Size of animation
    Renders various results
    Normal Maps
    Textures, with or without a reference
    Storing the results as individual images

    For more information see: http://www.holzchopf.ch/tools.xml



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