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  1. Free


    Title: KPatcher
    Version: 3.1
    Language: Multilingual
    Supported GRF files: All versions
    Support for other packers: RGZ and RAR
    Supports data transfer protocols: HTTP, FTP, support for username and password
    KPatcher Features:
    1) Fast merge GRF/GPF files;
    2) Defragment GRF file;
    3) Delete files from the GRF on the mask;
    4) Deleting files from your client on a mask;
    5) Unpack the RGZ/RAR archives;
    6) The ability to patch any GRF file in the folder with patcher;
    7) Unique auto update;
    8) Support for the official patch server;
    9) Simple skinning;
    10) Remote file settings and auto update;
    11) Fully embedded skin;
    12) Custom Buttons.
    Config Tool Features:
    1) Embedding the configuration file;
    2) Embedding language file;
    3) Embedding skin;
    4) Change the icons patcher;
    5) Getting CRC of any file.
    1) Edit the file Localhost.kpsf;
    2) If no language file for your language, create translation using an existing language files;
    3) Create your own skin;
    4) Place the files from the Web on your Web server
    5) Edit the file settings.ini;
    6) Make the necessary changes to the file update.ini;
    7) Build settings in the patcher using ConfigTool.
    Each configuration file has comments and explanations for most settings and options!



  2. Free

    Thor Patcher

    Please do not send me private message as my response would be in lowest priority. UPDATE IMPORTANT NOTICE: Not only this release is beta, there are few important changes need to note of: You now may modify the icon, code sign after pack configuration data. Some configuration entries are deprecated. Additionally, as you can tell, script support is coming...
    System Requirement: Windows 2000 or higher.
    Pack into single/multi grf file(s) [0x200]
    Automatically generates GRF if not exist
    RGZ support
    Customizable skin & language entries
    Background music
    No extra dll, not even config file is needed when distribute.
    Embed config file and resource data (images for background/buttons)
    Custom Button
    Remote config file
    Self update and client update [supports multi client exe update(Up to 255)]

    ConfigGenerator - Packs configuration and resources into the patcher or generate as a binary config pack.
    ThorMaker - make patch files into thor file, there two options file & grf, when choose file, the patcher will extract file into disk, and grf simply put in GRF. [Please do not pack GRF, instead you should pack the actual data.]
    CheckSum - Simply a crc32 tool, used to make sure patcher & client/game exe is up to date
    Internal Config and Remote Config:
    Internal config is simply the one embed inside patcher, store basic information required to run
    Remote config, is on web server (of course), it used configure extended features.



  3. Free

    Free Neon Cube Patcher

    Terms and Condition:
    I dont care if you remove my name in the credits.
    I dont care where you want to use it whether you sell it etc..
    This is free to use and you can redistribute it.



  4. Free

    TK Patcher

    I've seen many people having issues with the RSU patchers ("Failed to retrieve x file"), so this software attempts to fix these problems.
    Here's what the appliction looks like :

    Key features
    Current downloads can be stopped at any time and resumed later on
    Downloads can be refreshed by renewing the connection (sometimes, the FTP server doesn't send you as much data as it should, slowing you down a lot)
    Each patch is applied right after it's been downloaded, so you don't need to start from the beginning everytime
    The merging is done via GRF Editor's library
    The GRFs are defragmented automatically (due to the library's speed, there's no need to specify a limit on when to defragment the GRF; it's done everytime the GRF is modified)
    Sometimes, the FTP server sends the wrong stream offset (causing damaged gpf/rgz files); the software can detect those and ask for a new stream automatically
    Embedded resources, so only one exe file is required
    If there is a problem while downloading a file (ex : connection lost or the FTP server closed the stream for no apparent reason), the program will attempt to renew the connection

    It uses a self-assembly editing "technique" to create new patchers. I've added this feature because of the different official patchers out there. By default, it uses :
    http://webpatch.ragnarok.co.kr/ with patchRE.txt and ftp://ragnarok.nowcdn.co.kr:20021/Patch/
    If you need to change patchRE.txt to patchRE3.txt (to be honest, I have absolutely no idea what the difference is between those two, now I do, thanks Ai4rei), you can generate a new assembly with the Properties icon at the bottom like this :

    General information
    This application requires .Net 4.0. This is the major con, because players may not have this library installed by default (even though it's advised to install the .Net libraries for the renewal client). This application has been tested on Windows XP/Vista/7. This is not a replacement for the RSU patchers nor your own patcher (but I don't see why it wouldn't work?).
    Due to its implementation, if you do not provide a .inf file, the patcher will start at the beginning of the patching list. This means that if you're using patchRE.txt (you should), make sure you have provided all the patches from patchRE3.txt first in your installer, otherwise they will just get skipped (because the patcher only deals with one list). It's also strongly recommended to include the .inf file with your installer, whatever patcher you use.
    Leave a comment or suggestions ;o, thank you!



  5. Free

    Ragnar Lothbrok 1st Free Thor Patcher

    Thor Patcher
    Simple Coded...



  6. Free

    Thor Patcher (Coded + Slider + PSD)

    First released by Anakid as [pRO Style] s1 - Free Thor Patcher v3 3.0
    I have uploaded my version containing a rotating slider, as I've seen that being requested a lot of times.
    The .rar file includes:
    DemoRO Patcher.exe (Pre-patched version as sample)
    DemoRO Patcher.psd (PSD file for you to edit to your heart's desire)

    Please do like us on Facebook, or visit our website;



  7. Free

    Free Grudge Thor Patcher [Coded]

    Free Coded Thor Patcher [Grudge Theme]
    .psd file included



  8. Free

    Simple patcher Theme [PSD+cofig included]

    a tiny and simple thor patcher which i made a while ago,



  9. Free

    Ergo Patcher

    Ergo Patcher Guide
    Setup the Patcher
    Extract the patcher.
    Open the Config File (/ErgoPatcher/System/Config/PatcherConfig.XML) with Notepad++ or any other text Editor.

    Edit the Black parts. (Value Settings)
    Required are:
    <HTTPLink_Patcher_List> - The PatchList.XML file should be directly reachable. (On your website/server). It requires the complete patch to this file. "http:" is also required.
    <HTTPLink_Patches_Directory> - The remote folder where your patches will be downloadable.
    <RagnarokEXEName> Is required for the "Start" Button. Your client belongs into the /RO/ Folder.
    <MetroColor> The Patcher uses MahAppsMetro for thr window design. Possible colors without any further changes in this application are: “Red”, “Green”, “Blue”, “Purple”, “Orange”, “Lime”, “Emerald”, “Teal”, “Cyan”, “Cobalt”, “Indigo”, “Violet”, “Pink”, “Magenta”, “Crimson”, “Amber”, “Yellow”, “Brown”, “Olive”, “Steel”, “Mauve”, “Taupe”, “Sienna”.
    A tip: Keep the standard config around. So that you know where a number, a string or an bool (true/false) is requested.
    The rest is self explaining I guess.
    If there is a problem setting up the patcher feel free to ask. (PM me or ask for me in discord)
    Here is a Video for Starters:
    Currently Working on:
    [IIIIIIIIII] ~ 0% Done.
    Hash-Checking Files:
    [IIIIIIIIII] ~ 0% Done.



  10. Free

    [Shiro Designs]Free Thor Patcher

    Uhmm... So the owner of Amatsu Ragnarok Online didn't pay me at all so here it is.
    It is coded already.  
    It includes PSD file, Config Files, Web files and Thor Generator 
    Check out my gfx services here @ http://herc.ws/board/topic/15115-shiro-designs/
    Have fun 



  11. $35.00

    Thor Complete Exclusive Patch of 0

    Ola, estou vendendo esse Thor Patch exclusivo Feito Totalmente pra meu servidor.
    Motivo da venda: Desiste do servidor de ragnarok.
    Sistema de Status de Servidor
    Sistema de Players Online
    Sistema de Horarios
    Sistema de Abas Facebook, Discord, Forum e Registre.
    Sistema de RSS NEW com Forum.
      Hi, I'm selling this exclusive Thor Completely Made Patch to my server. Reason for the sale: Give up the ragnarok server.   Contains: Server Status System Online Player System Schedule System Facebook, Discord, Forum and Register Tabs. RSS NEW system with Forum. Att.

    2 purchases   3 downloads


  12. Free



    Webfiles\status\inc\rssConfig.php 'news' => 'http://g1.globo.com/dynamo/carros/rss2.xml', 'event' => 'http://g1.globo.com/dynamo/ciencia-e-saude/rss2.xml', 'update' => 'http://g1.globo.com/dynamo/concursos-e-emprego/rss2.xml',  
    Webfiles\status\status.php $status = new ServerStatus( "LOCALHOST", "LOCALHOST", "USERNAME", "PASSWORD", "DATABASE" ); Do not remove the credits, thank you.
    Please do not sell this product.
    Design Elfin



  13. Free

    Simple Thor patcher theme

    Simple theme for Thor patcher.
    Free for use 😉



  14. Free

    Sloth Thor Patcher

    This patcher is public so don't try to sell it or make it your property.
    All the necessary files.
    English and French version.
    The PSD.
    You can found me on discord : Sloth#6226
    Github : https://github.com/SlothBM/
    Want to support my work ?




  15. Free


    Just sharing my own Ragnarok Patcher for your server. A simple Ragnarok Client Patcher with rsumerge GRF Merge support powered by .NET Framework written in C#.
    1. Serve your files using the built-in php server on the server
    2. Create your new patch folder inside "patches" folder, add "list.txt" inside the newly created patch folder and enumerate all the files inside the folder with the following format:
    [File Name][tab][File Path]([tab][Patch Target])[newline]

    (parentheses indicates that the argument is optional, do not include the characters on formatting)
    (even though [File Path] is required, leave blank after the tab if the path is the root)
    Ex: RagnarokOnline.exe[tab][newline]
    Important Note: When naming your patch folders, it is important to consider its alphabetical order. With this, the last patch folder detected will override all the patches.
    3. Replace the background skin of the WinForm in the Designer tab



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