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  1. Added New Patchers: Snow Thor Desert Thor: Dungeon Thor: Sky Thor: Ocean Thor:
  2. Appreciate your comment, Thank You! Maybe i will just change the Umbrella to Green also.. Updated Patcher 6...
  3. If you are interested, just leave me a message/PM's for details...
  4. I have this Last Man Stading Event Script and it work's fine, Now i want to make a Special Item only for the Winner of the event.. and i want the item to be like this: My LMS Script start's every 3hours.. This Special Item will be Deleted/Disappear on the Prevous Winner even He/She is Online or Not Online when someone win's on the next LMS Event and it will be given to the next LMS Winner.. But if the previous winner defend his title or win's again the item will stay on him.. It's like a Boxing Champions Belt, Can anyone help me? Thank You and Sorry for Bad explanation..
  5. Version Free Version


    Thor Patcher Simple Coded...


  6. no need, just do @reloaditemdb and reopen your client..
  7. login-server, map-server & char-server are connected? check your clientinfo.xml
  8. ang pg kakalam ko seperate ang item_db at mob_db ng pre-renewal sa renewal.. so dinisable mo ung renewal so i reread nia ung pre-renewal item_DB and mob_db
  9. same issue on me.. all i did is i make a new map using old izlude map and name it as pvp and overwrite my mapache with the one i make.. and it works perfectly...
  10. Go to your ragnarok/client folder Go to data folder open msgstringtable.txt using text editor(notepad or Notepad++) and find those I or FAV or what ever and change it to what you want! save it and reopen your client..
  11. edit it on client side data/msgstringtable.txt
  12. Landing Page Thor Patchers Free Patcher (Soon)
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