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Ergo Patcher Guide

Setup the Patcher

Extract the patcher.

Open the Config File (/ErgoPatcher/System/Config/PatcherConfig.XML) with Notepad++ or any other text Editor.


Edit the Black parts. (Value Settings)


Required are:

<HTTPLink_Patcher_List> - The PatchList.XML file should be directly reachable. (On your website/server). It requires the complete patch to this file. "http:" is also required.

<HTTPLink_Patches_Directory> - The remote folder where your patches will be downloadable.

<RagnarokEXEName> Is required for the "Start" Button. Your client belongs into the /RO/ Folder.

<MetroColor> The Patcher uses MahAppsMetro for thr window design. Possible colors without any further changes in this application are: “Red”, “Green”, “Blue”, “Purple”, “Orange”, “Lime”, “Emerald”, “Teal”, “Cyan”, “Cobalt”, “Indigo”, “Violet”, “Pink”, “Magenta”, “Crimson”, “Amber”, “Yellow”, “Brown”, “Olive”, “Steel”, “Mauve”, “Taupe”, “Sienna”.

A tip: Keep the standard config around. So that you know where a number, a string or an bool (true/false) is requested.


The rest is self explaining I guess.

If there is a problem setting up the patcher feel free to ask. (PM me or ask for me in discord)


Here is a Video for Starters:



Currently Working on:


[IIIIIIIIII] ~ 0% Done.

Hash-Checking Files:

[IIIIIIIIII] ~ 0% Done.

What's New in Version 0-13   See changelog


New Features Introducing:

+ RSS Feed View

+ Enable/Disable Features of the Patcher (Buttons,Labels,Browsers,RSS...)

+ User specific Setting - File

The User specific Setting was made so that the patcher doasn't have to save the config file on every use of the patcher.

This file saves the "Username",Musik "Muted"-Toggle and "Rememberme".

+ A setting which allows to remove the Titlebar

+ A setting which allows to remove the "X" Button on the top right

+ A setting which allows you to drag the window by clicking anywhere on the patchers form


Fixed Bugs:

The patch creator no longer adds a "OUTPUT/" to the filenames.


The patcher will not overwrite the config if he could not read it.

Missing images wont crash the patcher anymore.

If the patcher cannot read the config it will display an Error.

Fixed an issue where the patcher would not enable the buttons after patching.


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